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Chapter 50: Undying Dungeon: Begin

o play a little more recklessly. He moved faster, occasionally using Sweeping Slash towards groups. The still standing skeletons dwindled down one by one until Derek was the only thing on two feet.

Derek began gathering the skulls from the disables skeletons, moving them all to one area. Damn, I hate fetch quests. Soon, all the skulls with soul flames were all gathered. Derek began channeling the void.

He activated Sweeping Slash while also channeling the void, and the normal white projection from the slash took on a purple hue. The slash hit the pile of skulls and went through them. Notification after notification appeared in the corner of Derek ’s vision. Derek took a quick look at his status. His level was paused on 50 and was calling for a class upgrade.

Derek sighed and continued using the void to finish off the skeletons. When he finally got to what looked like the final skull with a soul flame, he stopped. He moved the skull to a solitary location and walked back to the tomb.

He slid the tomb door open to see his team all in a battle stance. He nodded his head in approval as he walked in and closed the door behind him.

“What happened?” Rayna asked.

“Shit ton of skeletons and bats. What you would expect from a graveyard. I leveled to my next class upgrade, so I figured it would be best to do it now, just in case something unexpected happens later. I left one alive so the next wave doesnt spawn.” He answered.

Derek sat on a stone bench on one side of the tomb and focused on theUpgrade Class option. Skimming through all the class change options, Derek found that there really was not anything new. He then looked at hisChampion of the Void class upgrade.

Oh? His eyes went wide as he looked at his next upgrade.

Legend of the Void

You have lived within the void, and used the void as you see fit. You have become a void user of legend. Unlike others, you will no longer become trapped in the void. The void is your ally.

Legend of the Void is a growth type legendary class. Preferences for this class are unknown. Two skills will be available upon class selection.

You will receive 30 free stat points for allocation to your choosing.

Holy shit! He had never suspected for his growth type class to upgrade so quickly, and into a legendary class at that. Derek was a bit disappointed that the legendary class only gave two new skills, but the ten extra stat points per level more than made up for the limited class skills. Who knows? By the time I leave this dungeon, Ill probably be able to have all of my stats at 500 and probably much more.

At his current level 49, Derek had already earned enough stat points to get his Wisdom stat to 500 and he only needed less than 200 more points to complete the process. Six levels, with the new free stat points. All I will need is six more levels. One thing that did scare him was the possible amount of XP that he would need to level up a legendary class. He could already tell that the amount of XP he needed for his epic class was at least twice as much as someone with a common one.

Derek looked at the final level up notification he had received.

You Have Killed level 100 Skeleton Mage

69,455 Experience Gained

Level Up

31,205/??? Experience to Next Level (Must Upgrade Class to Level beyond 50)

Derek took a deep breath, then chose to upgrade his class. A deep purple glow shot out from his body, startling everyone in the room. If they thought Malories class upgrade was special, the phenomena that Derek was causing was otherworldly. Even they could see the disturbance in the void caused by his class upgrade. The disturbance lasted for minutes until it finally calmed. Derek finally opened his eyes, but instead of the normal blue color that everyone was used to, they were a deep, darker purple, and it did not seem like they would turn back.

Seeing everyone staring at him, Derek spoke. “What?”

“Your eyes, theyre purple.” Thomas answered.

Derek frowned and closed his eyes. He made sure that his Void Sense was turned down and checked his body to make sure he was not channeling any void. Afterward, he looked up and asked. “What about now?”

Thomas shook his head. “Still purple.” He said.

Derek inwardly cursed, he had really liked his blue eyes. Oh well, I guess Ill just have to get used to it. New notifications manifested after the upgrade, and he opened one.


You are now aLegend of the Void.

He dismissed the notification and moved on to the next.

For obtaining a legendary rarity class, you have received 25 skill points.

You have received 30 stat points.

Derek smiled. I like that… Now, Derek just needed to see how much he had leveled from his slaughter and what his two new skills were.

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