My name is Dana Hans i live with my parents and two sisters and my cousin sister as well, I live a lonely life and a sad one really, every new day is a another lever of my sad life . I have a family but never took it like home , home was a far word to reach in my head . Am quite and don have many friends for others its aboring life but to me I don know if its the life I want but i don even know what to wish my life to be .one evening it was like 8pm listening to music in the living room and writting few things down.

Hey heyyyyy girls come here , hurry hurry girls , nelia called my cousin sis , she called others loudly

What now nelia?? Something interesting lady? Jada asked , Jada is my elder sister.

More than that switty , guess who it is,guess who is the guest today. Nelia said jumping out of joy as if she winner a lottery.

Jada seemed to think and she came up with a think, dear cousin you wouldn have called me if it wasn someone I fan and also someone mutual to our liking so no other than Trey, baby. She said the sentence simply but saying Trey she was in the air.

You got it Jada. Ye ye yes

They switched on the radio again both in the air burned like they were put on fire.

If you want to talk to your dearest artist Trey our todays guest you can call +4622230963 its time for taking your calls. the radio host said

Oh my God I just lost the following numbers , Jesus what am I gonna do for Christ sake?? Nelia said burying her head in her hands. I swear am going to die. Where will get the whole numbers.

Write +46222230963 if thats what will make you come a live again. I said displeased of how they are so concerned of the famous Trey , daaah .

Can you even be a girl once in your life gi

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