Four years passed, both Leo, Steve, and Zeo, all three of them have grown so well. Each of them ended up possessing extraordinary strength. Leo, who has now managed to get the power of fire, can control disasters, Leo has also now succeeded in mastering the element of ice. But what is even more surprising is that Leo has one more power, Leo can control the meteors and stars in the sky. And it is such an extraordinary power.

Not only that, Steve also experienced rapid development. He has now realized that he does not only have the power of time, magma, and rock. But Steve is a force in itself. He is time, he is also magma and he is also rock. But it turns out that Steve also got one more power, the ocean. He is the embodiment of the great Poseidon. Steves power is very dangerous. And he had been constantly being chased by members of the shadow troop for the past three years. But no one can catch him, Steve is too observant and slippery like moss. His extraordinary strength truly made people fearful and horrified.

Zeo also grew rapidly. Zeo is a plant, he is also air, and wind. In recent years Zeo has gained a new power, namely the earth element. He is earth and can merge with earth. With that Zeo became truly invincible. He is now even able to control lightning with just the power of wind and air.

”We won develop if we continue to stay in Timeo Village. Looks like we have to leave to pursue our own ambitions. I want to unravel history and Zeo who wants to continue his parents research. Then Leo, you don seem to have any ambitions, what do you want to achieve in this life? ” Steve asked, looking at Leo who was busy with his roast venison.

Leo turned to Steve and then smiled widely until his eyes narrowed, ”We have to stay together to realize those ambitions together. I want to get freedom as freely as possible. And to achieve that, I have to defeat the strongest person in this world, that way there won be nothing else can stop me from doing what I want. I want to live my way according to my will. I will defend the people I think are good, and defeat the bad people I think are bad. And to know about it, I need to uncover the secrets of the world through history that you want to know Steve. And also through the historical research you will be doing, Zeo. That way Ill know whos bad here, ”

Zeo grinned, satisfied with Leos answer. Very much in line with the answer he wanted, ”I can already guess. We will be leaving in the near future. But before that we must collect enough supplies and money so that our journey can run smoothly, ”

”Im not good at planning so its better if I depend on you guys. But are we going to make this trip walking? How is that possible? ” Leo sighed heavily, the young mans face looked so lackluster just by imagining it.

Steve raised an eyebrow, he also expected Leo to speak like that. Even though Leo has extraordinary strength, he is still an annoying boy who likes to whine and be reckless. That was why Steve and Zeo had discussed this matter long ago, ”We
e going to go on the horses. Unless something urgent happens. There aren many people in this world who have power, especially if someone can turn into fire or ice. That would really make a world uproar. Moreover, the three of us have four strengths where ordinary people only maximum of three powers. The government won let us get away with it if they find out about it, ”

”Oh I see. Im still wondering how I can have four powers. Is this an inherited power? Or do I have an abnormality from a normal person? ” Leo stared at his palms, on the right side he could spit fire and on the left side he could spit ice, ”I once dropped a meteor into the sea and almost caused a tsunami if only Steve and Zeo didn swiftly stop it. I became very worried about my own power, ”

”Its not a disorder. Its a gift. Ive been thinking about it lately but it seems to have something to do with our middle name. Diavolo. Its a very mysterious name. Not many ancient books and artifacts talk about it thoroughly. Im sure it must have something to do with this, ” Zeo answered casually. Staring out the window where the full moon was shining brightly. They
e in their house by the way. The house that grandpa left many years ago. Its quite fragile but it doesn matter, they will also leave the house in the near future.

e right. But still, seeing how people think of the Diavolo as a monster makes me feel weird. Was the Diavolo a collection of bad guys from the past or was it the other way around? The world distorts the facts. No one knows until we can unravel all the history, ” Steve replied, grinning, ”But I have a hunch we will fight the world government one day, ”

Leo shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly, after swallowing his food, the young man laughed crisply, ”I don care who my comrades end up being. Ill take care of them in one fell swoop if they try to get in my way. I will rule this world so that no one can bind my freedom until whenever, ”

Zeo glanced at Leo for a moment before nodding in understanding ”Make it your ambition. Rule over the world, I have no interest in that. And Im sure Steve isn interested in either. As long as we keep moving towards our goal, there shouldn be any problems later, ”

”Yeah rule the world Leo. Me and Zeo will be behind you, we have no interest in doing that so well probably just be your right wing and left wing, ”

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