Leonard Diavolo Hills, or known as Leonard Hills, was born in a village on Miller Island, a small remote village called Timeo Village. Growing up with his spunky and tall grandfather, who was a supreme general of the shadow army. The supreme army of defenders of this world. Leo grew up with his grandfather until he was 12 years old before his grandfather, who rarely came home, really left Leo in Timeo Village, which was full of bad people and robbers. SsLittle Leo is forced to be able to fight and beat adults who are much bigger than him.

And in less than a year, Leonard Hills name was well known throughout the island. Only a 13 year old youth but has extraordinary strength, he can defeat the robbers who try to kidnap him, he also manages to defeat the trained guards who try to take him to the head of the village. Leo lives the way he wants and he just does whatever he wants. No one can regulate and control the attitude of this young man. But everyone is actually happy, because Leo is a good person and always helps them. Protecting the village from bad people, but also the boy is still a bad boy who sometimes makes trouble with the village head.

Until one day, when Leo was training himself under a waterfall, where Leo usually practiced, this young man was finally able to awaken the power that had been passed down from generation to generation in his family. Just like his grandfather, the power of fire. But more than that, Leos grandfather could only emit fire while Leo was fire itself. His body can turn into fire.

This power is not owned by many people in this world. People who have power are called the owner of power, it is only owned by people with the power gene they have. If someone has parents who have the same power, then it is very likely that person will inherit the power of their parents. Each person usually has a maximum of three inherited powers from their parents.

Leo wanted to know if he had any other power inside of him or not, but even Leo didn know who his parents were, who was his mother and who was his father. He only grew up with his grandfather and the people of Timeo Village. He didn know his parents at all. No one in the village knows about Leos parents, they say that grandfather brought Leo to the village when the boy was 3 years old. When the residents asked who the boy was, the grandfather only replied that he was his grandson. What actually surprised all the villagers was because Grandpa had never told him about his family before, they thought Grandpa was an old man who was single. But who would have thought that grandfather actually had grandchildren.

Leo has two friends, Zeo and Steve. They have been friends for a long time. Zeo has the power of wind, modifying air, and controlling plants. While Steve has quite

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