Rebirth To Chase My ExWife [BL]

A Mask In The Second World

There was a long pause before Jiang Yanxu replied in a flat tone, ”No. ”

To Ye Xinxins ears, the answer seemed forced as if Jiang Yanxu answered simply because he needed to answer regardless of whether it was true or false; trustworthy or untrustworthy. By his voice tone, he could tell the apathy of the man.

So, hearing his answer, Ye Xinxin immediately turned his body to face Jiang Yanxu. He had a surly look on his face and said in a sulky tone, ”Liar. Then, why are you being so indifferent to me? Tell me, did I do something wrong? Then I will apologize and promise not to do it again. ” He looked at Jiang Yanxu seriously, and suddenly asked suspiciously, ”Or, could it be that you
e hiding something from me, huh? ”

The cold and arrogant man sighed silently, trying to dodge, ”Its not it. I had a headache, so Im not feeling well right now. Don accuse me of being a liar just because of such a thing. ”

Ye Xinxin was a sensitive person and had investigative instincts. He knew how Jiang Yanxus gimmick. As a lover or a husband, Jiang Yanxu bestowed all his affection like a flower that never stopped blooming and was picked especially for him every day. Jiang Yanxu had never even been cold to him even if Ye Xinxin made a mistake, let alone chided him. So, such an unreasonable reason couldn make him believe other than getting skeptical that his husband was hiding something from him.

All he knew was that Jiang Yanxu was a drunken person. But, no matter how bad he was with alcohol and how addicted he was to cigarettes, that affinity would never make Jiang Yanxu ignore him like now. He could say how Jiang Yanxu loved him was something immeasurable and immovable. Surely, when Jiang Yanxu said his reason, it sounded absurd to Ye Xinxin.

Compared to his ex-wife, Yan An, Ye Xinxin was the one who dominated Jiang Yanxus affection. His treat of both of them was certainly as different as heaven and earth.

After all, since Jiang Yanxu was still dating him until he had to be the mans mistress and finally got married, Jiang Yanxu he saw now was like a stranger he had married from a blind date. Its only that Jiang Yanxus changes were seen after they had a party to celebrate their wedding last night.

There was something off. How they laughed gaily and how they made love in enjoyment, then suddenly the next day Jiang Yanxu acted as if he hated him, made Ye Xinxin unceasingly dubious.

Did he regret it?

The first thing that came to his mind was that Jiang Yanxu regretted divorcing his ex-wife, making him feel jealous even though the truth wasn known yet.

However, Ye Xinxin chose to suppress his suspicions and didn bring up anything, worried that this kind of talk would make the conformity in their early marriage get worse. So, he immediately stood up, picking up the towel on the ground.

Seeing Ye Xinxin about to leave, Jiang Yanxus brows lifted. ”Where are you going? ”

”I don think theres room for me here right now. Im going out to relax by the pool. Make yourself more comfortable first. Once you feel better, lets talk. ”

Ye Xinxins voice was quiet, but how he acted couldn lie to Jiang Yanxus eyes that he was irritated.

”Its cold outside. Its still too early. Theres no one out there, you know. ”

Jiang Yanxu tried to persuade him only out of necessity, considering his status was still Ye Xinxins husband, and he had to treat him as a wife even if it was just pretending. However, as if in this life he had lost himself and didn know how to seduce him, so all he could say were simple words.

”Its better than being here with someone in a bad mood, right? ”

Ye Xinxin didn look back to see his husband, then immediately came out of the bathroom indifferently after his words.

Jiang Yanxu looked at the young man and didn stop him. His gaze was cold as if beneath his eyes were ribbing and contempt. If the young man could read the look on the mans face, he could see how Jiang Yanxu was disturbed by his presence by his side again.

After spending ten years in prison in his previous life, Jiang Yanxus mind had been gnawed by many inclement memories without leaving anything good between them. It made his heart ache with a grudge that made him sink into the depths of the fury.

People said those who died didn bring any grudges after their death, but Jiang Yanxu felt like he bore a greater grudge in his chest.

He wanted to scream, venting all that had bound his heart but he couldn and it was suffocating.

Then why are you being so indifferent to me?

Ye Xinxins words replayed in his head. He couldn help but smile to describe how ironic the joke sounded.

The piece of a sentence even outlined his bad destiny in the previous life. He was trapped because his affection had been directed at the wrong person.

Ye Xinxin even spoke to him politely and gently like a wife he had been proud of in the past. It made Jiang Yanxu wondered why Ye Xinxin betrayed him and became so cruel after what he sacrificed to be able to marry him. If Ye Xinxin thought that he had changed, then what about him? Who exactly changed in personality first?

He wondered to himself about how he had treated Ye Xinxin previously, suddenly he lost his memory and also love in him.

Lifting his head, Jiang Yanxu was alone in the warm steam in the void, staring at the ceiling, and suddenly he felt there was a thought leading him to find the root of the matters that happened in the past. He also decided to look into the matter after he found Yan An. He just needed to be patient and went slowly for a better result.

A moment later, he came out of the bathroom. He opened the window curtains, seen from the eastern horizon the sun was starting to rise to the sky. The sunlight broke the darkness, reflecting a blue sea without landmass to pull over, just like his feelings were now bobbing in hesitancy whether Yan An still wanted to give him one more chance to fix everything, or he would be dumbed as he had dumbed him.

Jiang Yanxu pondered before he opened a drawer and took out a cigarette. He looked at the ocean expanse beyond the window; smoking, but his soul was carried far away out there as if drowning into the deep sea.

He wanted to take Yan An with him again and live in harmony. But, from the bottom of his heart, he was afraid that he would be rejected. Thinking about it now, he could feel the ends of his hair shaking. He realized that he was just an arrogant loser.

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