”Ah here they are, hello brothers ”

He say with a gleeful wave of his hand

”Miss me ? I know I did ”

He continued with a playful smirk which disappear after a few moments

”Why are you both standing there like you have seen a ghost, or do you not miss me ”

”I did not mean to leave you guys like that, it was not really my intention I can explain ”

He continues as he floats down till he is a few inches from the ground. And then in a flash the dean and professor Kristean were hugging him and then his face break into a wide grin

”Is it just me or this new guy is cuter than the Dean ”

Kat says

”No you are seeing things obviously, prof Jace is the cutest ”

Matt say bumping Kats shoulder

”Both of you shut it ”

Emma and I shout in unison and then turn to each other and laugh

”Well I suggest we head back to class seeing as nearly everyone is gone ”

I say noticing all the students are gone and the few people around are teachers and some guards who came to check out the earlier commotion.

Hours later after the arrival of the third Viskar brother I am done with classes today and I just want to head back to my room and take a refreshing bath and then sleep. Just the thought is comforting

”Kevin I might need you to come to my office now ”

Urgh what a buzz kill, why does it have to be now?

”I am here ”

I say as I enter his office

”Well have a sit ”

Dean J says

”So this is the container that is still holding my soul mate to this life ? ”

”Wait a damn second, I thought he was only your friend you never told me he was your soul mate ”

I ask looking confused as hell

”It is a platonic relationship and you may call it a parabatai bond. Just as Finn liked to call me his brother and Jere his baby does not I am actually his brother or he dated or ever had a thing for Jere ”

Prof Kristean explains which earns a pout from the dean

”What do you mean by that ? I would have you know I am very thing-able, people had and still have things for me ”

The dean says with his hands akimbo while staring holes into his brothers head. Oh, that makes a lot more sense. I did not think the professor was a Shadowhunters series fan

”Okay, I do not think anyone in this room cares if anyone has or had a thing for you so why did you call me? ”

”Well you see I got a message not quite long ago from my brothers as you know and I decided to come and they filled me in on what happened about you being a seer and my brother practically resides in you. So I did a little researching and I figured someone who knows a spell that can make him stay for good ”

”Wait first off, how the ** are you still alive? ”

I ask feeling confused, I thought he was just a witch, no one mentioned him being immortal

”I never drank Jeremys blood when Jason and Finn did, but I never threw it away either, when I figured I could not save Finn I devoted my life to finding a cure for immortality and seeing as life is short even for witches whos life span is 500 years, I knew that a life that short would not be enough to find the cure for immortality and for me to have enough time I needed to be Immortal myself and so I took his blood. Over the years I gathered clues and I was close to getting it until I heard about you and so I ditched it all and came here ”

He explains

”Good, now you say you can make Finn stay for good ”

Professor Kristean asks

”Yes ”

”But woould that not make me like Finn is right now, I mean I would not have control over my body ”

”I did not mean that, look at it like this. You have some songs but they got lost and you couldn get them back over time. But as you are trying to get it back you get new ones which you like and then you eventually find the album where the songs were and in that album you find those new songs you love ”

”Okay, I do not understand ”

”Pity Finn, you got stuck in the lanky body of an idiot? ”

Justin says shaking his head with pity on his face

”Hey I am right here you know? ”

I said, or am I invisible?

”Oh I know, that is the point. See it as this, your memories are the new song, the album is your body and the old songs are the memories of those that came before you, now what I want to do is to combine all those memories into this one body so it will be like you were there. Understand now? ”

”I think so ”

I say acting clueless which earns me a face palm from Justin who sighs in defeat

”Urgh, you are unbelievable ”

Justin said looking horrified

”I am just kidding, I understand ”

I said

”Phew ”

”Good now that he understands can you start the spell? ”

Dean J asked

”Geez no, have I taught you nothing or you have forgotten all I have taught you over the years? Patience, patience, I will do the spell but not now. I am going to need something or someone ”

”What or who do you need, name it ”

Dean J asked

”Really? ”

”Yes, anything ”

Dean J say

”Well, this school does not have who and possibly what I need ”

”Well what and who is it you need? ”

Professor Kristean asked

”My ex-wife ”

”What!!! ”

We all shouted in shock, I mean I do not know why the Dean and Professor shouted but who would want to divorce a handsome looking immortal witch? That is just crazy

”You never said you were married ”

Dean say looking at Justin who was still floating, it was like he did not like his feet touching the ground cause he was always floating a few inches over

”Well he was not technically around to say ”

Professor Kristean replied

”What exactly do you need her for? ”

I ask

”Well her dad is a witch and he might know a spell that can work for this situation ”

”I thought you are an all powerful witch that knows all the spells in this world ”

”All powerful- yes, know all spells- yes, but do you really expect me to practice all of them, do you know how stressful that is? ”

He asks looking at me

”Ok, not bad ”

Professor Kristean said

”Not bad ? how is that not bad? He does not know the bloody spell it is his ex father in-law that knows it and by the looks of it he would not be willing to help ”

Dean say grabbing fists full of his hair

”Yeah that is bad ”

Professor Kristean agrees

”Well I do not see anything bad there all we need to do is call her and tell her to come right away with her dad and that is all, right? ”

I ask and everyone of them turn to me

”Well, if it were that easy you think I would not have brought her along? ”

Justin say

”Okay, why is it going to be hard to call her? ”

”Well, we did not part on good terms ”

”Okay that is it, I am calling her right now ”

Dean J concluded picking up the phone as Justin calls a string of numbers

”Ok fine, do not just tell her I am here ”

Justin say

”Seeing as the spell can not be casted now I suggest you get back to class or whatever Kevin ”

Professor Kristean say turning to me

”Yeah, I am going ”

******Few hours later******

What is it now, I thought they had to call her before they needed me again. I am already at the students quarters, almost in my room before I got a call from Professor Kristean that I am needed at the deans office.

”What is it again? ”

I ask a bit irritated

”Well we called you because she will be here in a couple of seconds ”

Professor Kristean explains

”Oh, I never knew she was in New Orleans ”

I say in shock

”Well she was not, she was in Australia ”

”How is she almost here then? ”

I ask confused, was she not supposed to be in Australia or somewhere?

”Well our dear brother here decided it was fun to get married to a were-feline ”

Professor Kristean say taunting Justin

”What is that? ”

I ask

”You know how shifters can turn to anything they wish ? Well not all of them can some are based solely on different species or choice, feline weres can only shift to any feline creature of their choosing ”

The Dean explained

”That does not explain how she got here that fast ”

I say

”Oh that. Well seeing as matters can not be delayed I may have exaggerated the urgency ”

Professor Kristean says righteously like he did not just tell a lie to someones wife

”Ohkay, that explains it ”

I said

”Hello boys, I am here ”

A lady sang

”Jackie ? ”

Professor Kristean and the dean say at the same time shock written on their face. I can not blame them, she is really pretty and has a heavy British accent


Ref:- Parabatai from the American series Shadowhunters.


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