my waking life

the curse light

the men couldn stand each other and in fact, all three of them spent their time together quibbling over who claimed a greater margin in the development along their usefulness for painting.

they had imagined much oases but i tell them, ”an oasis exists because water is scarce, i want there to be water that is there all the time and so much so that an oasis is never a desired or perceived of thing. let me see you dig deep within your shaft and make enough so there can be both drinking and bathing water to spare. let the earth spit it out up onto you. ” they seemed to gaze off into nothing at the slightest notice. i need an educator. i must recall upon unto the one. jesus christ. i am no teacher. but the one jesus christ, though frequently misunderstood, knows quite all there is to be about teaching. is he dead, or alive? today we shall discover it.

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