System Change

Chapter 25: At the Edge

Chapter 24: Anomaly

In the center of the System Universe…

Seven days after Dereks arrival to a new system…

Darvin was floating back and forth. With his just over one meter form, he hovered centimeters off of the ground. He had news of the systems actions, and he was waiting for his guests to arrive.

Darvin was a System Watcher, no, he was THE System Watcher. He had been alive for millennia and had been the System Watcher for centuries. According to the records, which only he had access to, there could be only one System Watcher alive at a time. When he was offered this legendary class at his level 250 upgrade, he had not known what to think. Of course, he accepted. With his acceptance came information.

Information passed down from previous System Watchers. If he were to say that he was the second most knowledgeable person from the system, no one would claim to be first.

He stopped pacing and looked into a mirror. He was a member of a race of psionics known as the Malaxis. Before the system arrived in his land, he and many others had already unlocked their psychic prowess. Adjusting to the system was no great feat. His race thrived during the five-year introduction phase. And when their five years were up, they were already considered a powerful force in the system.

Darvin was a typical Malaxi. Humanoid with a small stature, purple skin from head to toe, with no hair to be found. His solid green eyes stared back at him from the mirror. He was wearing his usual green dress robe with a purple trim.

Darvin checked his system to see the time. Would it kill them to arrive early for once? There was an anomaly in the system, so he had called a meeting of the heads of various system regions. A meeting of the strongest, or most respected.

He had called a meeting like this once before, centuries ago, but that was to organize a system-wide tournament. This was to discuss a problem with the system that he had never seen or heard of before.

Finally, he heard the familiar hum of the teleporter ring out. He relaxed. At least someone has some decency to show up on time. He moved to the head of a table with 11 seats. He had invited ten figures to discuss the problem, and one had finally arrived.

He stared at the teleporter. Finally, it flashed and a giant of a woman stepped out. She stood nearly three meters tall with a head full of dark hair. Her skin seemed to almost glow a fire red. She was a member of the Ascarian race. He had to admit, she was as beautiful as she was intimidating. “Ah, Amelia, you are the first to arrive. Welcome. Please have a seat while we await the others.” Darvin offered the woman a seat towards the head of the table.

She nodded and sat down, not saying anything.

The two sat in silence, waiting for the others to arrive. Soon, the teleporter flashed again. This time, a creature with eight legs stepped out. The creature had a black exoskeleton and mandibles. It was a member of one of the insectoid races.

“Xephos. How nice to see you again.” Darvin greeted the creature.

“Darvin, its a pleasure as always.” Xephos strode forward towards the meeting table. He shifted his body as he crawled onto a chair. He looked at Amelia. “This must be the beauty, Amelia. Its an honor.”

Amelia gazed at the insectoid and nodded.

As time went by, more and more figures arrived. Soon, a total of nine beings, including Darvin, had taken a seat in the meeting room. On Darvins left side were Amelia, the Ascari, Holcom, the Malaxi, the lizard-like Wri, the Ulaixian, and Awery, the Centaur.

On the right side of the table sat Xephos, the Uloc, Kelvin, the Human, the cat-like Briya, the Taji, and a blue humanoid Trischa, the Ivali.

Darvin waited for the other two to arrive. He kept checking his system time. He was becoming impatient. After some time, Kelvin spoke up. “Can we get on with it? Ive things to do.”

Darvin sighed and nodded. “Jakis is young and may not know the importance of such a meeting, so he may have ignored the summons. Cuthos, however, is not. He will need a good explanation avoid punishment” He picked up a remote from the table in front of him and pushed a button. The teleporter in the room shut off. “So we arent interrupted.”

“Alright, first things first.” Darvin hit a button on his remote and the table changed to a screen. He moved his hand to the screen and pushed a sequence of buttons. When he finished, a hologram shot up from the table.

Darvin signaled to the hologram. “As you may know, this is a model of the entire system universe.” He spun the hologram to give everyone a good view. Afterward, he hit a few buttons, and the model began expanding. “As you can see, over the centuries, the system has extended at a constant rate in all directions.”

“We know this. What does it matter?” Kelvin interrupted.

“Ill soon get to that. Please be patient.” Darvin motioned again, and the expanding of the model stopped. “This is the amount of the universe that the system had covered as of seven days ago.” The model was a perfect sphere. The system seemed to have a perfectly uniform expansion.

“Now watch as I show you these past seven days.” Darvin motioned again and the uniform expansion stopped. Then, a portion of the sphere began growing at a rapid pace. “This is the anomaly that I brought you all here to discuss.”

“How interesting.” Xephos mused. “It seems like by focusing all of its energy in one direction, its able to grow at an extreme pace. But the question is, why?”

“Its hunting.” Amelia spoke up for the first time.

“Oh, would you elaborate?” Asked Xephos.

Amelia looked at Xephos, then at Darvin, but said nothing.

Darvin nodded at Amelia. “I believe that Amelia is correct. As for what it is hunting, I do not know. But, in the days that I have monitored the situation, I have found what may be a clue.” Darvin spread his arms, and the model disappeared.

He made another motion and a picture of a human male popped up from the table. The man had coal black hair and light blue eyes, he was wearing black steel armor and holding a glaive in his right hand. “This human is Derek Hunt. He is from planet C-186, which the residents call, Earth.” Darvin motioned again, and a list of Dereks stats popped up.

“Hmm. Level 79. If I remember correctly, thisEarth is under my territory.” Kelvin spoke up. “Its not a bad level, but Earths five years is almost up, the strong should be at least level 90 by now.” Kelvin paused for a moment. “I will say that he has magnificent stats compared to his level. Can we see his Titles?”

“We cannot. My power is limited to any beings level and stats. I cannot show their Titles or Skill unless I am within a certain range of them, even then, it is limited.” Replied Darvin.

“So whats the big deal with this human?” Kelvin asked.

“He vanished almost two years ago. What you are seeing is his status from then.” Said Darvin.

Xephos spoke. “Theres nothing strange about someone vanishing. Its possible for a being to leave the systems range. I know a few who have.”

“You are correct, and two years ago…” Darvin moved his hands and another image with Dereks face on it popped up. “The system designated him asOut of System Range. Now, when a person is out of range of the system, the system can offer no morehelp, but it is still able to locate the general direction of a person.”

Darvin then brought up another image. “This is Dereks system status from seven days ago.” TheOut of System Range had changed toSystem Suppressed. “I have no clue what this means, but the day his status changed was the day the system began growing exponentially in a singular direction. This could be a coincidence, but I do not believe so. I have scoured the system records, and I could not find anything related to this anomaly. I think that the system is hunting Derek Hunt, or whatever it was that suppressed it.”

A fairy-like voice rose up. “This is interesting. Do we know what happened to the human in the first place? How did he leave system range? It may be easy for some, but his planet was still in the introductory stage. There should not have been many ways to leave the planet, much less the system.” Trischa made her thoughts clear.

Darvin sighed. “Yes.” He looked over at Kelvin. “It seems that humans still jump head first into things without a modicum of research. I mean, really.Things to Avoid in the System is basically free in the system shop and the first chapter is all about portals.” Darvin shook his head and Kelvin giggled. “It seems that a female human named Silvi Jacobs has been particularly lucky with her portals. Not a single beast has broken through. Though after she lost most of her team and her portal closed with Derek Hunt still inside, she has not done much of anything.”

“Oh? So he was trapped in the void?” Holcom, the other Malaxi spoke up. “Two years in the void. I wonder how hes still alive. How long would that be for the person inside?” He asked.

“We do not know. Time in the void is always fluctuating. It could have been days, or decades.” Darvin replied. He turned to look at Kelvin. “Kelvin, once the introductory phase on thisEarth is over, you are to gather Silvi Jacobs and the remnants of her team, and find whatever information you can on Derek Hunt.”

“Very well.” Kelvin tapped a few times on a device fastened on his wrist. “I will go personally in two months whenEarth finishes its introduction.”

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