The Era of Chaos

Prologue: The Tide Comes

The Goldfall Patriarch sensed an ominous force in the air. Stiffly raising his head from his lotus pose, his eyes snapped open in alarm. His brows furrowed, closing his eyes once more in intense concentration. With an awe-inspiring surge of might, he sends a wave of spiritual power from the rear palace to scour the continent in search of the danger he felt. A tinge of destructive energy caused him to turn his gaze eastwards.

The Eastern Wastes!

The broken and shattered lands of Chaos lie just beyond the eastern borders of the Goldfall Dynasty. Once, it contained the illustrious capital of their empire; now, it lay ruined beyond salvation, torn apart by the sporadic invasions of darkness and the warbands that prowl the wastes. Arriving at the edge of the empire, the Patriarch continued onwards, disregarding the corrupted energy of the wastes. However, The Goldfall Patriarch found his spiritual sense blocked at the edges of the Eastern Wastes. With a forceful push of his mind, he smashed through the unexpected energy barrier.

WOOOSH! A burst of dark energy pushed against the Patriachs soon after he arrived in the Wastes, forcing his spiritual sense to halt again. ”Break! ” he roared, pushing his energy onwards with even greater power.

What he was met with was the thunderous sound of thousands…no, hundreds of thousands of steel-clad soldiers marching. The Patriarch watched in horror as an uncountable tide of black-armed warriors surged forwards, their marching chants breaking apart the skies and their boots sending quakes through the desolate earth. The skies were lit by the unholy glint of the Chaos portal, its purple and pink glows striking terror into the Goldfall Patriarchs eyes, almost like a beast laid hidden within the void.

The Patriarch broke free from his shock when he sensed a wave of energy shooting directly toward him. With a ”hmmph! ”, he countered with a surge of energy of his own, clashing against the assailing force and causing a massive explosion to rupture in the air. Some of the soldiers were too close to the blast and the ensuing shockwave blew them apart there and then onto the ground. Through the smoke, however, came another three beams of energy, this time far stronger than the last.

The Patriarch quickly conjured a barrier in response. The beams smashed into the barrier, causing yet another shockwave that rumbled the earth. He gritted his teeth as the attacks continued. Unfortunately for the Patriarch, his full force was unable to be exerted; after all, this was merely an avatar created by his spiritual power and only contained around 70% percent of his total might.

After around twenty seconds of ceaseless bombardment, there was finally an end to the attacks. The Patriarch grasped his opportunity right here to counterattack, his spiritual eyes searching for his aggressors. Scouring the field, he laid his gaze on three beings standing atop a small hill whose auras towered into the skies. Three heavily-armored, humanoid monstrosities stared back with the glowing blue balls that took place of their eyes.

Only the True Daemons have those eyes.

The three stood side-by-side. The left daemon was lightly armored and held a massive stave almost as tall as his own 10-meter size. The right daemon was the bulkiest, standing almost 15 meters tall with layers and layers of runic armor to match his brutal aura. The great axe in its hand was of similar stature. No elegance could be found in this weapon–only the simplistic beauty of a weapon forged solely for murder. The daemon in the middle, however, wore a dark crimson suit of armor instead of the standard black. Its left hand wielded a claymore, while its right hand was raised slightly, a blue ball of energy resting within its palms.

Seizing the moment, the Goldfall Patriarch launched his own offensive. Summoning an enormous translucent sword in the air above him, he stabbed downwards in unbridled fury, hoping to quickly end the invasion before it even began by taking out its commanders.

Alas, that hope was cleansed from the Patriarchs mind as the middle daemon raised its right hand toward the sword…and simply grabbed it. BOOM! Another shockwave rippled across the field, yet the daemon stood steady. The daemon

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