System Change

Chapter 77: Whos the Boss?

Chapter 76: Thanks for the Meal

“Speaking of business.” Walter said. “I was informed by Bronson that you have been doing some business with the Crown Restaurant. Would you mind if I asked about that? He said you gave them a Void Beast and signed a contract for some beverage.”

Derek nodded. “I happened upon a Void Beast not long after I saved Brandi and the remaining members of her village. I wasnt sure what I was going to do with it, other than give the hide to Brandi once she was able to make something out of it, so when Bronson was explaining to me about the Crown, I made the decision to do business with them. As for the beverage, Im sure it will be a hit once its ready, especially if the Botanists can enhance certain properties of it.”

“That should put you on the fast track to earning a membership.” Walter nodded. “Especially if this beverage does as well as you think. Other than business with the Crown, is there any other business you plan to do? If you dont mind my asking.”

Walter was being overly polite to Derek, but Derek did not mind, nor was he very suspicious. The man had already sworn an oath and made promises, and he did not seem like the type of person to go back on his word. Even though Derek did not deal with many people in the past, those like Walter were his favorite to deal with. He knew that the man had ambition to clear his family name, but he was not the type to step on the innocent to get his way. If he was, he never would have told Derek to go somewhere else with Brandi.

So, Derek did not mind letting him know of some of his future plans. “Honestly, I came here to meet you, the City Lord, and to register at the Adventurers Guild. The Crown was just a happy accident. After meeting you, I dont feel the need to meet Malcolm. So, I imagine I will head to the Adventurers Guild in the next few days to register. After that, I have to wait for Stella to negotiate for the Void Beast. Ill probably stay here for a month or so before looking for a city with a teleporter, then I will look into Savannah.”

Walter smiled. “I see. Im sure Stella wont make you wait long, she is quite the capable woman.” He said. “Though, I do not think you will be able to avoid a meeting with Malcolm. Surely he has already heard of your business with the Crown, and you meeting with me. I would not put it past him to send someone to my front door to invite you for a chat.”

“About that, I will stay in the guest house for tonight since you invited me, but I dont plan on overstaying my welcome. I will head to the merchant district and book me and the kid a room for the time being.” Derek continued with a frown. “What are the chances Malcolm leaves things be if I reject his invite?”

Walter laughed out loud at the question. “The chances? Next to zero. Maybe I did not explain the mans temperament well enough before. The odds of him getting angry if you refuse his invitation are 100%. The man is nothing more than a smart child. You are a new, shiny toy that he wants to play with. Like I said, he does not know that he should not offend you yet, so him taking action against you is a given.”

Derek frowned. “Dammit. This is going to be way more trouble than its worth.” He shook his head and thought everything over.

“What are you thinking?” Walter asked after the silence continued for an uncomfortable amount of time.

Derek sighed. “Im trying to figure out if it would be less of a hassle to not respond to the invite and offend him, or accept the invitation and offend him to his face.”

Walter stared slack jawed at Derek. “Why do both options end with you offending him?”

“Have you met me?” Derek answered.

After letting the answer sit for a moment, Walter busted up laughing. “I understand. There is indeed no way for you to go an entire meeting without offending someone like him. And there is no way you will bow your head and act submissive to him.” Walter sighed. “I cant tell you what to do. You may be able to delay your meeting by making some excuses, then quietly leave once all your business is finished. Other than that, I dont know, and I would prefer not to have to deal with the commotion caused by a City Lords death…” Walter spoke the last part in a much lower voice.

Derek chuckled. “I guess it doesnt hurt to try that. And, I will try my best not to force your precious City Lord into early retirement.” He said. “By the way, which inn would be good to stay at in the middle district?”

“You might as well stay at The Oliphant Inn here in the noble district. I can sponsor you if needed, but Im sure that your dealings with the Crown Restaurant has already made waves. If you are able to dine there, there is no way that any inn in the city would deny you entrance. Though, it will make it easier for Malcolm to keep an eye on you.” Walter responded.

“I guess that makes things easy.” Derek checked his storage bracelet and frowned. “How much does it cost per night?”

Walter chuckled and tossed a small pouch on the table near Derek. “This is the gold you left in Wallaces storage ring, you might as well take it. It will cost five to fifteen gold per night, depending on length of stay, which room, and the number of people.”

Derek hesitated, but eventually grabbed the back and put it in his bracelet. I guess it was my kill. No sense in letting the loot go to waste. “Thanks, Ill pay you back.”

“Dont worry about it. Like I said before, letting Wallace have a noble death is already more than enough. Hell, I might even be in your debt after that.”

Derek felt a little odd. It was like he was being paid by Wallaces father for assassinating the idiot. Finally, he shrugged the feeling off.

Derek looked around the table. During their conversation, both men had eaten their fill. The entire table was full of nothing but dishes. Derek stood. “Well, it was very nice meeting you.” He moved closer to Walter, who also stood, and held his hand out.

Walter took his hand. “The honor was mine. Bronson was not jesting when he said that you were a very interesting person.”

Derek laughed as their hands separated. “He is quite the servant. Seems like a great man.”

“One of the best. He is one of the few I have absolute trust in.”

Suddenly, Derek remembered something. “By the way, I was talking to the man about his sword. He said that it was commissioned by a blacksmith you know. Its a pretty decent sword and I am in the need of a new weapon. Im getting kind of sick of using my hands.” Derek pulled his glaive out, showing the chip in it. “At this point, any enemy tough enough for me to face will destroy my glaive before it does any damage.” The glaive disappeared back into his bracelet.

“A glaive, I havent seen one of them in ages.” Walter said, then sighed. “I do know a good blacksmith, but Bronsons sword was a favor to me. We are not really friends, only acquaintances. With your rapid leveling, I cannot suggest him to you, anyway. If I were you, I would look in the Capital or Savannah for someone who can craft a weapon worthy of someone over level 200.”

Derek let out a breath. “Thats what I was expecting. Figured it wouldnt hurt to ask, though.” Derek said. “After our dinner, I have a much better idea of what I plan to do. Thank you.”

Walter nodded. “It was fun. If you ever need anything, or a place to stay, dont hesitate to find me.”

“Dont worry, Im not overly prideful or shy. If I need something, I will be sure to ask.” Derek smiled. “Thanks for dinner. Im going to head back to the guest house and get some rest. I think I may actually sleep tonight.”

Derek turned to walk back out from where he came. Walter followed. When they entered the main room of the manor, they saw Thomas and Bronson sitting across from each other, Thomas on the couch, and Bronson in a chair.

Bronson immediately stood and bowed. “Sir.”

Walter nodded. “It seems our dinner went a bit longer than expected.”

Silvi was lying beside Thomas on her back with her feet up.Such a great day. Best day ever. She sent to Derek when she noticed him.

‘Dont get used to it. ’ He transmitted back. How she was able to eat so much at the restaurant, then come here and eat again. Derek did not know. If he did not know any better, he would assume that thevoid part in her races name was talking about her stomach. It seemed endless.

Derek looked at Thomas. “You ready? Im going to head back to the guest residence and get some rest. Got a lot of shit to do tomorrow.”

Thomas agreed and stood. Then he looked at the bunny and sighed. He reached down and picked her up. “Im ready.”

Derek, Walter, and Bronson chuckled. Derek walked to the front door and turned around. “Thanks for having me. Ill stop by tomorrow before we leave.” Derek opened the door and walked out.

Thomas, trailing behind him, clumsily turned and bowed respectfully, catching a rabbit horn in the sternum in the process. “Ouch… Sorry… Thank you for the meal.” He quickly turned and ran out the door. The laughter resounding behind him fading as the door swung closed.

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