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Chapter 50: Undying Dungeon: Begin

Chapter 49: To the Undying Dungeon

Derek looked at the rest before leaving the dungeon. “Okay, the next dungeon were running is the level 100 undying dungeon. On the way there, you have to be careful. Ill take care of Brandi, but the rest of you must stick close to me. Or, I can take you back to the village, its completely up to you. Just know, getting there will not be as safe as everything else has been.” He had to warn the group. Derek knew that he should not have a problem protecting them, especially with his new stats and skills, but he was not going to give them any false promises. Going to the next dungeon was something that they would have to decide for themselves.

“Of course Im in.” Thomas said. “Who knows if there is an Award for being the first team to complete a dungeon, or even finishing a level 100 dungeon. Not to mention the possible rewards for such a high rank dungeon.” His eyes glowed just thinking of the possibilities.

Rayna did not hesitate either. “Im fast enough that I should be able to survive the trip there, especially if we are stealthy.”

“We can go.” Mal said. “But you have to keep Brandi safe above all else.”

Derek nodded. “The dungeon is a bit further away than all the others, but I picked this dungeon as the last because it was closest.” The dungeon they were currently in was around a third of the way between the village and the level 100 dungeon.

Of course, the group would not mess around like he did when he was alone. They would go straight to the new dungeon at a brisk pace, avoiding what enemies they could. Derek expected them to arrive within a week.

“Okay, masks on.” He said, and everyone covered their faces. “Lets go.”

The group all placed their hands on the dungeon orb and Derek choseLeave Dungeon. The orb glowed and the bright light overtook their vision. Soon, they were standing around the entrance to the dungeon.

Derek looked around and, seeing that no one was there, picked up Brandi and began moving deeper into the forest. The others all followed. They traveled like this for days.


In Torith, inside a noble manor, a middle-aged looking man was sitting at a desk in his study. He looked up from a stack of papers. “Bronson, is that brat back from his quest yet?”

“We have not heard from him since he left, master.” A man wearing a classic butler uniform answered.

The older man sighed. “That damn kid. Hes probably messing around causing another mess that Ill have to clean up. Why cant he be more like his older brother?” He waved his and a stack of coins appeared in his palm. He handed the coins to Bronson. “Take these, go see Maria. At least make sure that Wallace is well.”

Maria was a commoner who had worked her way into the nobles good graces. She had gained her reputation as a Lesser Sibyl. She could not see the future per se, but she could feel out the wellbeing of others. If anyone needed to know the status of another, they could bring a possession of the one to her, and she would be able to check his or her basic status.

Bronson stopped by Wallaces chambers and grabbed a tunic he had seen the young master wear. With that, he left the manor and walked through the noble part of the city before arriving at the upper class commoner region that bordered.

He walked up to a well off residence and knocked on the door. A young lady answered. “Can I help you, sir?” She asked.

“Ah yes, I was looking for Miss Maria, I have a task that I would like her help with.” Bronson answered.

“Yes, sir. I will inform Miss Maria that House Gracefall would like to meet. Please come in.” The young lady, seeing the house insignia, motioned Bronson to have a seat. “I will be right back.” She turned and went up the stairs.

Soon, a woman with black hair and in a lovely blue dress walked down the stairs into the living room. “Bronson, how nice to see you today. Its been too long.” She said as she walked to a seat across from the man.

The man smiled. “Miss Maria, you are as lovely as ever.” He stood while waiting for the woman to have a seat. She sat, and he soon followed. “Unfortunately, todays visit is business. The young master has been out on a mission from the Adventurers Guild for a while now, and the master is worried.” With that, he placed the tunic and stack of coins down on a table between them.

The woman smiled. “Of course, I would be happy to help.” She reached over and grasped the tunic and closed her eyes. Squeezing it, her hand started shaking from the force. The smile eventually turned into a frown as her eyebrows creased. Soon, her eyes opened and a look of sadness filled them.

She looked up at Bronson. “I am sorry, Bronson. I can feel no future from your young master. Im afraid that he is no longer of the would.” Maria broke the news.

Bronsons face turned stoney. “Are you sure?” He asked. Seeing Maria nod her head, he reached over and took the tunic from her. He stood. “Thank you for your time, I must go inform the master.” He turned to the door and headed out.

Maria looked at the closed door and sighed.

Back at the manor, Bronson had made his way to the study. He stood in front of the man and waited for him to look up.

After some time, the man finally raised his head. “So?” He asked.

“Im sorry, master. It seems that the young master is no more.” He broke the news.

The older man sighed. “I knew that his arrogance would get the better of him one day. I had hoped he would break his habits as he grew.” The man shook his head and looked Bronson dead in the eyes. “Go. Go to the Adventurers Guild and find the information on the quest he took. Then, find out what happened to him. You have one month.”

Bronson nodded his head and left. He made his way to his servants quarters and replaced his butler uniform with shining battle armor. He strapped a giant great sword to his back and retrieved a golden Adventurers Guild badge and strapped it to his arm. Soon, he opened the door to the manor and left towards the Adventurers Guild.


The group had not actually run into any problems other than a bear attack on the first night they set up camp. Rayna had easily taken care of the level 62 monster. After that, it was smooth sailing for the team of five. Thomas, Malorie, and Thomas stuck as close to Derek as possible, while he kept Brandi in his arms. He had started to feel like he was just her personal taxi at some point. They made good time.

Six days after leaving the previous dungeon, Derek and his group had finally arrived at the area where no plants were even partially alive. The area seemed to have gotten even bigger since the last time he was there.

Brandi and Thomas were looking around in awe, while Rayna had a look of contemplation on her face. “This is what will happen to the whole forest if the overflow isnt cleared soon.” The woman said.

“I imagine so. It seems that once the disease is rooted, it starts spreading even faster. The patches of diseased plants and trees from the outer parts of the forest are probably from when partially diseased animals made contact with them. I dont actually think that the disease will spread on its own from there.” Derek answered. “Once the overflow is taken care of, I think the orb will stop radiating with the disease, and the forest will start healing. That is, of course, if the dungeon is properly maintained afterwards.”

Rayna just nodded, but did not answer back.

“Come on. Were close, and I dont know how long it will take for me to clear this dungeon.” Derek said, and the group followed him deeper into the diseased land.

Soon, they arrived at the dungeon orb. Brandi looked around and let out a gasp. “Why are there so many bones over there?” She pointed past the orb to a giant pile of bones and rotted animal carcasses.

Derek smiled awkwardly. “Uh, thats where I had a fight the last time I was here. The monsters didnt take kindly to me running around making noise.”

“Oh.” Brandi answered. It seemed like after traveling together and completing dungeons, no one was surprised when Derek did anything unbelievable anymore.

“Come on. Lets get this over with.” Derek motioned to the group, and they all walked to the dungeon orb together. They reached their hands out and touched the orb.

Max Participants Reached

Participants 5/5

Derek Hunt: Level 41

Thomas Stewart: Level 32

Rayna West: Level 49

Brandi Fields: Level 1

Malorie Fields: Level 33

Please Choose an Option Below

View Dungeon

Enter Dungeon


Derek viewed the dungeon to make sure everything was still the same.

Dungeon Status

Dungeon Level


Dungeon Type


Dungeon Status

Extreme Overflow

Dungeon Rewards


Max Participants


Nothing had changed from the last time Derek was there. He backed out of the status screen. “Okay, here we go.” He selectedEnter Dungeon, and the countdown began.

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