The Failure and His Former Classmates

Reincarnation and Expectation I

Hey, you **in loser, buy me something from the cafeteria. he was yelling at me while laughing,

Get me something too! his buddies were joining in too.

Yes, Hamachi Ill go get it. His name was Hamachi Ryou. He was the son of the CEO of some big corporation, he had good grades, was good at sports and was handsome. He had it all. Everyone in the class licked his boots just to get something out of him. It pissed me off but there was nothing I could do, I was at the bottom of the hierarchy of this school. Poor old Takeuchi Kisaragi, I had nothing going for me in the direction of studies or athletics. I was just a useless gamer, the scum of society. When I went outside the classroom I saw a familiar face and went over to her.

Akari, are you going to the cafeteria? Want to go with me. I called out to her, but she just glared at me. She was obviously annoyed as she was with her friends.

Ugh, just go yourself. I can believe someone like you is my brother! You stain my good name! her friends snickered when she said that. Akari Kisaragi, even though shes my younger sister yet shes the polar opposite of me. She has everything I don have. I was envious of her but still tried to love her as she was my sister.

Is he really your brother? Hes such a loser. Now her friends were making fun of me. I lowered my head. I walked toward the cafeteria and I could hear my sister say before I was out of ears reach.

I know right!? Hes so embarrassing I hope he would just go die! I shed a tear. But there was nothing I could do about it. When I got back to the classroom with Hamachis food he got up from his seat. He looked pissed off.

You bitch! You really took that **ing long to get some food! he came towards me and raised his fist.

Stop right there! there was another voice who I recognised. It was my childhood friend Arisa Naruse. When we were in elementary school she used to say absurd things such as she would want to marry me, but in freshman year, she started acting cold and indifferent toward me. We
e sophomores now.

Tch!. Hamachi snatched the tray from my hand and went off.

Thank you, Arisa. To my appreciation she replied.

Don think I like you just because of this. Id do this for any classmate. With that, she left.

School was out, so I packed up my bags and went straight home. I saw Akari laughing with her friends. How fortunate, I thought to myself, she has people she can laugh and have fun with. When I got home I saw my mother and father smiling with some papers in their hands.

Akari got straight As! She truly is my child. My mother said, she looked proud. But when she looked at me her expression immediately turned sour.

Takeuchi… Go to your room I don even want to look at you right now. I complied with her request. My father didn even look at me. Well so much for a welcome home. I started up the game I was playing then. It was called Kings Fall. It was just a run-of-the-mill RPG where the hero defeats a demon king. I could hear my sister downstairs.

Hey, mom could I go with my friends to karaoke? she sounded expectant when asking.

Of course, you can but don get home too late and stay safe, okay? my mother sounded so caring when she told her that. But what could a loser like me expect? I knew that I was a loser already, but can a loser like me still be treated like everyone else? I played Kings Fall until around 11 pm, unbeknownst to how much this simple game would change my life. I noticed that Akari wasn back yet. I went out looking for her because while I was a shit older brother I was still one nonetheless. After walking around for about an hour I found her and her friends. She was saying goodbye to them and was about to cross the road. Her happy face soured as she saw me and started walking toward me. I started walking toward her at the same time. But as soon as I did I saw a blinding light to my left. My body moved on its own toward her. She looked flustered when I pushed her away. She looked pissed when I first pushed her but her expression quickly changed to one of surprise and horror as she saw me get hit by a car. The impact was tremendous it sent my whole body flying. It felt as if every bone in my body had broken and that it was all crushed. I heard someone yelling.

Nii-san! Nii-san! it was Akari. She was sobbing, but why? Hadn she hated me? Akari you called me nii-san for the first time in so long, Im so happy. Why are you crying? Please don cry. It seemed my thoughts didn reach her as she still cried as though she was a little kid.

Nii-san Im so sorry! Im so sorry, please forgive me! Please don go! she was desperate. But it seemed that fate had a different route planned out for me. With the last of my strength, I said to her I love you Akari, stay strong and live. Nii-sans heading out early okay? she sobbed and said to me.

I love you too Nii-san. Those were the last words I ever heard.

Kings Fall was a game centred around the main character known as Haru, he was summoned to the world with his classmates and tasked with defeating the demon king, though he actually reveals himself in the last quarter of the game. He and his classmates attended the magic academy in the kingdom they were in. You, as the main character could build your character however you liked based on the classes you took at the academy. While you could take your classmates as your companions to defeat the demon king, it would actually be better to befriend the people of that world because they were stronger and more helpful in defeating the demon king. There are two endings to the game, one where you choose to go home and one where you choose to stay. No matter which you chose your classmates would follow you.

There was a slight problem though.

Young master! I heard someone yelling that. I was confused about what was happening. Wasn I supposed to be dead? I definitely got hit by that car and died. Is this a dream? Where am I? There was a mirror in the room so I went to see myself, but what I saw horrified me. Brown hair, dull green eyes and a gloomy face. I instantly recognised who this was. It was the failure of the Xander Dukedom, the shame of the Xander family. Mordred Xander! I panicked and I hit my head on a table that was in my room. Blood started flowing from my head and I realised this wasn a dream. The pain was real and I could feel the blood flowing.

Young master! Are you alright? It was the same voice as before. I looked up and a maid with silver hair opened my door. Blue eyes, silver hair and a pretty face. I didn know who she was at all.

Excuse me but could you leave me alone for a bit? When I said this she looked slightly surprised. Suddenly she looked alarmed.

Young master, you
e not sick, are you? Do you need some medicine? Do you have a fever? Let me take your temperature.

No, no Im quite alright, please don trouble yourself and leave. She looked reluctant at first but eventually decided to leave. Now I should gather some information on whats happening. I then realised why she looked surprised all of a sudden. Ah, I see now. Mordred was an extremely timid person and she mustve been worried about me when she saw me bleeding from my forehead. Well maybe going for a roam in the streets would provide me with some information. When I went outside all the servants started whispering behind my back. It didn bother me though, I wasn the person who was being badmouthed. I went out onto the streets in a dull brown robe so I wouldn attract any attention. I headed over to the local tavern as it was easily the best place to gather information easily by eavesdropping.

Hey, hav

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