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Chapter 103: Days Gone By

Chapter 102: Fine Dining

Not long after, the duo was dining on a mouthwatering range of cooked meats and vegetables. According to Emily, every bit of meat on the table was from a beast at level 100 or higher. Though a high level doesnt exactly mean high quality, the cuts of meat were from some of the finest beasts in the kingdom.

The coffee was an absolute hit with Walter. Like Derek, after trying it multiple ways, Walter found that he preferred it black and strong. The man couldnt wait for the drink to become a common staple.

Emily, professional as she was, ducked in and out of the room, always there when they needed a refill or wanted to ask a question, but nowhere to be found when she wasnt needed. Her actions were truly impressive.

The meal was quiet for the most part. Both men savored every bite. Such a dining experience was not something one could experience often.

Before they knew it, they had finished everything. Derek did a quick check to his stats and noticed that he had multiple week long buffs active and the minimum buff was a 10% increase in his Dexterity, while he had a 25% increase in his Endurance.

Dereks good impression of the Cooking skill and classes rose to an entirely new level. He couldnt help but hope that Silvi would make rapid progress in her skills. He finally admitted that he may not be wasting resources helping the bunny expand her hobby.

Emily appeared out of nowhere and quickly bussed the table, leaving it spotless and empty, just as it had been when they first arrived. Afterward, a small cake appeared before both Walter and Derek. “Please enjoy your dessert.” She spoke, then vanished.

Derek punctured the chocolate cake with a fork, then smiled as a thick steaming chocolate liquid poured out from the cake. How long has it been since I had a chocolate lava cake? He took a bite and closed his eyes as he enjoyed the rich, creamy goodness spread throughout his mouth.

Derek sighed. “Now I know how someone could go bankrupt after getting a membership to this place.”

Walter nodded. “I was just thinking about what I would need to do to obtain a membership.” He shook his head. “The Crown Restaurant is truly terrifying.”

It didnt take long for the two to devour their dessert. Seconds after Walter took his last bite, a door to the room swung open and Gregory walked through, being flanked by Emily.

Gregory stepped closed to the table. “Mr. Hunt. I didnt expect to see you so soon after this morning. However, I am happy you came.”

Derek stood and shook the chefs hand. “I have to admit, Gregory, Im happy I decided to put the membership to use today.”

“Haha! Please, call me Greg. I hope the two of you enjoyed your meal as much as I enjoyed preparing it.” Gregory said.

Derek laughed. “I dont think its possible that you enjoyed cooking the meal more that I enjoyed consuming it. If that truly was the case, then you have a problem. Have you ever tasted your cooking?”

The man grinned. “Im glad you liked it.” The expression on his face changed, and he sighed. “I dont know what I was thinking when I took the job as the head chef in a place like this.” He shook his head. “Sure, it was a promotion, but this is the first time I have actually been able to cook since I arrived. My progression is stalling and Im bored. Ingredients like these are just something I can use to practice with.”

“Dont say that.” Emily chimed in. “The boss gave you plenty of benefits to come here. Dont forget about the monthly goods you get to perform experiments with. Other chefs would kill for that opportunity.”

The man sighed again. “I know, but I go through those ingredients in a few days then I have to wait weeks for another delivery.”

Emily scoffed. “Thats just because you cant restrain yourself.”

“I wouldnt have to restrain myself if I actually had some customers.”

Gregory shook his head and smiled again. “Anyway, none of this is your problem, Derek. I thought I would give you a quick update about Silvi before you left.”

“Oh? Is she causing problems?” Derek asked.

“None at all.” Gregory quickly replied. “Shes actually a very hard worker. It feels odd to say it, but I think she has a natural talent for the craft. Of course, shes still learning the basics, but shes progressing rapidly for someone with no previous experience.”

Derek smiled. “Thats good.”

Gregory nodded. “It is. Now, Ive taken enough of your time. Im going to go see if those numbskulls have burned down the other kitchen while Ive been away.”

“Thanks for the meal.” Derek said as the chef left.

Emily stepped forward and handed Derek a rolled parchment. “Mistress Stella is busy right now, but she wanted me to give you this. The boss said that she would put it on your tab.” Emily gave Derek a playful smile.

Derek took the parchment and unfolded it. Oh? Its another skill scroll with the Cleaning skill on it. He didnt say anything about it being put on histab. He wanted the skill, and it was a good idea for Silvi to have it too. He quickly injected his mana into the paper.

Skill Scroll: Cleaning

Upon activation, the user will learn the support skill,Cleaning. As this is a skill from a scroll, no skill points are required and it will not be forgotten upon class change.

Would you like to learn? Y/N



You have learned the support skill,Cleaning.

Derek let out a breath, then looked at Emily. “Thank you. And please give Stella and Alanah my thanks, too.”

Emilys eyes widened at the mention of Alanah, but soon went back to normal. “I will be sure to do so.”

Derek turned to Walter. “You ready?” He asked.

Walter nodded and focused on Emily. With a slight bow, he said, “Thank you for the service, Mistress Emily. It was excellent.”

Emily let out a sultry giggle. “The pleasure was all mine.”

The two men took off down the stairs, and Emily followed in the distance. They soon arrived back on the first floor. Bronson and Clare were still both enjoying their meal, so Walter walked over to their table and had a seat.

Derek waited for Emily to catch up and turned to her. “Do you mind if I go check in on Silvi in the kitchen?”

“Of course not, follow me.” Emily led him through the doors towards the kitchen.

When he arrived, Gregory had one of the cooks in a corner, giving him a scolding. Derek laughed. Looks like one of them tried to burn down the kitchen while he wasnt supervising.

Derek searched the rest of the room until his gaze landed on the table and Silvi. She was concentrating hard. Her Mage Hand was holding an onion still while a floating knife slowly cut through it.

Derek watched as the bunny sliced through the onion multiple times. He swore that he could see sweat forming on the beasts brow. Following her success at slicing the onion up, the knife started a chopping motion as her Mage Hand pushed the sliced onion through, then she turned the knife and pushed it through the other way.

When Silvi finished, she hopped close to the onion and inspected it intently. Derek wanted to laugh at her serious expression, but kept it to himself. Soon, the bunny looked up and looked around at everyone. Derek could see a glint in her eyes, as if she had just accomplished an extraordinary task. Unfortunately, everyone was busy and nobody saw her amazing feat.

The glint slowly disappeared from her eyes as she noticed that nobody had watched her. But soon her gaze landed on Derek. Derek smiled and gave her a double thumbs up.

‘You saw? I was amazing. The foul vegetable didnt even make me cry this time. Silvis voice chimed inside his head.

‘I saw. That was quite an accomplishment. Do you like Telekinesis? He asked.

‘I love it. It makes things so easy. I dont even need thumbs anymore.

‘Thats great. Are you finished? Do you want to go back to the inn with me? He asked.

‘No. I got permission from the delicious woman and head chef to stay here as long as I want. Ill stay here so I can practice more. Need to level my skills. She replied.

Derek nodded.Okay. Have fun and work hard. Just let me know if you want to come back to the inn. And try not to do anything to get in the way of the others.

‘Okay. Gotta go chop more vegetables. The carrot is next. She transmitted. Derek saw another spark of determination appear in her eyes.

Derek turned to Emily. “Thanks for letting me check in. Shes doing fine.”

Emily nodded. The two walked back to the dining area. Emily dismissed a waitress that had taken over her duties as hostess while she was gone and stepped behind the hostess station.

Derek smiled at her. “Ill see you later.”

“I can only hope.” She said.

He looked back over the floor to see that the table that Bronson and Clare were sitting at was occupied by someone else. He turned and left the establishment.

Outside, the trio was waiting for him. “You didnt have to wait for me. Im just going to head back to my inn and get some rest.”

“Clare wanted to tell you thanks before we left.” Walter said.

Clare walked forward. “Thank you for your help. Im going to try my hardest.”

Derek patted the girl on the head. “I expect great things from you.” He smiled and looked at the rest of the group. “Ill catch you all later. Have a good evening.” He turned and left, leaving Clare and the others waving goodbye.

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