System Change

Chapter 102: Fine Dining

Chapter 101: Clare II

The three men watched as Clare hopped along a stone path in the water to reach the small island in the middle of the pond. Derek nodded, as the girl never once lost her footing on the path. She was agile, energetic, had a passion to learn, and was a natural pugilist. The girl was all any teacher could ask for in a student.

“So.” Derek broke the silence. “What exactly are your plans for the girl once she finally gets a class?” He asked Walter.

“Well, based on everything Ive learned from you, I plan on having her delay reaching level 10 until she is 14 or 15. Though it may put her behind some of her peers, she will be better off because of it if it all works out. Once she turns 15, she will level to 10 and hopefully unlock a powerful class. Then, hopefully, Ill be able to power level her to 25 before she turns 16 years old. But, my plans will only work if she gets a powerful or unique class.” Walter answered.

“Why would she need to be level 25 by the time shes 16?” Derek asked.

“Ah, I never told you about the academy in the Capital. The Kings Academy trains the elites of the kingdom. However, the academy has strict rules when it comes to enrollment. The main one being class level and rarity. A student must be under 16 years old and over level 25 with an epic class to be eligible.

“However, the student can also be under 16 and through their second class upgrade of a rare class at level 50 to enroll. The second option is the most used option for students, as epic classes are extremely hard to come by. There is maybe one student a decade that enrolls with an epic class.” Walter continued.

“Now, there are also some other circumstances that will allow enrollment. A growth type uncommon class at level 50, or a growth type rare class at level 25 will both be considered because of future prospects. They may even allow some students in at a later age, depending on family circumstances.

“My eldest son, Jenson, was one of those circumstances. He had a rare class at over level 50, but he was already 17. However, he had gotten to level 50 before he turned 16. Instead of joining the academy, he chose to take on important missions through the Adventurers Guild, as it seemed to be the faster way to restore our honor.” Walter shook his head. “That was my fault. Honor is extremely important to me, and it rubbed off on my son. Though I couldnt be more proud, it almost hindered my sons growth.”

“However, the King somehow learned of my sons accomplishments and allowed Jenson to specially enroll in the academy. That is where he is now. It is also what drove Wallaces jealousy to an extreme and caused him to act out the way he did.” Walter sighed. “That is still more my fault than anyone elses.”

“I see.” Derek said, saying nothing about Wallace. “So you hope for the girl to receive an epic or rare growth type class when she hits level 10, or maybe one at level 25. I dont think she will have any problem obtaining that result. However, if she gets a legendary or epic growth type class, I would suggest keeping her away from an academy. Level her Identify skill as fast as possible and try to keep it a secret until she can protect herself. Then again, Im sure I dont need to tell you these things.”

Walter nodded. “Dont worry. Her safety will come first.”

Derek nodded. “Dont forget about the different Awards that can get her extra skill points before she hits level 10. Those general skills will really help. If you could have a team complete a basic dungeon while keeping her safe, thats two extra points from the Dungeon Explorer Award. Then, there is the Giant Slayer award, too.”

“I didnt think about the Dungeon Explorer award. Its a pity that there arent any level 10 dungeons around here, but I think I could put together a more than adequate level 25 team for a basic dungeon. That insect dungeon out past your village is quite easy.” Walter muttered something incomprehensible to himself before nodding. “Yes, I think I will do that.”

Derek checked the system time. “Damn, its well past lunchtime. How about the two of us head over to the Crown and grab a bite?” Derek flashed Walter his membership. “Youre paying.”

Both Walter ’s and Bronsons eyes turned into saucers. At the same time, they both shouted, “How!”

Derek laughed. “Thats not important. Just know that I do. So, I can only invite one person with me. How bout it, Walter?”

“It would be an honor. And of course, I will pay.” Walter said, hastily. “Bronson, see to it that both you and Clare are properly fed.” He pulled a small sack out of his storage ring. “In fact, why dont you fetch her and lets all go to the Crown. The two of you will have to make due on the bottom floor.”

Derek and Walter begin walking through the estate. “So, why dont you try to get a membership? I believe that someone like yourself would have no problem obtaining one.” Derek asked, remembering what he was told by Stella and Alanah. If Walter even contributed a little, he would be rewarded with a membership of his own.

Walter shook his head. “Ive never had the time to worry about unimportant things. Sure, a Crown Membership is great for politics and that sort of power, but it wouldnt do anything to help restore our honor. Plus, the bottom floor is already costly enough. I dont even know how much the membership floor will cost. If the food is as good as I think it will be, my house would go broke within the year.” Walter laughed. “And before you say that its not possible, I have seen it happen to others.”

Yikes! Maybe I should just stay away from that floor altogether. Derek thought. “Well, lets hope that isnt the case for me.” He said. The two continued through the estate in silence.

At that time, Derek pulled up the notifications that he had gotten while talking with Clare and the others.


Your beast companion (Silvi) has learned the Telekinesis skill.

Ah, thats good. Stella works fast. He thought, then pulled up the next notification.


Your beast companion (Silvi) has learned the Cleaning skill.

Wait! Im the one whos supposed to get the Cleaning skill. Not cool, Silvi. Also, not cool, Stella. Id yell at Silvi right now if I wasnt worried about her being in the middle of something important. Derek sighed and shook his head. I guess she will need it to easily clean her cooking utensils. Ill just have to see about getting one for myself later. This cooking endeavor is becoming really expensive.

At least Im going to get a delicious free meal out of Walter today. He eyed the old man walking beside him. He seems oddly excited, even knowing that hes going to have to pay.

The two kept walking. Soon Bronson and Clare caught up with them and they all headed to the Crown.

Soon, the group was all inside the restaurant. Bronson and Clare were seated at a table on the bottom floor, and Derek and Walter were being led up the stairs by the hostess. They soon passed the floor that housed Stellas office and went to the next.

Arriving on the next floor, they stood staring at an almost empty room with beautiful lights hanging from the ceiling. There were only two tables occupying the entire area.

“Welcome to the Tier One dining area.” The hostess said. “My name is Emily, and I will be your host for this evening.”

The woman was the same person who led Derek to Stellas office earlier in the day. She was quite attractive, in terms of beauty. She only lost out to Stella, she was on par with Rayna. She had long wavy brown hair and was wearing a simple black dress with a silver bracelet and necklace. On her right hand was a black ring that Derek could only assume was a storage ring. On her feet were a pair of nice, black open toe heels.

Her style would be perfect for a hostess of a three Michelin star restaurant back in his world, if it wasnt for the material of her dress not existing in Dereks previous world, at least before the system arrived.

“The two of you are the first people to dine in the membership area of this particular restaurant. As such, your meal will be free.” She smiled.

Derek narrowed his eyes. “Is this Stella saying that its free, or is this an actual thing?” He asked.

Emily chuckled. “Dont worry, you arent getting any special treatment right now. The first guests to dine in an area of the restaurant eat for free. It was that way on the bottom floor as well. Plus, it is the first time you used your membership, so the meal would be free even then. This way, you are allowed free dining for being the first to dine on this floor, and you can keep the initial free meal that comes with a newly obtained membership card.” She bent down to whisper where only Derek could hear. “You also get a free meal every time your tier increases.”

Her breath brushed against Dereks ear, and a slight blush fell over his face. He cleared his throat before speaking again. “In that case, I will have to thank you.”

“No need for thanks.” Emily said with a sly grin. “Now, there is no menu for membership holders. The meal will be the chef ’s choice. But, Greg has been dying to make something up to his standards, so I believe you will be in for a treat. What would you like to drink?” She asked.

“Can I get coffee?” Derek asked.

Emilys eyebrows raised. “It may not be up to your standards yet, but if you would like some, I would be happy to oblige. How do you take it?”

“Black.” He replied. By the way this woman was acting, she seemed to be much more than just a hostess. Derek had a sneaking suspicion. “Youre the actual manager of this restaurant, arent you? Youre only doing this until Stella decides to return to the Capital.”

Emilys smile grew wide. “You got me. You can think of me as second-in-command right now. Once Mistress Stella returns, the restaurant will be mine again.” She looked over to Walter. “Now, what can I get you?”

Walters eyes furrowed. “What is thiscoffee? I dont seem to have heard of it before.” He asked.

“Its a new beverage that the restaurant is preparing. Its not completely ready yet, but its close.” Derek answered.

“May I try it?” Walter asked.

“Certainly.” Emily replied. “I will bring out some cream and sugar in case you do not like it black. If nothing else, you will make a good test subject.” She giggled before sauntering away.

When Emily disappeared from sight, Walter whistled lowly. “What a fiery woman.” Walter shook his head. “Shes going to drive some poor bastard crazy one day. I both envy and pity whoever she ends up with.”

Derek nodded. “More dangerous than a Dragon, that one.”

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