the new elven rulers

War kingdoms, peace kingdoms, and protection kingdoms are appearing all over the lands of Elven, in the kingdom war kingdom of Richwood, Theodora and Aubron just crown their only war chieftain their war daughter Seldanna Dayra as the new war queen, ” your new war queen Seldanna Dayra who will be a rally with her as her war chieftains, asked, Abubron, Drshee and her sister Shaleavar step up and war bowed to her, ” my friend we rally long side each other we are an honor to be your war scouts chieftains, said. Darshee, ” I will be an honor to be your number two war scout chieftain, said, Shalaevar, so there form the war scouts, Keenor bow to her, ” you never get rid of me Seldanna, I will be an honor to rally with you as your war calvery, said. Keenor, the war calvery is formed. Rania bowed to her, ” I wish you all the way my friend. I am your war infantry chieftain all the way, said, Rania, the war infantry is formed, Vanya bowed to her I will be an honor to rally and be your war Blitzer chieftain, said, Vanya, the back out infantry is now formed, Theodora got up and walked up, ” the war knights of Richwood, time for your first war rally who will guide her in the rally? Asked. Theodora. ” three-step up as the warheads of rally wisdom, Ceada, Sumina, and Alea, ” we will guide and point of the rally. said, Ceada, they walk in the war cancel room, the war globe cuts on, as they look through the globes, and ten miles away from the peace kingdom, the peace elves wait for their peace king Pywaln Mirageiros and his wife the peace queen Nabeora Mirageiros walked up to them, as they bowed to them, ” in the name of peace, peace is good. Said, Pywaln. ” peace is good, they all said. ” indeed it is time for us to retire and your new peace queen to take the thorn, Sillavana Mirageiros. She walked up to them, clapping and cheering for her in the name of peace. ” thank you, everyone, I look forward to peace being your queen, together we restore and bring peace to the lands of Elvan. Said, Silliavana, ” who be her eyes, ears, and voice of peace? Asked. Pywaln, four-step up and bowed to them, Hubys, Jhaan, Allynna, and Jhaartael, ” we are happy in the name of peace to be your minds of peace. All four of them said, they head into the peace room, twenty war miles away in the kingdom of Scotchwood. the war king Halflar and the war queen Nambra just crown their son Theodas Roren as the new war king of Scotchwood, Halflar step up, ” your new war king of Scotchwood who will rally with him as his war chieftains? asked, Halflar, three steps up, Gormor and his brother bowed to him, ” we be an honor to rally with you as your war scouts, said, Gormor, so the war scout army were formed, ” my brother we came far have we, it be a war blessing to rally with you as your war calvery chieftan, said. Drannor, the war calvery was formed, ” I knew Theodas that this time would come around I rally with you as your war archery chieftain, said. Adamar, the war calvery was formed. ” I wish you, my war king and friend, I rally with you as your war infantry chieftan said. Kantor, the war infantry were formed, ” and I rally with you as your Blitzer chieftan, said. Travaran and Nambra walked up, ” who will guide him in the rally? asked, Nambra, three walked up and bowed to him, Folas Shayarus, Zhoron Krispetor, and Tanelia Leopeiros, ” we guide him and rally, its our honor to, they all said. they walked into the war room, ten miles away is the protection kingdom, protection king Wistari Thehana protection queen Baerinda Thehana just crown their daughter Zaleria as the new protection queen, Wistari step up, ” who will protect the lands with him as chieftains? asked, Wistari. six step up and bowed to her, Edwyrd Reykrana, Vestele Perkalyn, Vesstan Ravaxisys, Mathienne Mira

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