System Change

Chapter 43: Follow Me

andi, seeing their actions, put her facemask on.

“What is this?” Rayna asked while fiddling with the ski mask.

“I ran out of facemasks, so youll have to make do with that.” Derek said, then looked at Mal. “Sorry for making you wear a robe, Im out of face coverings. Youll have to make do with the hood.”

“I like it.” Malorie said as she put the robe on. Once the robe was on, her eyes widened. “Its… Whats with this robe?”

“Hmm? Oh, its level 70. It has good mana regeneration and decent armor for a robe. I figured you would need some kind of armor.” He said.

Excitement flashed through Raynas eyes as she hurriedly slipped the ski mask on. Derek saw her frown afterwards. “What is this? Is it doing anything special?”

Derek laughed. “Yup, it helps keep your face from getting cold.” Anyway, lets go. He picked Brandi up and took off before anyone could say anything.

The group broke out of their stunned state and hurried to follow.

Soon, they were in sight of the dungeon orb. This was the dungeon that rewarded scrolls upon completion. It was the level 50 dungeon that he was most excited for.

He scanned the area. It seemed like his group was the only team around. He approached the orb. “Alright everyone, you said you trust me. Time to show it.” He placed his right hand on the orb.

“But…” Rayna began to protest, but in the middle of her words, Thomas reached the orb and placed his hand on it. She sighed and walked closer. After a brief hesitation, she also reached out to the orb.

Brandi was next, then finally Malorie.

Once Malories hand made contact with the dungeon orb, a notification popped up in everyones vision.

Max Participants Reached

Participants 5/5

Derek Hunt: Level 30

Thomas Stewart: Level 17

Rayna West: Level 31

Brandi Fields: Level 1

Malorie Fields: Level 18

Please Choose an Option Below

View Dungeon

Enter Dungeon


Of course, Derek choseView Dungeon. He wanted to confirm everything before jumping into the dungeon.

Dungeon Status

Dungeon Level


Dungeon Type


Dungeon Status


Dungeon Rewards


Max Participants


“H-how? How are you only level 30? Your level is less than mine. It doesnt make sense.” Rayna muttered.

Derek chuckled. “You basically just quoted Thomas the first time he saw it too. Well, you now know one of my biggest secrets. You see why I wanted an oath?” He asked.

“I do. This is crazy. You have to tell me how.” Rayna said.

“Maybe… One day.” He said. “Anyway, ready up. We got a dungeon to run.” Derek went back to the previous screen and focused onEnter Dungeon.

Derek Hunt: Ready

Thomas Stewart: Ready

Rayna West: Not Ready

Brandi Fields: Not Ready

Malorie Fields: Not Ready

Soon, everyones status changed toReady, and the countdown began.“Everybody focus onEnter Dungeon. You dont want to get left behind, we cant come back out for you until after the dungeon is complete.” He warned.

Entering Dungeon in 3… 2… 1…

The white light flashed, and the group disappeared.


Derek blinked, and his vision returned. He looked around. The group seemed to be in a sparse cabin. The room was about 5 by 5 meters, and there was a bench against the back wall and a few candles lighting up the area. That was it. In front of them was a wooden door.

It looks like what everyone said was correct. The first area is always a safe room. I dont think I would have done this if it wasnt for this. He looked at his team. “Okay, so heres the plan.” He said and got their attention.

“First, what I meant about hand feeding you is that I will go and bring back monsters for you to kill. Ill do this until you get to a respectable level, Im thinking somewhere around level 30.” He looked at Mal and Thomas. “Mal, Im not sure what your class is, but I suggest looking at all your options once you hit level 25. If you can get a higher rarity one, it would be for the best. Thomas, you know what youre going to do, right? I dont need to say it?”

“Yes. Hopefully the class will still be there.” The boy said.

Derek turned to Rayna. “You should be able to fight enemies when they are alone. Youve quite the skill with your wind magic. If you have problems, then Ill toss some enemies your way after I injure them. If all else fails, Ill do the same with you as I do Thomas and Mal. Got it?”

“Yes.” Rayna replied. She seemed excited.

Thomas finally looked at Brandi. “You…” He said. “Will do nothing.” He pulled out a few of the higher leveled hides and put them on the bench. “Might as well practice your Leatherworking.” He said. Seeing the girl pout, he continued. “Dont worry, you will be the one to benefit the most out of this adventure. Just not in this first dungeon.” He said.

Derek looked over the room again. “Alright. Everyone knows the plan. Time to get to work.”

He walked to the door, opened it, and left the room.

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