System Change

Chapter 177: New Home

Chapter 36: Leaving

“Okay, youre level 10. Its time to choose a class. Make sure you pick the best one, its always a good idea to look into the higher rarity or growth classes. If you need help, ask me.” Derek explained to Thomas. “Got it?” He asked.

“Got it.” Thomas replied, then closed his eyes.

Derek stared as he watched Thomass face go through a range of emotion. He remembered what it was like when he first had to choose a class. He had managed to accrue quite a few Titles before he had to make his decision, which led to him having to sift through multiple bad classes, just to get to some that he felt had worth.

Then, he had to do the same thing upon arriving at the new world. Luckily, he had a few epic rated classes available that made his decision much easier. As he watched Thomas, he hoped that the system would give him a good class, preferably one that used short swords or spears.

Finally, after minutes, Thomas opened his eyes. He had an excited look on his face. “Well, what did you get?” Derek asked.

“I was able to pick the Rogue class! Its uncommon, and the same class as my father.” Thomas seemed very excited, but Derek could only sigh in disappointment.

“So, a Rogue class. Then I can assume that you didnt have any higher rarity classes? Or any growth type classes?” Derek asked.

Thomas looked off to the side, seemingly avoiding eye contact with Derek. “Dont tell me that you could have chosen a rare class, but instead chose an uncommon dagger wielding class.” If this was true, then Derek would have to rethink his opinion of the kid. He had thought the boy very mature for his age, but if he chose a much lesser class just becausemy dad had this class, then Derek had been wrong about him.

After that, Thomas finally broke. “I didnt have any rare classes, but I had an uncommon growth type class. But it used a spear and I dont like using spears. Besides, I have Light Weapons Mastery. If I had chosen a spear, it would have meant a wasted skill point.”

Derek nearly facepalmed. “I could get you extra skill points.” Derek could not believe that Thomas was being this hard-headed. “And from what I know, an uncommon growth type class is probably better than a rare class. I mean, you would have had the possibility of ending up with an epic class, or even legendary. What were you thinking?”

“I-I remembered how cool I thought my dad was. He loved his daggers. I wanted to be like-” Derek cut Thomas off before he could continue.

“You dad is dead. His class is probably one of the reasons that he died.” With that, he saw Thomas flinch like he had just been punched in the face. “A Rogue class in a forest or dungeon is almost worthless. Are you going to steal from a squirrel? Assassinate a tree?” Derek stopped for a second. “Does the class at least have any bow skills?” He asked, hopeful. At least archery would be useful out here.

Thomas had tears rolling down his cheeks, but Derek was not sorry in the least. “N-no, it doesnt. I have Sneak and an out of combat movement passive.”

Derek sighed and shook his head. I should have had him tell me his possible choices. I just didnt think that I would have to hold his hand throughout the entire process. “I honestly dont know if I should still take you with me. Ive been treating you like an adult, I guess I forgot that you were just a boy.”

“N-no! Please, you have to take me. I need to become strong. I have to be able to protect people.” Thomas pleaded.

“With what you did just now, I dont even know if I can trust you to keep any of my secrets. Secrets you are sure to learn while traveling with me.” Derek spoke. He was still deep in thought. Maybe Ill just travel around with Silvi. Her class is probably better than Rogue.

“Please!” Thomas fell to his knees. “I-I… I swear on the Great System that I will keep your secrets and tell no one about them.”

A notification flashed in front of Dereks eyes. He viewed it.

An oath to the Great System has been made by one, Thomas Stewert. This oath is binding until death. If broken, Thomas Stewert will lose all classes and skills obtained by the Great System, and he will never have access again. Stats will remain as is at the time of breaking the oath.

Woah, this is like the Contract skill from my previous system. Though, this is much harsher. I guess you arent able to set conditions, and it doesnt seem like Im able to alter or cancel the oath. Derek stared at Thomas. “Why would you ever do that? Are you really that desperate?”

“Yes!” Thomas urgently nodded his head. “I want to follow you. I have to.”

Derek sighed again, for what seemed to be the hundredth time. “Fine, but you already have one strike. I wont hesitate to bring you back home in the future. And dont expect me to create some oath about making you powerful. I dont believe in that kind of shit.”

Thomas let out a deep breath. Then he wiped the tears away with the arm of his tunic. “What now?”

“Well, I think Ive spent too much time in this village as it is. Though I do enjoy the crappy ale, I think its time we headed out. Lets go see Brandi and find out what kind of armor she has for you.” Derek said as they walked back to the village.

He was happy with his progress in training up his Magic Resistance over the last week. It had actually reached level five already, giving him a 7.5% natural magic resistance. He even increased his Rejuvenation by a level, making it level seven and increasing its healing to 35%. Not bad at all. Derek thought.

Rayna had done very well too. He was not sure how much she had improved, but he knew that she had made great progress in Meditation and her Wind Blade was hitting him harder and faster than before. They had not trained today, so she was still in the village doing her chiefly duties.

Soon, the duo arrived at the village gates. It was common to see the two coming and going, so the guards opened the gates for them with no hassle. Once inside, they headed towards Malories residence to talk with Brandi.

Once arriving, they found Malorie hanging some clothes to dry, and Brandi working on her Leatherworking like always. “Hey Mal, hows it going today?” Derek asked.

“Oh, its the same as always. Just been washing clothes and helping around the village. Rayna still hasnt been able to find all of us refugees something to do.” Then the woman motioned to Brandi. “Im having a harder and harder time getting this one to stop for a meal. All she does is work, work, work.” She smiled at the end.

Derek, not wanting to interrupt Brandi, continued conversing with Malorie. “Yeah, thats why were here. Shes been making Thomas some makeshift armor, and were here to see if its ready. Its about time for us to leave.”

“Oh? I still cant believe Delilah was okay with Thomas going with you.” Mal said.

Derek looked at the boy. “He can be very… stubborn, and I think she knew that.” He replied.

About that time, Derek heard Brandi shout. “Youre leaving already?” She ran over.

Derek put his hand on her still buzzed head. “Yup, cant stay here forever. Gotta get stronger, make enemies and such. Besides, we wont be gone too long this time, and Ill have more hides for you to destr… work with. You just need to focus on getting your skill to level 10. Then, if Im around, Ill help you get your class.”

“Thank you.” Brandi said. “Im finished with his armor too. I had to make it out of one of the weaker materials since Im not strong enough to truly craft with the higher level stuff yet. But it should still be good for level 20 or so.” Brandi ran over to the bench and picked up the armor. “Its rawhide. There hasnt been enough time to tan anything yet. Besides, rawhide is stronger, it just isnt as flexible.” Brandi moved to Thomas and handed him the armor.

Seeing Thomas receive the armor, Derek said, “Go on, put it on. I want to leave before it gets dark.”

Thomas nodded and hurriedly equipped the armor. It was a little loose on him, but overall, a good fit. It would allow him to grow a little before it needed to be replaced. It definitely was not the best looking or best defensive armor that Derek had ever seen. But that was to be expected by armor created by someone who only had the skill and did not yet have a class.

“Good. Now go tell your grandma goodbye. Im going to head to the chiefs place before we leave.” Derek said. Thomas assented and ran away towards his residence after giving everyone a quick goodbye.

Derek looked at Malorie. “Mal, thanks for the dinners and all the washes. Its been nice having something to eat that isnt roasted on a spit.”

Malorie smiled. “You are always welcome here. I hope you have a good trip.”

Derek turned to Brandi. “You focus on getting your skill to level 10 before I get back.”

“I will.” She replied.

With that, Derek turned around and began walking towards Raynas residence.

Soon, he was there, and surprisingly, the chief was waiting outside. “You leaving?” She asked.

“Yup, I have a sort of a plan. Probably going to get the kid to his second class, especially after what he chose today.” He said.

“Oh, poor decision?”

“Yeah, he had a chance at a really good class, but he chose Rogue because it reminded him of his dad. I thought he was more mature than that.” Derek shook his head.

“He may act smart and mature for his age, but he ’s just a kid.” She replied.

“Well, when Im done with him, hell either be back here and Ill be traveling alone, or he will be smart and mature.”

“Good luck with that.” Said Rayna.

“Well, just wanted to let you know that were leaving. Our training sessions will have to be put on hold. They did help me a bit, so thank you.” Derek said.

“Yeah, and helped me a lot, so thank you.” She countered. “You plan on coming back?”

“Yeah, probably within the month. I have a few plans, but they shouldnt take long.”

At that time, Thomas came running over.

“You ready, kid?” Derek asked and Thomas nodded. “Lets go.”

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