Susie peered out the window of the carriage shed managed to hitch a ride on. Far in the distance was the town she was headed towards. The town of Rinova.

There were all kinds of rumors about Rinova, a town that had come seemly out of no where and yet in no time grew to become one the most popular towns in the empire for business prospects. It was a town so mysterious no one even knew which duchy of Kajun owned it. There was talk of who it could possibly be, but no one really knew. But by far the biggest thing about this town that really peaked peoples curiosity was that it was a place of second chances.

Anyone from anywhere in the kingdom despite their background had an equal opportunity at life. chance of success in this town. Thats why despite the rumors, people were interested in the town. everyone who wanted who wanted an indiscriminate chance at life wanted to come here in search of work.Whether you were someone who got out of prison, somone shunned in public, woman scorned for getting divorced, A shamed bastard child. It was a town where you could renew yourself and start afresh.

Susie never imagined she would be offered a job there, it was surreal. Especialy since she had just recently lost her job and was struggling to find work. It conviniently came at a time when she was in need. She literally was getting another chance at life. As the carriage entered the town she was mersmerized by what she saw. It was a town bustling with life people moving up and down going about their day.

Multiple open stores waiting for customers, street vendors shouting out the products they were selling, carriages moving up and down. It was a town just like any other in the kingdom Susie thought. It seemed far more normal than the fantastical city people described. She realized people tended to over exaggerate when telling stories.

The carriage came to a stop in the city centre and Susie got off. She carried with her a small bag which held everything she owned. She moved a few steps then stopped in the middle of the street. It was as if she was frozen on the spot. Susie was overwhelmed, whilst shed been in a city and town before shed never had to manuever threw one by herself. Shed lived in a small village all her life.

After taking a deep breath she continued on. She managed to find the address of the place she was supposed to go. It was a small building just a few blocks away from the town center. Inside seated at desk by the entrance was middle aged man whom was doing paperwork.

”You have to sign a letter of confidentiality. ”

Sussies eyes widened in surprise. Just what was this job that needed so much secrecy? She was starting to get a bad feeling about this maybe this unexpected job offer was too good to be true. ”I thought this job was to be a lady-in-waiting?

It is. ” the woman said ”but your employer needs to be sure you can be trusted. ”

Im sure youve heard rumors Susies blue eyes widened in surprise the rumors about the town were true? She thought. She read through the contract she saw the conditions. She wouldn be allowed to disclose who she worked for or what she saw whilst working there. Basically everything had to be a secret. would then she saw the amount she was going to get paid. She almost fainted. Never in her life had she received such a generous salary, infact generous was an understatement.

Susie contemplated for a moment. She was never going to find a job opportunity ike this again. She wasn even sure she was going to be able to find another job. Regardless of whatever secrets her employer had she didn have anyone to tell it to anyway. Her mother had passed away when she was just a child and her father though he was alive…..their relationship was to a point where he didn even know whether she was alive or dead and didn care.

this opportunity was too good to pass up.


Arya Varez was sleeping peacefully when the sound of the large doors to her bedroom opening woke her up. However, she continued to pretend to sleep. Even if it was just for a few seconds more she wanted to rest her. The servants

”Good morning, my lady. ” a loud elderly voice said. Arya realized she couldn

”Are you sure she will be able to handle this job? Will we be able to trust her? ”

”Why don you just choose someone who is already working in the estate to be your lady-in-waiting isn it risky to have someone from outside work close with you?

”Yes, Im sure of it I did a thorough background search on her, shes just like us she also has a past that shed like to forget. ”

Ms Bell had a rather skeptical look on her face then she let out her worry. ”Its just that I feel like you
e replacing me. ”

Arya then gave her a concerned look. ” Im not replacing and discarding you Ms Bell. ” Arya slowly explained to the elderly woman placing a hand on her shoulder I just want to give you a well deserved break. ”

”Youve taken care of me since I was just a child. Youve been there for me even at my worst moments. No matter what it was, you never left me you always stayed by my side. I just want to thank you for all your hard work. ” Arya looked into Ms Bells eyes with a genuine look of love. ” So please rest easy allow me to take care you. ”

Ms Bell was touched, tears began to well in her eyes. Its not like she didn want to stop working and take a rest its just just that she been at Aryas side for so long she couldn imagine not being there any more.

” Alright. ” She reluctantly agreed.

”Great! ” Arya beamed when Ms Bell finally yielded. ”Lets get to work the new girl will be arriving later today. ”

Lady Varez continued on with her day and went to work. She had lots of paperwork to take care of concerning the town. A couple of hours later a servant came to inform her that Ms Susie had arrived. She told them to let her into her office.

A few moments later susie walked into the room.

Arya found herself surprised she was too skinny she thought. Her situation must have worse than I thought. She thought to herself.

Arya noticed Susie looked nervous and awkward and realized she had been silent for too long.

”Welcome to the town of Rinova, Susie ” Arya started breaking the silence. I hope you had pleaseant journey on your way here. ”

”I did thank you, my lady ” Susie politely responded.

”Im sure the confidentiality form and contract were a bit surprising for you, I apologize for all the secrecy but let me now formally introduce myself. I am Duchess Varez and I own this estate and town. ”

Susie was shocked. This woman was the one who ran this town? She wasn sure what shed expected but thought itd be a man who ran the town.

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