System Change

Chapter 57: Investigate

in front of the monster. Instead of killing it, he allowed the monster to swipe and cut his forearm. He jumped back to Bronson and held out his forearm for the man to examine.

“Its not the same, but its strong. If you decide to send people in to complete the dungeon, I suggest taking a ton of cure toxin potions. It wouldnt take long for this shit to kill a normal adventurer.” Derek said before casting Cure Toxin. All in all, it took three casts to remove the toxin from his system. “Wow, three casts. You should warn them to take a hell of a healer with them too.” He suggested. “If you dont believe me, you can give it a shot.”

During the entire conversation, Derek and Bronson were dodging attacks from the ghoul. “Ill take your word for it.” Bronson replied, then summoned his greatsword and slashed down. It crushed and cut through the ghoul from its right shoulder all the way to its groin.

“Undying man, you got to go for the head.” Derek said. Bronson walked over to the struggling creature and stepped on its skull, crushing it. “You should take it with you so anyone you send to the dungeon will know what they are getting themselves into.” He motioned to the freshly exterminated ghoul. “The levels of the enemies wont be as strong as this one, but it will be a good example at least. And, we know that there has to be more than just this kind, because that toxin was definitely not what killed that kid.”

Bronson nodded and stored the corpse inside his storage ring. “What now?” He asked.

“I was hoping to maybe find the monster with whatever acid killed the kid, but its getting late and I have a hankering for another shitty ale.” Derek said, and Bronson shuddered. “What, you get used to it.”

Bronson shook his head. “I guess we head back then.”

The two began their short trip back to the village. They held a quick pace, but moved slower than they had on their way so Derek could hold a conversation. “So, Gracefall, eh? What kind of fuck up does it take to get that kind of surname?” Derek asked.

Running beside him, Bronson almost tripped when he heard the question. After steadying himself, he spoke. “That… is not for me to say. You would have to ask Master Gracefall, or access the library in the Capital.”

Derek egged him on. “Oh, come on. Were all friends here. Spill.”

Bronson just shook his head.

“Fine, fine. What about that sword, it seems pretty decent. You know a blacksmith that can craft some good shit? Im tired of using my hands.” Derek was not lying. His body had greatly surpassed his glaive. He hated to say it, but his favorite weapon was beginning to be nothing but a paperweight. Of course, he would never throw it away because of what it had gone through with him.

“I dont know him, he is a friend of the master. My sword was a gift from Master Gracefall.” Bronson replied.

“Hmm… Maybe Ill have to talk to this master of yours. I could bring him some ale from the village, Im sure hed like that.” Derek spoke like it was the best idea he had ever had.

“No! Dont do that.” Bronson interrupted.

“Relax, Im just kidding. That shits almost as toxic as that ghoul.” Derek said, laughing all the while. He was enjoying chatting with Bronson. The man tried to be serious at all times, so Derek did everything he could to try to get him to break. It was fun. He was glad that Bonson seemed to buy into the staged death. He really did not want to kill the man, as was happy that it looked like he would not have to.

“So, are all the noble in your house as… noble as that kid?” Derek asked out of nowhere.

Bronson sighed. “No, Wallace was extra… conceited. The name Gracefall seemed to be too heavy for him. The master always feared that he would be done in by his actions. His older brother is the hope of the family, which caused him to be jealous and act out. Who would have thought that the boy would die doing something noble instead of inciting the wrath of a strong enemy.” Bronson shook his head.

With that, silence reigned between the two.

Nearing the edge of the forest, the two men suddenly stopped. Out of nowhere, a flying grey ball headed straight for Bronson. Surprised, Bronson summoned his sword and made to cut the object in half. Just before his sword made contact, Derek jumped in front and the sword fell on his back, the grey ball hitting him in the chest at the same time.

“Damn, I really liked this shirt.” Derek clicked his tongue as he looked at the bunny in his arms.

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