System Change

Chapter 205: First Meeting

Chapter 204: Suite

Derek woke up the next morning after discussing multiple things with Brandi. The kid was going to grow to be a monster, that was for sure. He also wanted to find a way to help her separate her stats a bit, so she wouldnt have to experience the pain of facing multiple breakthroughs at once.

Luckily, with her first ten levels, she had skewed her stats more toward Dexterity and Endurance, so those two stats were separated from the other four. Endurance was most likely the most painful and unbearable of the bunch, and also the best stat to breakthrough to prepare for the other breakthroughs, so she already had that going for her.

Still, he would have to see about helping her get an Award that gave free stat points so she could space other stats apart. Some of the small Void Beasts blood and a meal from the Crown could also help, too. All in all, it shouldnt be too hard of a task.

Derek sat up and rubbed his eyes. It was a good nights sleep, but he still woke early. He got out of bed and moved down the hall to the bathroom. When he opened the door, he smiled. His shower was installed. Geoffrey does quick work. Derek thought. The door closed behind Derek, and he locked it. He hadnt had plans to shower, but… when in Rome.

The shower was glorious… no… it was beyond glorious. Geoffrey had outdone himself. The heat adjustment runes were much more potent than Derek ever dreamed of. If he were to sell these showers, they would have to come with a warning. The water was actually able to reach such a high temperature that it was almost as hot as the golems from the dungeon.

Geoffrey had also made it where one could reverse the rune and turn the water cold… freezing cold, even. That was perfect. Nothing was better than a long, hot shower, followed by a blast of cold water to wake one up.

Once Derek dried and dressed, he headed to the dining room and kitchen. Sure enough, Malorie and Silvi were already hard at work making breakfast.

“Welcome back, Derek.” Mal said, not too surprised to see him. “Silvi told me you made it back last night. Was your trip successful?”

“Very much so.” Derek nodded. “Is Brandi still in the basement?”

Malories eyes flashed in frustration. “She pulled another all nighter. What do I have to do to get her to realize that her body wont hold up if she doesnt get some proper sleep?”

Derek rubbed the back of his neck and looked off to the side. “Well… about that…”

“What?” Mal asked.

“Well, we discussed some things about her class and such last night when I came in.” Derek started.


“And we talked about resting and skills and such.” Derek said.

“So? What does that matter?” Malorie asked with a confused look.

Derek tilted his head. “She didnt tell you about her class upgrade?”

“She did. I was very proud.” Malorie said. “But I didnt push for details. Classes and advancements should only be told to those who need to know. As long as shes doing well, I wont pry too much. Why?” she asked worriedly.

“Ah… I see. It is her choice.” Derek said. “Lets just say she now has a skill that… well… pretty much eliminates the need for sleep. Shell probably go weeks without sleep and still have more energy than most people.”

Malorie lowered her head in defeat. “What do I do now? Shes growing so fast.”

“Malorie…” Derek said. “Shes going to keep growing… even faster. She has the drive and passion for her crafts, and now she has resources. And after today…” Derek said. “There will most likely not be a limit on the resources that can be provided to her.” He thought about all the Void Beasts he was currently carrying.

Malorie looked at Derek quizzically, but didnt ask what he meant. “I just wish I could do more for her.”

Derek laughed. “Youre her mother. Youve already done and will continue to do more for Brandi than anyone else in the world.” He said, then, with a twinge of sadness. “Nothing means more to a child than the support of their parents.”

“Thank you.” She said.

“Dont mention it.” He replied. He glanced behind Malorie to see multiple Mage Hands cracking eggs over a mixing pot while their shells unceremoniously floated into a trash bin. Silvis Mage Hand and General Telekinesis skills had grown tremendously. “Unfortunately, I have a long day ahead of me, so I dont think Ill be able to grab breakfast.”

Malorie flicked her wrist and a plate of bacon, eggs, and toast appeared. “We tend to make too much, so we always have some food stored. Take this with you.”

Derek took the plate. “Thanks! Ill see you later. Tell Thomas Im looking forward to see how much hes grown with Shaes training over the last couple weeks.” He turned and left while munching on a piece of bacon.

By the time he made it to the first floor, he had already finished everything on the entire plate. After casting Cleaning and putting the plate in his storage ring, he pulled out a red crystal and sent mana into it. I hope its not too early.

‘Derek! Its so good to hear from you. Ive been looking forward to seeing you. When will you be back?” Alanahs alluring voice popped into Dereks head.

Derek smiled.I got back last night, actually. I thought it best we meet this morning. I have some things to discuss with you and Stella. Are you free now?

‘For you? Always. She sent back.You havent done anything to upset the entire Kingdom this time, have you?

Derek thought about the possible economic repercussions that introducing numerous Void Beast products into the world all at once would have. Who says we have to release them all at once? He thought.No? he sent back.

‘You dont sound so sure of yourself.

‘Well, where can we meet? Derek asked.

‘Private meeting?


‘Very well. Come to the hotel. She said.

‘See you soon. Derek stopped transferring mana to the crystal, and the connection cut off. He put the crystal away and headed toward the center of the city, where the Crown Hotel was.

It wasnt long before Derek made it to the city center and was walking through the doors to the Crown Hotel. Surprisingly, as soon as he stepped inside, he was greeted by one of the workers.

“Master Derek.” The young lady said. “Mistress Swan has instructed me to bring you to her. If you would follow me, please.”

Derek nodded and followed the lady through the lobby and up the stairs, then up more stairs, then more. Before long, they had walked all the way up to the top floor of the building. I bet its the suite reserved for when the big boss comes to town. Derek chuckled lightly, which caused the young lady to shoot him a confused look. Derek waved her off.

Standing in front of one of the few doors on the top floor, the young lady straightened her posture and made sure she was as tidy as could be before she lightly knocked on the door. Derek watched her closely as she proudly stood before the entrance. Soon, the nob on the door slowly began to turn and a look of excitement flashed in her eyes.

The excitement in her eyes was immediately drained when Stellas form appeared before them. Ah, she was hoping to make an impression on the big boss, but instead she only got to see the little boss.

“Derek, come in.” Stella motioned to Derek. “Thank you, Jen. That will be all.” She dismissed the young lady just like that.

Derek walked through the door as Stella closed it behind him. The room was magnificent. It was almost as big as his entire shop. It was completely open. There was a sitting area, what looked to be an office area, and a full kitchen that looked as good, if not better, than the one in his shop. Along with that, were two doors leading to what Derek assumed would be a bedroom and bathroom, respectively.

Derek could do without the emerald green and white designs throughout the room, but it was the official color palette of the Crown, so it made sense to be there. It wasnt a color scheme that he would personally use, but it wasnt bad on the eyes. His thoughts began to wonder as he thought about what logo and colors he should use on his business. Well, I guess we still need to name it first. I wonder if Brandi and them have come up with anything yet.

“Alanah will be out momentarily.” Stella said to the gazing Derek.

Derek broke out of his thoughts and nodded at Stella.

“You can sit anywhere you want.” Stella said.

Derek looked all around the room. He didnt see any seats that looked particularly comfortable, so he chose to go sit on a couch. It looked to be the most comfortable thing in the room, yet it was still pretty uncomfortable. Im going to have to provide Alanah with some of my dining room furniture. He thought.

After just a few minutes of sitting, Derek heard the click of a door opening. He turned and looked over his shoulder as he watched one of the most stunning and beautiful people hed ever seen in his life walk out.

“Derek, dear! Its so good to finally meet you.”

Young Adult Alanah. It needs some touch ups, but I think it came out great.

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