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Chapter 61: Last Day in the Village

Chapter 60: Remember

The two men and the bunny made their way to the village. It was the first time Silvi was going to be able to go to a human village without being attacked or killing, so, after understanding what was going on, she was very excited.

‘How many humans? Can we kill? We cant eat, but can we kill? Silvi was rattling off question after question. Derek was doing his best to answer and explain.

‘Its a human village, so, although there arent a ton of people, there are a lot. No, we shouldnt kill any of the humans there. Of course, there will be times when we have to kill other humans, but that time isnt now. Before you ask, no, you cant eat any of those humans either. It just doesnt set right with me. Also, youre not eating any other bunnies or rabbit from now on either. He communicated his thoughts to the bunny.

‘No fun. She sent.

Because they had not been far from the village when they ran into Silvi, it did not take long before the front gates appeared in their vision. Walking up to the gate, they waited for the guards to acknowledge them and let them in. They went forward, and the gate shut behind them.

“Im going to introduce Silvi to a few people, then Ill head to the inn. You can go and do whatever. If you come there, Ill buy you a drink.” Derek said and smiled as he saw Bronson visibly shudder. I dont know if he will ever be able to get over the taste of that ale. Being from Earth, and being a former student at a university, Derek had tasted some truly awful alcohol, so, to him, the taste did not matter as long as it was cold and he was in good company.

“I may keep you company, but I dont think I will partake in the ale this time.” Bronson answered.

‘Ale? What is ale? Is it food? Silvi chimed in. It was interesting to Derek to learn that she was actively listening to their conversation. Or at least to the conversation when it sounded like they were talking about food.

‘Youll learn about it later. Derek answered. I mean, she is 6, so in rabbit years, shes what? 30? Definitely old enough to drink.

“Ill see you later.” Derek said as they closed in on Brandis courtyard. “This is me.” He and the bunny turned to the left and walked towards the courtyard. Bronson nodded and kept walking further up the street towards the inn.

Arriving at the courtyard, even with the sun down, Derek could see Brandi toiling around with her newfound skills. Thomas was sitting on the bench, his gaze never leaving the girl.

Soon, she finished what she was working on and turned around. “Derek! Youre back!” She exclaimed.

“Sure am, and… “ He motioned towards Silvi. “I brought another friend. This is Silvi, shes my bonded beast companion.”

Brandi stared at the purple bunny with wide eyes. “Shes so cute! Is she a bunny?”

“Yup, I bonded with her, so she took on some of my features. She used to be a Horned Rabbit.”

“Thats awesome!” Thomas chirped. “So, thats what happens when you bond to a contracted companion.”

Derek nodded. “Alright, I just wanted to come around and introduce you all to Silvi.” He said, then his tone became serious as he looked at Thomas. “If you still plan on traveling with me, you should make your preparations tonight. I think well be leaving sometime tomorrow. I talked to Bronson. Hes the guy the Gracefall family sent to look for their missing noble. Found his body lying dead by the dungeon, so hell be heading back to Torith.” Derek looked deep at both of the kids when he said the last part.

“Anyway, I talked him into being our guide to the city, and hes agreed to show me around a bit once we get there. He seems like a pretty decent guy for someone from a noble family, even if he is just their employee or whatever.” He chuckled.

“Youre leaving tomorrow?” Asked Brandi.

Derek nodded. “Yeah, Ive stayed here too long as it is. There are some things I need to find out too.”

“A-are you going to come back?” She asked, tears beginning to form in her eyes.

“Of course I am. I dont know how long it will be, but I cant just leave Miss Master Smith by herself, I have big plans for you if you agree.” He patted the girl on her head.

“I agree! I agree!” She yipped.

Derek burst out laughing. “Settle down. Its going to take some time for me to get everything in motion. Plus, I havent even told you what my plans are. What if I wanted to sell you to the highest bidder? Huh? I dont think you would like that, would you?” He jested.

She shook her head. “You wouldnt do that.” She said.

“True, but you need to be less trusting towards people, especially with all the secrets of your new class. Remember that.” He reiterated his previous advice. “Anyway, even if Im not able to get everything set up like I want in Torith, Ill still stop by before going to another city to check in.”

“Okay, you better.” She said.

He turned and looked at Thomas. “You better go spend some time with your grandparents. If everything goes well, it will be some time before youre back in the village.” Thomas nodded and took off running towards his place.

He turned back to Brandi. “Have a good night and try not to work yourself to death. Remember to take breaks and get proper rest. You are no use to anybody if you wear yourself out.”

With that, Derek left the courtyard and headed up the street to the inn. He planned on having a drink or two, then getting a good nights sleep.

Walking into the inn, Derek saw that the place was a little livelier than usual. This was probably prime time for the village, so it made sense. All the times Derek spent here before, he either came in really late and went straight to his room, or he was there too early for the bustle.

In any case, none of that mattered. His normal seat at the bar was still open, and Bronson was on the stool next to it. He walked over and took a seat. While waiting for Bart to make his appearance, he snuck a glance at Bronson trying to force down a spoonful of what looked like stew. Derek had eaten the inns stew before, and while it was not quite as bad as the ale, it was not good by any means. But it was edible.

“You nobles and your fickle taste buds.” Derek said.

Bronson finished swallowing the stew and looked at him. “Im not a noble. Im the guard captain and masters personal butler.” He replied.

“Thats an odd combination of jobs.” Derek commented.

“It is what it is. The master trusts me, so he made me his personal butler.” He said, matter-of-factly.

Silvi suddenly hopped onto the bar and began sniffing around. She made her way to Bronsons stew and sniffed so close that she almost dunked her nose in it.This food? Doesnt smell like food. Taste good? She transmitted to Derek.

‘It is food. Its called stew. Its not very good stew, but its edible and will at least keep you full. He explained.

Bronson looked at the Void Bunny and removed the spoon from the stew. Then, he slid the bowl to the spot in between Derek and himself. “Go ahead. Ive had my fill.”

Silvi cautiously stuck her tongue out and had a taste.Better than raw boar. Not as good as cooked boar. Can we cook it? She asked.

If Derek had been drinking anything at the time, he surely would have spit it out at that question.

Seeing Derek burst into laughter, Bronson questioned him. “What happened? What is so funny?”

“Silvi asked me if we could cook the stew to make it taste better.” He said, chuckling all the while.

Bronson cracked a grin at that, too.

“Im sorry that my stew isnt up to yer… pets standards.” Bart rounded the corner of the bar.

“Well, she did say that it was better than raw boar, so theres that.”

Bart shook his head. “Well, what can I get ya?”

“Two ales, put one in a bowl for the rabbit.” Derek said.

Bart frowned but did not ask any questions. He poured two ales, one in a mug and one in a bowl, then slid them to Derek and Silvi.

Derek took a big gulp. “Just as bad as ever. Youve really outdone yourself. People will come from all parts to get a taste of this ale… Well, that and the storage ring reward for the dungeon.”

Bronson frowned when Derek so casually mentioned the dungeon rewards.

“What? Theres no use in hiding it from the villagers. Youll be able to send a squad or two at most before the others realize something is up. I like the people here, so may as well give them a heads up.” Then Dereks tone shifted, and he stared daggers into Bronsons eyes. He activated Channel Void and his eyes turned purple entirely. He entered a Void Shift and pulled himself to the open seat on the other side of Bronson.

Bronson jumped out of his seat and turned. Derek had disappeared before his eyes and was now behind him.

“Remember.” Derek said. “I like the people here.” Then his usual tone returned, and he reached over to his mug. He took a swig and sat it back down on the bar. “Just a heads up.”

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