The Preparation Part - 2

le were sitting face to face and are having a serious conversation.

Chief Wang : ” Doctor Lan do not worry about anything. There is no such troubles for us. ”

Lan Xiang : ”Chief Wang, I know there is some problem which has been troubling you. ”

Chief Wang : ”Doctor Lan, if there would be any kind of problem then I will definitely share with every villager. ”

Chief Wang: ”I would not hide any of these matters from any of the villagers which is very important. ”

Even if Chief Wang tried to assure Lan Xiang that there is no such troubles or problems coming towards the village. But Lan Xiang can feel that there is a problem a lurking in the shadows trying to harm their village.

And Lan Xiangs concerns were not like any empty concern. There is truly a problem which hidding in the shadows waiting for the correct moment in which it can attack the Jiang village.

And the reason why Lan Xiang is feeling about the trouble is because of the behaviour Chief Wang is been showing for the last few days. For the Lan Xiang who is doctor who can find any kind of disease which has affected any human instantly by observing that person, the behaviour of Chief Wang had made him suspicious about the problem which was coming towards their village without anyone knowing.

Meanwhile Lan Yue and AXin who were walking towards their homes met with some of their friends on the road and stopped there for a moment to have a conversation with them.

[Authors Note]

Hello everyone first of all I want to thank you all for reading my novel. I am really grateful to you all. I know the publishing timing of my novels chapter is not the regular one this because currently I am not at my home. So the timing is a little messed up but I promise from tomorrow onwards everything will be alright. Thank you all.

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