System Change

Chapter 14: Choosing a Class

Chapter 13: Level Up

Derek, Leon, and Thomas moved further down the stream to let the grieving mother and daughter have some alone time with their dying loved one. Derek found a small boulder and used it as an impromptu seat. He could tell that Thomas was having a hard time with the scene playing out in front of them. “Kid, this happens more than you would think. Its something you will have to get used to if you plan on doing anything other than living in one of your villages.”

Derek was not going to coddle Thomas and tell him that everything would be alright, no, he had too much respect for the kid to treat him like one. “It doesnt get any easier, ever. You just learn to hide your emotions from others, and yourself, better. I know its harder because they are people you are familiar with, but, unless you go out and die soon, they wont be the last.”

Thomas sighed. “I know. I grieved when I realized that my parents were probably never coming back. In some ways, Im even envious that they are getting to say goodbye.” This was the first time Thomas had opened up about his parents.

Derek had a few questions, but decided not to push. Hell tell me about them when hes ready, or not. I guess it doesnt matter, its not my business anyway.

As the silence resumed, Derek finally decided that it was time to clear out the notifications from the system. He started with the older ones, from the wolves that he helped Marshall, Sana, and Mal with.

You Have Assisted in Killing level 22 Forest Wolf

You Have Assisted in Killing level 18 Forest Wolf

You Have Assisted in Killing level 18 Forest Wolf

48 Experience Gained

128/169 Experience to Next Level

Damn, I guess the shared XP is real with this system. Derek inwardly scoffed at the system ’s attempts to make his life harder. I should have gotten full experience for most if not all of the beasts I killed in the village though. He continued to view the messages.

You Have Killed level 27 Dark Bear

You Have Killed level 27 Forest Wolf

You Have Killed level 24 Razorback

You Have Killed level 24 Razorback

You Have Killed level 24 Dark Rabbit

You Have Killed level 24 Toxic Boa

You Have Killed level 17 Dark Bunny

1290 Experience Gained

Level Up

Level Up

Level Up

Level Up

Level Up

375/??? Experience to Next Level (Must Choose Class to Level Beyond 10)

Derek had killed a total of 32 different monsters in the village. Not bad, five levels and I need to choose a class. Damn, this is always the hardest part. Looks like I got the full experience from the wolf gnawing on Leons arm too. Derek decided to check his Status.



Derek Hunt




10 (Choose Class)




N/A (Please Choose)


Human (Modified)








49 (Armor + 135)


46 (Weapon + 0)














Stat Points Remaining



Greater Meditation Lv 1, Identify Lv 8

Skill Points Remaining



Giant Slayer

Derek really wanted to avoid having to choose a class currently. He looked around to see if anyone needed him. Thomas and Leon were talking quietly and the family was currently huddled up together, sobbing. Damn, lets do this.

Derek focused on the Class tab in his Status menu.










Holy fucking shit! How can I choose from this many classes, theres got to be over 100 of them. Derek could not believe what he was seeing. When he had been faced with the task of choosing a class with his previous system, there were only a couple dozen classes, and most were common, with only a few uncommon classes. He was very confused.

He looked over to Leon. I bet hell know something about this. Hes got to have more information than a twelve year old kid. “Hey, Leon!” Leon turned from his discussion with Thomas to look at Derek. “Ive got a few questions for you.”

“Whatever you need to know, ask. Its the least I can do for you saving my life.” Leon replied curtly.

“OK, if the questions get too personal, let me know and I wont keep poking around.” Derek said, wanting to make sure that Leon knew that he had a choice as to whether or not to answer. “First, if you dont mind, when you were choosing your first class, how many different classes did you have available to choose from?” Derek went right to the main issue.

Leon was confused, not unlike Thomas had been when Derek had asked him about some basic questions. “Uh, well, I was a little better than most, I had at least 20 different classes I could choose from when I hit level 10.” Leon answered.

“Oh, so 20 is a good amount then?” With that answer, Derek was more confused than before. “Out of those, how many of them were common, uncommon, rare, and the like?” Derek got to his next question.

“Rare? I only know of a couple people who have been able to select rare classes, I was extremely lucky to have been able to receive one uncommon class. Most people have to settle for common classes their whole life.” Leon explained some of the situation to Derek. “In fact, even in the big city with the nobles, its considered good to have an uncommon class, and youre considered a prodigy if you can unlock a rare class on your initial selection.”

“I see.” If thats the case, then whats up with all these different classes and rarities? Finding something suitable is going to take me forever. “Say, do you know what the determining factor is when it comes to class selection? Like, why the system would allow some to choose a rare class while others only get common?”

Leons eyes opened wide after Derek spoke. He was alarmed at Dereks use of the word system. Leon was raised where it had been blasphemous to not refer to the system as the Great System. Still, he answered. “Well, I know that there are a lot of theories, but the main theory is that it has to do with the person. Most people all receive the choice of the same basic classes, like Archer or Hunter. Then there are some that can choose higher rarity classes. It seems like if a person makes his child focus on a certain skill extensively before he or she unlocks the Great System, then there is a chance that a higher rated class related to that skill will be available to choose at level 10.” Leon paused to let Derek take the information in.

“It is also theorized that the Great System takes into account the personal stats of the person. The average person has a base 10 in all of his or her stats to begin with. Some children, however, can be different.” He paused and looked at Thomas. “Thomas, what is your Dexterity at right now?”

Thomas jumped, not expecting to be called out all of a sudden. “Uh, my Dexterity is at 14 and my Endurance is at 12.” He offered a little extra information, proud to be above average in two stats.

“See, when Thomas is able to choose a class, I have no doubt that he will be able to choose an uncommon class based on Dexterity or Endurance.” Leon praised Thomas. “Some also think that the Great System also takes into account a persons disposition. For example, even if someone has a high Wisdom or Intelligence, the Great System may not offer an upgraded magical class if one abhors magic. In contrast, if someone has less than average Strength, but absolutely adores greatsword users, the Great System may offer up a heavy weapon class. Really, classes come down to whatever the Great System wants.”

Derek thought about what Leon said. So except for my Wisdom, all of my base stats are above 200 already, which Im sure unlocked a ton of classes for me to choose from. With that, plus my disposition towards halberds, specifically glaives, there has to be an almost perfect class for me to choose from. Derek sighed again, knowing that sorting through all of the classes was going to give him a headache. Then, he was sure he would constantly wonder if he had chosen the right class. He did after selecting his class from the previous system, and there were much fewer classes for him to choose from there.

He spoke to Leon again. “So, if you take a common class at level 10, can you upgrade it to rare later on? What happens when you hit 25?”

Again, Leon was shocked at these questions coming from a guy who was obviously many levels higher than himself. “Well, some classes can be upgraded from one rarity to another, but not many people get that opportunity. The classes upgrade at 25, but usually not in rarity. The upgrades involve getting more class skills, or upgrading existing class skills. Usually, if someone can choose a higher rarity class down the line, they will jump on it, switching classes. Switching classes is another problem people have to deal with too. Some class skills may carry over if the new class has them in common with your old class, but most get lost.” Leon wondered if he would have the guts to switch classes if the opportunity arose.

“Those who start with high rarity classes are truly blessed.” Derek could see the envy radiating from Leons eyes. Leon continued. “At some point, the loss of skills and skill points becomes too detrimental, even with the extra skill points from higher rarity classes.”

Derek interrupted Leon. “Extra skill points?” He questioned.

“Yes. Common classes all get five skill points at each class upgrade. Uncommon classes get seven, and rare classes get ten. Im unsure about epic or legendary classes. But, say you reach your level 50 upgrade, do you want to possibly lose up to 10 skills, including the skill points used for purchase, just to upgrade from a common to uncommon class?” Leon asked. “If the class description sounds similar, it may be worth it, as some of your skills may carry over, but if not, thats a hard hole to dig yourself out of.”

“I see.” Derek replied. “Thanks for answering my questions Leon.” Derek was grateful that Leon seriously answered the questions that must have seemed dumb to him.

“Not a problem.” Leon replied.

Derek inwardly groaned and decided that there was no time like the present. Alright, lets see if we cant sort this shit out.

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