System Change

Chapter 68: Negotiations

I dont know enough about the financial situation of this kingdom to know if that is a good deal. Fuck, why didnt I ask Bronson more questions about that? Derek acted like he was thinking about the deal. His only brush with finance in this world was that a level 70 small hide could get him 3 or 4 silver. “How about three and a half?”

Stella looked at him with squinted eyes. He really wished he knew what the woman was thinking. “Two and a half.”

He smiled. “Three and we call it a deal.”

She nodded. “Fine, I can do that.” She made a motion and a small stack of paper appeared before her. She placed her hand on the stack and a blue light shined underneath. Soon, writing began to fill the papers. She removed her hand and picked up the stack. Stella then handed the papers over to Derek. “Here is the contract, read it over and inject your mana into it if you agree.”

Derek grabbed the papers and began reading. It was not a long contract, but it still had a bunch of the nonsense he expected in a contract. He could not give the product to other businesses, he could not sell any of the product he obtained for personal use, and a lot more stuff like that. He read carefully to make sure there were not any traps. After finishing, he read it again, then once more. Finally, he came to the conclusion that the contract was not bad, and he injected his mana. A notification popped up in his vision.

A contract with oneStella Brighton and entityCrown has been initiated. Would you like to proceed?


Derek focused onyes.

Contract has been completed. Please abide by the terms to avoid any penalties.

With that, the contract split in two, and another copy appeared before him. Stella reached over and placed her hand on the original. The contract turned into a blue energy and entered her body. Derek did the same. The energy flowed into his hand and traveled through his body before resting itself in his mind. He now had a new listing under hisContracts tab in his status sheet.

Derek slid the coffee can back over to Stella and stood. He placed his hand out for her to take. Handshakes seemed to be commonplace, as she stood and took it into hers. “It was a pleasure doing business with you.” He said.

She smiled coyly. “The pleasure was all mine.”

Their handshake broke, and Derek turned to leave the room. Right before he opened the door, he looked back. “Oh, if I just happened to run into some Void Beasts, how many do you think it would take to hurry along the process of me obtaining a membership?”

Stella was stunned for a moment before she replied. “If they were of the same quality of the previous one, I dont see why two or three more wouldnt do the job. Perhaps even one if the coffee sells well.”

Derek nodded his head, then opened the door. “I better hurry back down before that damn rabbit eats all my food.” He walked out and closed the door behind him.

Stella fell back into her seat. Meeting that man was extremely stressful. He had not shown any aura or anger, but talking to him made her feel like she was talking to her boss. He was relaxed the whole time and spoke so casually about things. And when he asked about the Void Beasts at the end, the first thing she wondered was if he was going to open a portal and wait for one to appear. That would be crazy though. A Void Beast may come after one minute, or one hundred years. There is no way he would waste time trying to bait one.

She thought back to the contract they had signed. She had actually given him a good deal. Two percent for an individual was a great number, especially for something that would sell so easily. Upping it to three had been painful. She only hoped that she would be able to get one percent from the Crown for being the person to broker the deal. 2,500 gold coins a month would be a great payout. She may even get a promotion to one of the better cities.

Stella leaned back and sighed. Next, she had to contact her boss and tell her about the contract and the Void Beast. She knew that she would be pleased, especially with the quality of the beast.

Stella motioned with her hand and a light blue crystal appeared. It was time to contact her boss.

Derek made his way back to the first floor and was greeted with an odd sight. Tray after tray was surrounding his table. He had not expected there to be so much food. That was not the odd thing though. Thomas and Bronson were both leaned back in their chairs with their hands on their bellies.

Silvi, on the other hand, looked like she had grown two sizes. She was sitting on the table, in the middle, slowly eating what looked like a roasted duck. Derek tried to communicate with her.Is that good? Did you save me any? He asked the bunny.

Silvi slowly turned her head to look at Derek.Soooo good. Better than delicious, beautiful woman. Soooo full. She transmitted as she took another bite of the duck.

‘If youre so full, why are you still eating? He was flabbergasted.

‘Cant stop. Too delicious. Must eat all. The glutton replied.

Derek shook his head as he took a seat. He looked around at the trays of food. At least theres enough left for me. He thought, but he had a sneaking suspicion that the best of the food had already been consumed. Oh well, time to eat.

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