More than 150 years ago there used to be multiple small terroritories across the continent of Uguay, about 67 kingdoms to be exact. They all lived in harmony with one another for a many centuries with the occational conflict here and there. However, as each of the kingdoms populations grew and some experienced natural dissaters such droughts and floods, resources became scarce. Desperate for resources kingdoms rulers filled with greed and desparation began to fight one another for control over the others resources. Thus began the continental wars.

When a kingdom would take over another, the defeated kingdom would be assimmilated into the victorious kingdom. Thus, over the years, the number of kingdoms on the continent began to decrease and the land the kingdoms ruled over became larger. After a 150 years of non-stop fighting the once 67 kingdoms had gone down to just 6.

With the kingdom that had defeated the most kingdoms being the Kajun kingdom (Now the Kajun Empire). Each Kajun ruler since the beginning of the wars had always managed to keep Kajun in the lead of the wars, they had the biggest and most powerful army of all the kingdoms. Now the current ruler of the kajun empire, Emperor Cedric IV was planning to be the one to finally put an end to the territorial wars and unite the continent.


It was late in the night as the commander of the imperial knights made his way to the emperors office. He was worried because he knew what he was about to tell the emperor was going to upset him.

Even though he had done no wrong and was simply relaying information to the emperor, he would most likely take it out on him. When the emperor was stressed or angry about something he was intimidating to be around.

Sir Aaron was tired and wanted to sleep now he had to deal with the emperor as well as the problem he was about to relay to him.

When he reached the large double doors of the office he let out a deep breath then knocked. When he was told to enter he went inside.

Emperor Cedric was seated at his desk, engulfed in his paperwork for the new territories hed obtained. He was wondering why the commander of the knights suddenly needed an audience with him this late at night. However, he didn look up from his work when Aaron entered.

”Whats brings you here commander? ” he asked Aaron.

”Your majesty, weve received a report that the wall by the sea border has been breached. ” The commander of the imperial knights announced to the Emperor.

”What? ” Cedric asked immediately looking up from his paperwork alarmed, his gaze deadly. The Commander imperial knights flinched in fear. Even a knight like him who had fought and defeated all kinds of enemies fearlessly couldn help but cower in front of the emperor who had a terrifying aura about him.

” 3 ships have been identified, the vice captain who is currently stationed there believes they are rebels revolting against the recent take over of their territories. ”

”Just 3? Which territory? ” Cedric further inquired. There were only two other terrories on the other side of the sea, the Sadem and Zaire territories, so they could only have come from either one of them.

e not sure, their ships didn have any insignias. ”

” Whats the situation right now? ”

” At the time of the report being written they were in battle on the wall with the attackers but the guards had the upper hand since they outnumbered them. ”

Cedric thought deeply for a moment. Since it was just 3 ships he was confident his guards could handle the situation. However, there was something that bothered him. ”There are many knights spread across that border how did they not see the ships approaching before they were attacked? ” he asked.

”Im not sure of that myself your grace, the vice-captain stated that the assailants managed to evade our detection defenses. ” Sir Aaron explained.

”How is that possible? ”He half yelled frustrated. Aaron winced he knew this part of a the report was really going to upset him.

The wall of the of Kajun which surrounded the entire kingdom was the kingdoms strongest defence against its enemies. It had a reputation across the continent for being impenetrable not to mention the hundreds of guards that were on guard across the wall. It was hard to believe that the heavily guarded wall was breached.

After a brief moment of silence Cedric let out a frustrated sigh. ”Prepare the horses we
e going there now. ” He ordered Aaron as he stood up from his desk, a grave expression on his face.

Cedric and some of his imperial knights were at a miltary base in a town near the sea border. About a year ago Cedric and his army had taken over the two territories across the sea, Zaire and Sadem. It took a massive effort but he was successful and now he was in the middle of making peacefull and smooth assimmilation of the two territories into Kajun.

If the attack on the wall was a rebellion as the Vice captain had suggessted Cedric would have quickly snuff out all signs of rebellion from the two territories. Cedric wanted to put an end to the fighting. Cedric and his knights quickly set out in the dark night to the sea wall.

Upon arriving at the border Cedric and his knights were quickly greetd by the vice captain of the imperial knights and his guards. They bowed as Cedric got off his horse. ”Whats the situation? ” he asked the vice captain as he made his way to the main fort building at the border. They all followed behind him.

”All the assailants have been apprehended your majesty. 30 dead and 11 are being held in the fort. They tried to kill themselves with poison but we were able to stop them. ”

”I see. ” Cedric replied.

Entering the fort Cedric and his knights were lead by vice commander to the room where the rebels were being held. They had all been made to kneel down and had their hands and legs tied up.

Without wasting any time Cedric walked infront of the rebels and stood at the centre. They looked up at Cedric as they realized who stood before them. ”Which territories are you from? ” He asked authoritatively. He was met with silence. ”Who organized this? Tell me who sent you? ” Again silence. One of the rebels suddenly forCedric then pulled out his sword a shiny black and

The all now looked visibly scared but they all still didn answer. Cedric was disappointed but it wasn uncommon that prisoners wouldn answer questions when theyd just been captured.

”Separate them, and take them to the dungeons in the capital. ” He ordered. ”Well question them again once theyve been ossed up a bit . ”

”Yes, your majesty. ” The Commander responded as he signaled for the knights to deal with the prisoners.

Cedric left the room and the vice captain and commander following behind. ”Take me to where the ships were first spotted from the wall. He ordered the commander I want to know why they weren spotted. Bring all the guards that were on duty at the time of the attack.

A possibility Cedric had considered was that maybe the guards weren doing their job as they were supposed to. If that was the case he was going to fire them and impose stricter rules.

It was a humungous structure that had built by his great grandfather King Samuel to protect the Kajun from the ongoing continental wars. The walls had protected Kajun for all that time and were infamous to other territories for being impenetrable.

The guards that were on duty at the time were brought before the emperor by the vice captain. All of them knelt before Cedric including the vice captain. ”Your majesty we have made a grave mistake, punishable by death we apologize for putting the kingdom at risk! ” The vice captain begged on his and the guards behalf. They all looked scared as the bowed before him.

Cedric stared at them anamused. Whilst he suspected the guards could have been at fault he still had to get a full picture of what happened before coming to conclusions.

”Raise your head vice commander, ” Cedric commanded. ”Explain to me what happened. ”

Cedric was now confused as he put together the picture of how they were able to get past the They knew that if they moved in a single file at night at that position the mountains would cover for them. However inorder for them to know that they would have to have to have seen it themselves from where he stood on top of the wall.

This didn make any sense to him, how was it possible? Something didn feel right to Cedric. What appeared to be a simple rebellion from an angry faction wasn quite adding up. Such a small group of rebels must have known they would be outnumbered and defeated. Their plan seemed like it wasn well thought out at first but looking at the details of how they cleverly manuvered past the kajun defences made him beg to differ. Cedric felt like there was something he was missing about this.

”Your Majesty? ” Sir Aaron the imperial knights commander called out to Cedric. He was concerened by how deep in thought he looked. Cedric brought out of his thoughts looked at the Aaron for moment.

”Prepare for an early departure to the capital for tommorow. We
e going back to the palace. ” He instructed him.

Aaron accepted his order, bowed and left. If he wated to get to the bottom of this he first had to find out which territory was behind the attack.

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