What barks behind lies are truths that failed to get to the light. What fabricates behind a betrayal may have been honest at first sight, but concealed pain is what reminds me why I breathe every night. I may be lost, but I understand everything will arise when the time is right.

”Im sorry, ”

”Its ok, ” I muttered, even I could hear the distrust in my voice.

”Aren you unhappy, ” Mikael yelled with disappointment in his face. He wanted me to crumble. I knew that from the start.

”How would you want me to feel? Troubled, vulnerable anyone with an ounce of vigor would feel the same in my situation. ”

”Yes, that is precisely what I wish you to be nothing more than a piece of dust. So tell me why you are acting as nothing has differed. ” He questions with curiosity and hatred.

”Because it hasn , ”

”What, ” Erupted doubtfulness in more than one.

”Nothing alternates my situation if Jane wishes to use me as leverage to get her brother. What do I have to lose? Its not like I have someone waiting for me if I return. So why not help her out. ”

The disbelief and understanding in the majority them prove my righteousness to go along. I was nothing more than a test subject to Dean. I didn possess the independence Mikael amassed to be able to say what I wanted. I was an individual secluded in a war zone.

”I don know why I split myself open for someone who would never even bother to show me the vein of what I always viewed them as. ”

”Ive asked myself the same thing about you for years, and Ive concluded I will never know. ”

In the distance, screams of a girl echo the nooks of every vacancy as she is chased down by a group of men.

”Lets go, ” Jane orders.

”We can just leave her, ” I glance at the girl with fear in her eyes, reminding me of a vision I carried this morning. The others followed my line of sight.

”Amelia, listen to me. If you do this, theres no going back. We can assault the enemy without revealing our existence. ”

”Then don Im not asking any of you to sacrifice yourselves for me. ”

”Are you stupid, theyll kill you the moment they notice you
e nothing like them. ” Mikael restrained me from advancing.

”Then Ill die trying, ” I declared before jumping off the field.

The dive played out in slow motion; my rifle followed the arc of my body; the sudden action caught the attention of one of the groups assaults, which allowed me to stand between the threat and the frightened.

”You have the nerve to come after a defenseless child, ” I hissed.

”Who are you to interfere with our business. ” One of them stepped forward with a dagger.

”Justice, ” I voiced, altering a ring of laughter.

”Go, home, kid, or youll end up wishing you never met us. ”

e quite foolish to believe I would walk away empty-handed, ”

”Then, you are a saint who will be a sacrificial privilege. ”

Knowing a fight was inevitable. I pushed the girl away, urging her to hide. The setting felt familiar, emitting a reminder of what my mother did and what I was about to do for this minor. I would combat my way through if it guaranteed the haven of the child. When their party of seven was inclined to run at me, they got ambushed. Before they got an inch of me.

It was unexpected that even the leader wasn able to predict the incoming attack. A bunch of Kimeras weren precisely what you expect in an alley.

”You sure are a magnet for trouble, ” Sin smirks as the last man is knocked unconscious.

”I reckoned secrecy was fundamental? ”

”Well, knowing your character, youll find a way to expose

us all by dawn. ” Mikael snarled.

”No one invited you to come, ” Katlin suggested. ”You did that on your own. ”

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