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Chapter 168: Potion Testing

Chapter 167: Lesson

“Shall we get started?” Derek asked.

Roman nodded. “One second. If Im going to teach… what was your name again?” He asked Brandi.

“Brandi.” She answered.

“If Im going to teach Brandi Alchemy, Im going to do it right.” Roman walked back over to his workstation and stuffed everything into his storage ring. Then he walked over to a desk and pulled a ring out of a drawer.

Back at his workstation, he began laying out different items and materials. There were beast parts, plants, and other components. Once finished with the materials, he summoned a different cauldron out of the new ring.

“This is a beginner cauldron. It can handle potions and poisons good enough for those at level 40 or so. It should be just about perfect for someone just on the path, like you.” He said to Brandi. “Now, are you able to recognize the materials here? How much information has your class given you?”

Brandi walked over to the workstation. She ran her hands over the different materials laid out. Finally, she nodded. “I know most of them. The materials over here are used in basic health potions, right?” She pointed at a set of materials. “Those are for stamina, and those are for mana, right?” She had sparkles in her eyes as she asked Roman.

The halfling nodded. “Exactly. It seems the information provided by your class is good. The materials are all for the basic versions of the potions. Now, are you able to see anything else of note?”

Brandi focused hard on the materials. Finally, she picked up a plant and moved it closer to her eyes. “This… I feel like I should be able to use it along with the other materials.” She furrowed her brows. “Its like… if I use this, I could make more than one potion at a time?” She looked up.

Roman smiled. “Close. That is the root of a Furgrave Plant. If you use it, you can actually combine everything here to make one low level basic potion that restores health, stamina, and mana. Of course, the effects are not as good as using a single potion, about 80%. Still, sometimes you only have enough time in battle to take one potion.”

“Anyway, Im surprised that you were able to guess anything about the root.” Roman walked over and put away two materials. “Those didnt have anything to do with these materials. I added them as a test. They were actually high level materials, used for potions for those well over level 100.” He laughed.

“Now, lets get started.” He motioned for Brandi to stand beside him. “Do you know the basics of using a cauldron to make potions?”

“I do. I need to process everything first, then control the heat as I add and combine the materials, right?” She asked.

“Putting it simply, yes.” He answered, then waved his hand over the workstation. He set multiple copies of the previous materials out. “This is enough materials to make 20 of each potion. What I want you to do is practice making each potion. Stop after using five sets and I will come and view your progress. After that, Ill see what you need help with. You are free to use my workstation.”

Finally, Roman turned back to Derek. “Please wait a moment while I go fetch Freia.”

Roman walked through the door Derek and gang had been brought through. Not long after, he reappeared with a tall, dark-skinned woman with purple hair pulled back out of her eyes. A pair of purple framed glasses that matched her hair covered her hazel eyes. As she trailed behind Roman, she wore a bored expression on her face.

“Derek, this is Freia, my assistant. Shes quite the Alchemist herself, but shes more interested in researching and Herbology.” Roman introduced her. “Freia, this is Derek Hunt, a new Onyx Ranked Adventurer. Hes here in Shaes place to help us with some testing.”

Derek carefully watched the womans face. Even when Roman announced that Derek was Onyx Ranked, she didnt change her bored expression. However, when he told her that he was there to help with testing, her eyes lit up.

“Is he as good as Shae?” She asked in a hopeful tone.

“You know, its rude to talk about me like that when Im in the room with you.” Derek said.

“Dont mind her.” Roman said. “Shes very… tenacious when it comes to her research.”

Derek wasnt actually offended. He just wanted to see her reaction.

“Sorry.” She said. “Are you as good as Shae in testing?” She directly asked him.

Derek shrugged. “I should be pretty good. Ive never done it before, so I cant tell you for certain. We are about to find out, though.

“Great!” She flashed a smile. “Lets go.”

“Hold on.” Roman said, as he focused on Brandi. “Remember my instructions. Ill be back soon. Ill know if you slack off.”

Brandi nodded sharply before looking at Derek. “What kind of testing are you doing?” She asked.

Derek waved her question off. “Oh, its nothing to be worried about. It wont take too long. Dont squander this chance. You heard how much gold that potion he created was, right? Youll be able to do something like that soon.”

“Come on, I have a testing room in the back.” Roman told Derek before heading through another door.

Derek turned and looked at Mal, who was holding Silvi. “You two make sure she doesnt blow herself up.”

Malorie smiled. “Dont worry. I wont take her out of my sight.”

“Then we go get dinner.” Silvi chimed in.

“You just ate a bunch of street food before we got here. Besides, its not even close to dinner time. Its barely lunch time.” Derek said.

“We missed lunch?!” Silvi half screamed inside his head. “We have to get extra to make up for it.”

Derek rolled his eyes and followed through the door behind Freia. Silly gluttonous rabbit. He thought.

Derek followed the Alchemist and his assistant through a short hallway and into another room. When he entered the room with him, he examined it. Surprisingly, the room was made out of the same obsidian the hotel was made out of. The room was pretty bare. There was nothing but a table in the center, surrounded by chairs, and a shelf on one wall. The shelf held many vials of different color potions or poisons.

“Surprised?” Roman asked. “I had a lot of gold on hand when I moved from my previous location to this one, but not enough to make those whole building out of the stuff. Besides, its just not a material that is practical.” He said. “So, I only used it to enforce this one room, which eventually became my testing room. The Dragon Forged Obsidian is able to handle a lot of abuse that may come from potions that just happen to… explode.”

“Wait, are you saying that theres a possibility of a potion exploding inside me after I drink it?” Derek asked hesitantly.

“No, no. That would never happen… probably.” Roman said. “Ive already given the potions ready for testing the drop test, so unless you have something that hasnt been digested in your stomach that interacts with the components of the potions, you should be fine… probably. Besides, are you really afraid of a little explosion?”

“Yeah! If its inside of me.” Derek answered.

“Nonsense.” Roman walked over to the table, which was also made out of the same obsidian material as the room, and sat down. Derek had to hide his laughter as the man jumped into the chair and let his feet dangle like a little kid. Finally, Roman pulled three different vials out of his ring and sat them on the table. “Well start with these three.”

Freia walked over and sat beside Roman, taking one of the vials in hand. The liquid inside was a bright blue, almost neon. “This possible potion has some ingredients that are used for Intelligence and Willpower. Were hoping that we were able to increase the effects of those materials.”

She then took the next potion, which was a brown color. It looked like tap water that had come out of a faucet with rusty pipes. “This… may increase your Endurance.”

Thats reassuring. Derek thought. Nothing is more encouraging thatmay increase.

Finally, she grabbed a potion that was actually changing colors on the fly. “This potion may do something.” She said.

“Something?” Derek asked. He couldnt believe that they didnt even have an idea about the rainbow potion.

“Well…” Roman put his hands up. “I created this potion four years ago, but I havent been able to talk Shae into testing it. I had a bunch of rare ingredients left over from some orders. The problem was that anything ingredients that I didnt use within the timeframe would have to be returned to the clients. I couldnt let that happen, and I didnt have a lot of time left to make multiple potions. So, I combined them all into this one potion.” He grinned. “It was successful.”

“And you want me to test it?”

“Very much so.” Roman replied. “If you do, Ill treat that girl in there as if shes my own disciple.”

Derek frowned and ground his teeth. “Well see.” He finally said. “First, lets start with he Willpower one. It shouldnt be too bad. Ill make my decision once Ive tested the other two.”

“Great!” Both Freia and Roman shouted at the same time.

Derek walked over and grabbed thepossible potion. Here goes nothing.

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