System Change

Chapter 194: Edgars Dilemma

Chapter 193: Crown ’s Decision

While Derek was busy training in the golem dungeon, the whole upper echelon of the Cydarian Kingdom was in an uproar over the news of the level 250 dungeon with a time distortion. The same was true for Alanah and the rest of the Crown Restaurant.

Alanah leaned back in her chair and sighed. I came to Savannah early to meet Derek before the auction, yet he was already gone by the time I got here. I should have talked to him before I left the capital, but I wanted to surprise him… I wonder what kind of trouble hes getting himself into right now…

Alanah sighed again. She had been doing a lot of that during the last day. She was just informed of the specific details of the time dungeon that was discovered months ago, and what she learned wasnt good… especially if it turned out to be an elite dungeon.

Not only was the dungeon bad for the kingdom, but it was bad for her as well. With the Royal Family gathering raid participants, many people with a Crown membership would be raiding the dungeon by the time the second auction began.

This caused her to consider all of her other options, finally deciding to combine the two auctions and hosting it here in Savannah. The auction would be in three weeks, just before the high level raid party has to leave for the new dungeon.

She still needed to discuss it with Derek, but she wanted to open the auction up and allow each member to bring two Crown approved people each. It was unprecedented that someone without a membership would be able to attend the auction, but she would make sure to vet any and all guests that the current members bring. Plus, if one of her members brings someone despicable, like Gerald Torith… well, its easy enough to provoke a membership.

“Stella.” Alanah raised her voice and the door outside her office opened. Stella walked through. “Have you adjusted to my presence yet?” Alanah asked.

Stella nodded. “The tick is still there, but I can withstand it as long as you dont put any will into your words. Ive adapted enough to work.”

“Thats good.” Alanah smiled. “It seems youve gotten a little quicker while youve been gone. Averys going to have to watch out, or you may catch up to him soon.”

“I very much doubt that.” Stella scoffed. “Have you decided what to do yet?”

Alanah nodded. “Unfortunately… were going to have to call off the auction in the capital.”

“Call it off?”

“Yes, and no. Really, were going to hold a mega auction here in Savannah. Ill head over and talk with Natalie about it later, but Im sure shell welcome the extra business… you know how she is.” Alanah explained.

“So, what are we going to do, exactly?” Stella asked.

Alanah went on to explain everything to Stella. Stella would be the person in charge of everything in Savannah. Alanah couldnt do much because of her… condition, so it would be up to her third in command. She would also have to talk to Avery and let him take care of everything in the capital.

The King was already planning on coming to Savannah for the first auction, so he would welcome being able to do it all at once. She only hoped that everyone would have enough time to prepare for the auction. She didnt plan to let anything go if the price wasnt right.

“Youre really going to allow members to bring in outsiders for the auction?” Stella asked.

Alanah nodded. “Yes. As long as they are approved by us. Which means youre going to be extremely busy for the next few weeks. You need to have every member submit their guest list for approval within the next two weeks. Can you handle it?”

Stella sighed. “Do I have a choice?” she chuckled.

Alanah smiled. “You always have a choice. Ill never make you do something you dont want to do. Do you think I would have allowed you to leave me and got to that backwater village if I did?”

“Hey… me going to thatbackwater village allowed me to meet and introduce you to Derek.” Stella said.

Alanah shrugged. “With his growing reputation, I would have met him sooner or later.”

“Yeah, but you have to agree that it was much better to meet him sooner rather than later.” Stella said.

“Maybe… hopefully. Well see.” Alanah replied. “Still, if you dont want to handle it all, you can get some help. Its about time you picked someone to be your Avery or Stella.”

“As if I could find anyone willing to do for me what Avery and myself are willing to do for you. Its not like Ive saved anyone from fates worse than death… Ive been too busy running your business to make those kind of connections.” Stella smiled.

“And youve done a great job of it. Do you know how hard Averys been working since you took your vacation? I dont think hes slept in weeks.”

“Thats his own fault.” Stella chuckled. “Dont worry about it. Ill take care of everything. If theres something I have any trouble with, Ill let you know.”

“Thank you.” Alanah nodded. “Are you sure you dont know where Derek ventured off to earlier?”

Stella shook her head. “I have no idea. Ive tried contacting him, but it wont go through. I suspect hes in a dungeon, or possibly…” Stella looked around and leaned forward. “he may be doing something with his… element.”

“Mhm.” Alanah agreed. Who knows what king of effect the void would have on communication crystals? Hopefully, he was just running some dungeons. There is no telling what kind of trouble he would get into messing around with that element. Though, it would be nice to have another Void Beast or two for the auction…

“Ill go to his shop later and have a talk with his friends. Maybe they know something.” Stella said.

Alanah waved her hand. “Dont worry about it. Hell be back whenever he gets back. He probably wouldnt appreciate us putting his friends in a difficult position.”

Stella shrugged. “I still have to go to his place later to let them know about the auction details so they can inform Derek when he gets back. Plus, I think I should give Malorie some pointers.”

“The super crafters mother?” Alanah asked.

Stella nodded. “Yeah, it looks like shes going to take care of all the business aspects of Dereks businesses. Im sure Derek will appreciate the help.”

“Do what you want. Just be careful.” Alanah said.

“Now, I have a surprise for you.” Stella pulled a vial containing a rainbow colored liquid out of her storage ring. “Derek came with another proposition for us before he left this morning. I knew you were coming, so I didnt bother reporting it. Its better to see for yourself.”

Alanah sat forward, staring at the odd potion in Stellas hand. “What is it?”

“Its called a Potion of Physical Permanence. Its a potion created by Roman Pascal.” Stella said.

“The halfling Alchemist that doesnt care about a Crown membership?” Alanah asked.

“The very same.” Stella answered. “Anyway, he and Derek came in earlier and gave me this. Asked if we would sell it at the auction. He said we could use it as a refreshment.” She rolled her eyes.

“So… a Potion of Physical Permanence… I take it the potion gives permanent stat boosts? What kind? How much?” Alanahs heart was beating faster. Her Void Beast recipes were the only thing she knew of, other than a couple dungeon rewards, that could give permanent stat boosts upon consumption.

“According to Derek, the potion he took-“ Stella started, but was cut off.

“Derek drank one of them?” Alanah asked.

Stella nodded. “I dont know the exact details, but he said it increased his Strength, Dexterity, Endurance, and Vitality by five points each.”

“Five points…” Alanahs brain was racing. “And Vitality…”

“Yes.” Stella nodded. “Unfortunately, we dont know the quality of the potions without testing. They are made from Void Beasts… Im not sure which parts exactly, but the quality of the potion is most likely affected by the quality of the Void Beast materials.”

“I see.” Alanah said. “And you trust this Roman?”

Stella shrugged. “I dont have a reason not to. Plus, Derek seems to trust him, and I trust Derek.”

Alanah held out her hand, and Stella gave her the potion. “What do we do with this?” She asked to nobody. “I want to save it for the auction, but in order to make the correct oaths, you need to consume it.” She held the potion back out to Stella.

Stella pushed it away. “I still have plenty of levels left for improvement. Five points wont benefit me as much as you. You should take it.”

Alanah shook her head. “Its for the auction. You know as well as I that I cannot be the host of the auction. It would never finish if that were the case. Also, as this will be the biggest auction weve ever had, I only trust you or Avery to be host, and since Avery is stuck in the capital, its up to you. Just take it. We have to know everything.”

Stella reluctantly took the potion back from Alanah, then uncorked the potion and poured it into her mouth.

She frowned. “Odd… its like… theres no taste. Its like liquid ai-“ her eyes shot open and she visibly shivered.

Alanah rushed to her feet. “Are you okay? Stella!”

Stella shook her head. “Im fine. It was just a very uncomfortable sensation.”

Alanah let out a breath and sat back down.

“Well… Derek was right…” Stella said. “Whichever Void Beast was used to make this one must have been of higher quality than the potion he took.”


Stella nodded. “Yeah. I just got seven stat points in Strength, Dexterity, Endurance, and Vitality.”

“Looks like you need to add drawing up another contract to your list of things to do.” Alanah said.

“That seems to be the case.”

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