”Mom! Alisha refuses to wash the dishes this morning! ” One of the twins calls out causing her Older lady to walk into the kitchen. Alisha looks around the kitchen at the dirty dishes piled high on every available surface and then back at her sister. Her eyes were slightly teary yet defiant. She knew that this meant trouble for herself. It also meant she would be going to bed hungry.

Alisha watched the twins giggle at each other as their mother walked in.

”Whats all this about? ” She asks as she puts her hands on her hips. ”Oh, my goodness! What the hell is this? Why are there dirty dishes in my kitchen! ”

The twins continue to grin at each other until the older one, Elizabeth replies. ”Mom, can you believe it? She said that she wouldn wash any of the dishes. She even yelled at us to wash it ourselves and cursed at us. Oh, mom, You don know how horrible, it was. ” She said showing a little bruise on her arms from secretly pinching herself. ”Mommy, look at my arms. ”

”I didn … ” Alisha began to say but stopped when she saw her stepmother removing her slippers and walking towards her with anger in her eyes. This has been the routine that the nine-year-old girl passed through. Her father left four years ago to defend the borders, leaving her to her fate in the hands of her stepfamily.

”Did I ask for an answer? ” Their mother growled out as she took hold of her right ear and began dragging her outside to the living room. Once they got out, the older lady turned to her, with a wicked smile on her face.

”You know, Alisha. The only reason why you
e still alive is that your father loves you and the only reason I allow you to remain in my house is because its convenient to me. But if that ever changes, ” the older woman grabbed onto her chin pulling her forward so that their eyes met, ”you will find yourself on the streets with no one to support or take care of you…Do we understand each other? ” She asked while glaring into her eyes. This statement caused Alisha to feel sick. The little girl was terrified and started to cry when her stepmother reached for her.

Alisha wanted to scream at the top of her lungs but couldn do anything as whatever strength she had left was beaten out of her.

”No… Please, don hit me… ” She couldn believe how cruel her stepmother was being, but what choice did she have?

Her mother died at the moment she brought her to this world and the person she called her father blamed her for it. She was less than a year old when her father brought in another woman as his wife. He left her in the care of her stepmother and never bothered about her.

All his love and care were given to her stepsisters for as long as she could remember. However, even though he tried to protect her from their mothers cruelty, the older woman would beat Alisha whenever she could.

The young girl had spent many days crying in her room before she finally learned to hide her bruises.

Back in the present, Alisha woke up from her dazed. Looking at the piled-up dishes in front of her, she groaned. She didn want to clean all those dishes. She couldn understand how all these plates got dirty. She was away from the house for just a day, and now, this. She just hoped she could finish up before her Stepmother came back home. The plates were kept carelessly on the sink, table with flies festering on them from the open windows. The floor was unswept and filled with sand. So, Alisha reluctantly walked to the sink to start washing them, but quickly fell due to the pain in her feet. She reached out to pull out a piece of fish bone from her foot.

Once again, tears escaped from her brown eyes but this time it was different.

They were tears of frustration instead of sorrow. She stood up, wincing, her bare feet feeling the cold tile underneath them, and walked toward the sink.

Alisha decided that today wasn the day she would cry. It was already way too early to wake up and she had too much to think about besides her current situation. Besides, she still had to do other chores. Clean the house and do the laundry. She looked at the sink with horror staring back at her. There was so much filth. Alisha thought about cleaning it, but then again he looked at the sink with horror staring back at her. There was so much filth.

There was so much filth.

Alisha didn think this through well enough. She felt her resolve fade.

”What am I gonna do? How am I gonna do this? ” She asked aloud. Alisha thought about cleaning it before the evil twins come down from their rooms or their mother walks in, but then again; not everything goes as we wish it to.

The sound of a familiar voice that brought terror sauntered into the kitchen as the doors burst open and slammed shut loudly; ”Alisha! ”

A shrill feminine voice shouted.

Alisha flinched, a well-known fear gripped her whole being as she watched the Blue mug slip through her hands and to the floor. She stayed at the sink, unable to move, the shock and panic taking over her system. Just at the same time, a pair of footsteps were heading in her direction. A small part of Alisha wished it was one of her sisters because she knows that if it was her Stepmother, she would have it worse.

However, Alisha knows that there is something worse than awaits her, so it should be just one of those two.

A tall red-headed woman, whom Alisha recognizes as her Stepmother stepped in front of Alisha.

”What the hell, were you doing not answering my calls?! ” The woman snapped. Alisha remained silent, hoping that by doing so she will get mercy. Unfortunately, no such luck appeared as the woman grabbed her hair, forcing her to look up at her Stepmother. ”Answer me or you won like where youll be going next, ” the woman threatened.

Alishas heart dropped at this. Was that the promise of what awaited her?

The redhead yanked her hair hard causing Alisha to fall backward and a piece of the broken mug to slice through the flesh of her feet. She felt tears prickling her eyes.

”What are those? ” The woman asked staring at the porcelain shards on the floor. Alisha didn reply, fearing that if she did, she would lose what little hope she still had left.

”Did you break the new mug? ” The woman hissed out. ”Do you know how expensive, this mug was?! ”

Alisha whimpered at her Stepmothers reaction, the blood staining her feet becoming increasingly more evident. She grabbed the nearest object closest to her and started hitting her with it.

Alisha curled up into a ball, as the spatula fell on her body bringing a flash of memory that sent another wave of agony through her body.

”Im sorry, please stop, ” She begged. Trying her best not to yell or cry. All she heard was the slamming of another object, which sounded like a plate hitting the ground. This caused Alisha to slowly sit up and turn toward her stepmother. Blood seeping through the torn skin of her feet. She watched as she grabbed hold of her hair, yanking at her head and making Alisha grunt in pain. Alisha held back a scream that tried to escape.

”You, filthy little slut! ” She pulled her hair harder once again. This caused a whimper to escape Alisha. ”Look at the entire place and how filthy it looks, you haven done anything. Youve turned my kitchen into a slump house! ” The red-headed woman said, raising her hand and slapping her across the face.

Alisha let out a small moan, the pain radiating through her cheek, as her head turned from side to side.

”You are going to clean the house from top to bottom, starting with the kitchen, then you can clean upstairs and then go to the supermarket and get us something to eat! Do you understand me?! ”

Alisha nodded as the redhead slapped her several more times, causing tears to pour from her eyes as she clutched her wounded feet.

”Good. ”

Feeling satisfied, She let out a huff and stormed out of the kitchen leaving Alisha sitting there whimpering.

Her legs felt weak from having to sit down and her head began to spin. As much as it hurt to hear that her Stepmother was getting ready to leave, the younger girl was glad it was going to be a better experience than staying here. If she were stuck, she knew the woman would just throw her out onto the street like she was trash. The young girl shook her head trying to clear her thoughts as she heard the door slam open once again. Footsteps were coming closer and closer and she couldn help but look up at who it was.

She didn need any words to recognize who it was. Alishas breath caught in her throat.

It was the evil twins.

”Oh, what do we have here? ” Their voices echoed as they entered the kitchen, looking at the mess on the floor.

”Well? Did you do this?! ” One of them asked. Both girls stared at her with disgust. They never liked Alisha, ever since they were children they hated her guts. Even after they became older, they continued to bully her.

Alisha whimpered as she stood up, not wanting to deal with the twins in front of her, and skipped to get her work done before leaving for the grocery store.

After she finished cleaning it was almost an hour. She left the house in a rush to the store in her soiled and sweaty dress. Her shoes were covered in dirt and greasy stains along with the rest of her outfit. dress.

Alisha tried her best to stay calm, ignoring the ache of her cuts and scrapes. She brought down her hair to shield her face from the stare of the passersby. The shame of the stink radiating off her body was enough for anyone nearby to avoid approaching her. However, she could feel their stares burning through the back of her head.

She rushed into the supermarket, picked up the basket, and went straight to the produce section. When she reached the vegetable section, she picked up some carrots, broccoli, tomatoes, and onions. She grabbed a box of eggs and a carton of milk. Then she made her way to the pasta section. She needed to buy some pasta, seasonings, and meat to make food for dinner. After getting everything, she turns and proceeds to the cash register to pay for the stuff she took when she bumped into a wall, sending her stumbling to the floor.

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