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Chapter 95: Silvis Reward

Chapter 94: Inncoming

Derek passed through the gates, returning his pass on the way. Bellamy, the guard, was still on duty, so they exchanged pleasantries before Derek moved on towards his inn. Soon, he was standing in front of the inns door.

No sooner than Derek opened the door, a loud crack was heard from inside. Derek looked in front of him, only to see a furry cannonball with a sharp point flying directly at him. Not this time. Derek reacted and held both hands in front, catching the projectile before it had time to damage his shirt again.

“The hell are you doing?” He whisper yelled at Silvi.

‘You went to the restaurant without me. I could have eaten better food while I waited for your meeting, just like before. Silvi explained, which left Derek flabbergasted.

The bunny had spoken two complete sentences, each with more than three words. It was a first. So, all I have to do to get Silvi to communicate better is make her mad… but I think the only way Ive found to piss her off is to withhold food. Derek shook his head at the crazy bunny in his hands.I told you that I brought you something, and it would make you happy. You should have waited for me to show you. I am disappointed.

Silvi looked up at Derek, the anger in her eyes fading. Being replaced by… hope?Food? She pleaded.

Derek rolled his eyes and looked over the room. He finally found Thomas sitting at one of the tables in the middle, staring wide eyed at him and Silvi. Derek transferred Silvi to his right hand, holding her by the scruff of her neck. Her paws swiped at the air as he walked the two of them over to the table.

When he arrived at the table, he frowned. Many cracks ran along the edge of the table towards the middle. An empty bowl sat just outside the range of the cracks. Derek looked back at Silvi again.If we get kicked out of this inn because you cant hold your temper, Im not going to give you your gift.

‘No! I sorry! Give food. Wont happen again.

He fought the urge to chuckle before pulling one of the chairs out and sitting across from Thomas. He placed Silvi in his lap.

Almost as soon as he sat down, one of the inn workers arrived at the table and frowned. The well dressed man looked at Thomas, then at Derek before speaking. “20 gold.”

Derek sighed and handed the man 20 gold coins. The man nodded, then placed his hand on the table. A light shined through the table, and the cracks receded. After a moment, the table was good as new.

Interested, Derek asked, “What skill was that? If you dont mind.”

“General Repair.” The man eyed Derek. “Helps when unruly people visit the inn.” He glared at Silvi, who quickly turned her head to the side.

“Thanks… Sorry about my companion. She was just really happy to see me.” Derek said.

“Just dont let it happen again. The first time was 20 gold. The second is 100. The third is a lifetime ban from the inn. If you cannot pay the fee, you will be banned until you come up with it.” The man turned and walked away after explaining to Derek.

Derek looked around until he finally caught sight of one of the servers. He got her attention with a wave, and she walked over. With a friendly smile, he asked, “Can I get a bowl of whatever that was?” He pointed to the empty bowl. “And something cold to drink, I dont mind what it is.”

“Certainly, sir.” The pretty brunette waitress smiled. She was pretty, but after meeting Stella, he could not help but make comparisons. Though what he liked most about Stella was the behavior and attitude that matched her beauty.

Derek shook his head. It was not polite to compare women. He turned back to Thomas and placed Silvi back on the table. It probably was not good manners to have a rabbit on the table, but he did not think the inn would have any high chairs.

“What was that all about? I know she wasnt just happy to see you. You havent been gone that long.” Thomas broke the silence.

“Oh, I was at the Crown Restaurant and Silvi was just mad because I didnt take her along.” Derek answered. Thomas was quiet, and a small pout formed on his lips. Derek chuckled. “Not you too. As I told the lazy bunny, I only went there for business, nothing else. Why do you think I ordered something to eat here?”

“Oh…” Thomas said. “Well, how did your meeting go?”

Derek explained some of the finer points of his meeting with Stella. He left out Alanah and a lot of the contract, especially the part about him going out and hunting Void Beasts.

“And after everything was over.” Derek said and pulled out the white card with a crown on it. “I became an official member.”

Thomas stared at the card, impressed, but not as impressed as the waitress carrying Dereks stew… well, dropping Dereks stew. Derek quickly reacted and kicked the floor, sending himself and his chair sliding. Then, reaching down, he caught the stew in his palm, centimeters before it hit the ground.

“Im s-sorry.” She squeaked out.

“Its no problem.” Derek stood and dragged the chair back to the table. Setting the fresh bowl of stew down.

The server hurriedly placed his ale beside his meal. “Is… is that real?” She quietly asked.

“The card? Yeah, just got it today. Ive been in a meeting with Stella over at the Crown all day.” He answered. The membership card was something that he wanted and had always planned to show off. The only thing that changed was the fact that he obtained a lot earlier than he ever planned.

“So, what does the card mean? Exactly?” Thomas asked. He was not as enthused as everyone else in the inn was. At the first commotion, all eyes were on them. Thomas was, for lack of a better word, a bumpkin. So all he knew about the membership was that it was hard to obtain, and what he learned from Bronson when they first arrived in the city.

“Its nothing much. I can dine at the higher floors than others, with a different menu if I choose. And I can bring one other person with me.” Derek answered.

“Status.” The waitress mumbled. When Derek and Thomas both looked at her, she continued. “You have status in the kingdom, no less than most nobles. It wasnt given by the King, but by Mrs. Swan. You no longer need a pass to enter different parts of cities, as the Crown Restaurant is always in the best part of the cities. They can be considered your backers now… sir.”

“Oh… well, that too, I guess.” Derek said.

Thomas nodded. “That seems good.”

“Excuse me.” The lady said and scurried away. Face flushed.

Derek watched as she ran away before turning back to the table and looking at Silvi.Come here. Give me your paw. He said.

Silvi hopped once and was in front of Derek. She raised her paw. Derek took it and pulled out the new storage ring from his pocket. He pushed it over her paw, but even though the ring adjusted its size slightly to its wearer, it could not stretch big enough to go over her paw.

“I was afraid of that.” Derek said.Ill give you the storage ring when we go back upstairs. Ill also explain some stuff to you. He transmitted to Silvi.

Silvi did not reply. She only hopped out of the way of his meal and stared at the spoonful of stew as he began eating.

“So.” Derek said in between bites. “Silvi told me that you made a… friend.”

Thomass eyes lit up at the statement. “Ah… yes. Her name is Alicia. Shes really nice. I met her yesterday, and she showed me around the city. She helped me get a provisional Bronze Ranked Adventurers Badge.” He said, showing the badge to Derek. “I have one more city quest to do, then I can get the official one.”

“I got my Gold one this morning.” Derek said, showing Thomas the official Gold Ranked badge.

Thomas nodded. “So cool. I never thought I would be able to become an official Adventurer.” He sighed. “Im meeting Alicia again today and shes going to show me some more places.”

Derek squinted. “Okay. But be careful. Silvis not going to be able to protect you anymore. Shes got other things she has to do. And dont leave the city without telling me.”

The boys eyes widened. “What is she going to do?” He asked.

“Thats something that I plan on discussing with her later, in our room.” Derek said as he finished the bowl of stew and downed the last drop of ale. “Did you tell this girl about me?” Derek asked.

“No, I know you dont like being talked about… and I dont want to slip up with the oath.” Thomas added the last part quietly. “I only told her that Silvi was the companion of a friend of mine and that I was taking her around the city.”

“Good.” Derek said. “Keep it that way. I dont need to meet her. Also, Silvi said she seemed a little shady, so keep that in mind when youre with her. Dont get taken advantage of.”

Thomas looked taken aback. “Alicia? Shady? I dont think so. Shes been so kind.”

“Just be careful.” Derek stood. He tossed Thomas a couple of gold coins to pay for his meal and any other expenses. Well be heading up. I need to get Silvi situated. “Come on.” He said to Silvi, and the bunny hopped onto his shoulder. He turned back to look at Thomas one last time. “Remember what I said.”

Derek hoped his warnings were enough for Thomas to take to heart. If not, the boy would have to learn the hard way, and Derek did not mind giving him another strike if he did not listen.

With that, Derek took Silvi up the stairs, leaving Thomas sitting alone in the middle of the inn.

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