System Change

Chapter 3: The Kind Stranger

d down. Damn, he pissed himself. Good job Derek, the first actual person you see in… well, in forever and not only do you scare him, you make him soil his clothing and pass out. Who knows, those trousers may have been the last pair of pants that his grandma sewed him before she passed, and now youve gone and made him ruin them. Derek berated himself as he bent down to pick up the boy.

Not wanting to get bodily fluids on his armor, Derek picked the boy up by the neck of his shirt with one hand as he strolled back to the boulder he smashed into. The two cut a striking image as they moved through the dilapidated forest. The image was not a good one. It could be described as a crazed demon bringing his prey back to camp to be eaten.

They dont pay me enough for this shit. Derek complained as he got closer to his “camp.” A few seconds later, he arrived at the boulder and set the boy down, allowing him to lean on the rock.

After settling the boy in, Derek went back out to gather some wood for a fire. Who knows how cold it gets at night. Derek looked up at the sky. Or if there is even a night. He pondered while looking towards the sun.

Derek was not subtle. Instead of gathering the dead branches and twigs that were already on the ground, he went to a decently sized tree and summoned his glaive out of his bracelet. He launched a Heavy Blow onto the tree. It was overkill as the blade sliced right through and the tree fell.

While watching the tree fall Dereks head abruptly felt like someone had gone in with a pair of scissors and started chopping on his brain. It was worse than the previous headache by far. Derek could not help but wonder about the cause of these new, sudden headaches.

Derek leaned against the newly made tree stump and closed his eyes. He did not enter Meditation because he did not want to be defenseless in this new world just yet. After a while, the headache cleared, and he stood. Grabbing the felled tree, he began dragging it back to his camp while pondering.

The headaches never happened with the System before, and they didnt happen while in the void tunnel either. No, wait, I did have one headache similar to this one on Earth. The day the System was introduced. I was driving my knife down into that catfish when I felt it, and it lasted a few minutes. Derek was thinking about his previous interactions with the System. The first headache happened when I tried to view my status after landing on this world. The second happened after I used a System skill to chop down the tree. Does that make the System a taboo on this world? Or maybe it is trying to integrate and get used to this new world. Yeah, Ill just go with that for now and limit the use of my skills.

Derek got back to camp with the tree and dropped it on the ground. Summoning a dagger out of his bracelet, he went to work shaving down the tree so he could have some good kindling to start a fire. After getting enough shavings, he put the dagger back into his bracelet and summoned his glaive again. This time, instead of using Heavy Blow to chop at the tree, he did it with normal strikes. Good, one normal strike is still enough to go through the tree.

After chopping the tree into eight pieces, then halving them all again, he started to really examine the wood. Yep, its pretty much dead. Great for firewood, bad for forest. After the dead firewood was arranged neatly on the ground Derek continued towards the shavings, grabbing and placing them down in an open area a few meters away from the boulder. What else should I do?

Bashing and banging sounds could be heard from deep within the forest. Drawing in close, it was Derek with a hammer busting up some rocks he had found. That should be enough to make a pit. Everything around me is already so dead, I dont want the fire to grow out of control. This should contain it. Carrying the broken stones back to camp, Derek placed them by the stack he had already made. Then, taking the stones one by one and placing them, the beginning of a circle formed around the kindling.

He walked back and grabbed some firewood and sat it beside the fire pit. After summoning what looked like a small stone out of his bracelet, he dropped it onto the kindling. The stone started heating and finally began to glow red. Smoke started rising, then the kindling ignited. Derek hurriedly placed a piece of the wood onto the small fire. After a few seconds, it was set ablaze, and he placed a couple more pieces down. The red rock stopped glowing, then turned to ash. Another firestone gone. Derek thought as he stared into the fire, then sat down on one of the remaining cuts of wood and closed his eyes.

Not long after, Derek could hear whimpering coming from across the fire. Opening his eyes and glancing in the boys direction, was the boy with his tear-stained face and runny nose. Derek tried to be as gentle as he could as he spoke. “Its alright boy, Im not gonna hurt you, sorry for scaring ya earlier.”

The crying stopped and the boy observed Derek. The boy was still frowning, but this time it was not a frown full of sadness, it was one of confusion. He furrowed his brow and started to speak to Derek.

The language was foreign, and Derek had no clue what the boy said. This is going to be… Derek began to think as the System showed a new message.

New Language Detected


System interference detected…

Analyzing interference…

Invading system detected…


“WHAT!” Derek screamed and everything went black.

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