The Alyssum’s Inferiority Complex

Chapter 3: Taking her Hand


”Lyon was right about some things though. During that time, the only one who was watching the baby was your mothers most trusted maid. However, after that… she left the estate and I had never heard from her again. Until that letter she had sent us. ”

Lucretia glanced back at the paper she had thrown on the table, and she couldn help but knit her brows at the sight of it.

”I don believe it! She must be lying! Why don you drag her here so we can hear it from her own mouth! Id like to see her slander me to my face! ”

”She… she has already passed. ”

With that information, Lucretia froze.

”This letter was set to deliver as soon as she drew her last breath from the world. She sent this letter with the message that it was her final repentance. ”

”That… ”

Lucretia didn know why, but just learning more of the circumstances of this letter just made her feel as though there was a knot lodged deep within her stomach.

She just couldn believe it.

She felt as though she was not allowed to believe it.

To finally convince Lucretia, they had done a test to see whether they were really related to one another.

It was a simple test using an expensive magical item. The two tested people would put a drop of their own blood onto a crystal orb, which would then absorb the liquid. The magic within the orb would push both drops of blood toward each other, and if they mixed together, it would signify that the two people were related. However, if they dispersed and disappeared upon contact, it would mean that they are not related at all.

As she watched Charlottes test show positive, the knot within her stomach felt heavier as a burning sensation enclosed near her chest.

Walking forward, she had to stop her hand from trembling, as she pricked her finger with a needle. Seeing her blood drop down, she felt as though everything was in slow motion.

She didn understand.

Was she nervous?

Why would she need to be nervous?

She was never wrong and she never will be.

So why was her heart beating as though it would take its last breath?

Watching the two liquids come into contact with each other, she hadn even noticed her fingernails digging into her arm, as she held it tightly.

However, as they met each other, they pushed forward before being pushed back, and dispersing from within the orb.

Lucretia stood in complete stunned silence. She didn even feel the dull pain from the needle prick on her finger. It paled in comparison to the burning pain throbbing within herself.

”No… way… ”

Was this really real?

It couldn be?

She really wasn the actual daughter of the Adallindus family.

She was not Lucretia Adallindus.

Falling to her knees, the hem of her luxurious dress folded into itself on the ground. As if her whole life had been a lie, she couldn breathe correctly, as every moment of her life flashed and played through her head.

”Tia… ”

Her attention was then drawn towards the voice of the man she had always known as her father. He had a gentle and sympathetic look on his face.

”Even if we are not actually related by blood, you have lived as my daughter for 18 years, and that will always remain true. I only want the best for all my children, and I would never abandon you, Tia. ”

Lucretia didn know what to say, as the words just wouldn reach her mouth. Her throat felt tight, as it felt like someone was choking her.

Charlotte, who was actually the real Lucretia, walked forward as well, reaching a hand out to her.

”Im already used to being called Charlotte, so I don think I could take the name Lucretia. I feel as though that name suits you far better than it does me, so I would love to get along with you as actual sisters, Lucretia. ”

The amethyst-eyed girl couldn help but feel uncomfortable as she came face to face with the girl she had replaced.


How could this girl so easily hold her hand out to her?

Would she be able to do the same thing if she were in her position?

That day, she didn take Charlottes hand.

She told herself it was because she still couldn accept her as part of the Adallindus family. However, some part of her felt as though she was not able to touch someone as sickeningly good as she was.

It was the first time she felt this feeling, even though she didn know what it was called.

The feeling of inferiority.

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