”When we were together for five years, five years I neglected you … I didn respect you. I only trusted Ye Xinxin and Shen Ke (Ke = jade-like stone). See … how stupid I was at that time, right? Then, my marriage to Ye Xinxin didn go well and in the end, he snatched what I had and threw me in prison …, ” the mans voice was full of sobs.

Jiang Yanxu never thought he would be as mushy as now. At the age of forty-three years, he was like a kid who was begging for his mother to come home. He cried incessantly.

While the photo on the gravestone, which was half-smiling, seemed to laugh at how stupid the old man was.

But, how could Yan An who loved the man so much be able to scorn him?

Jiang Yanxu also just realized that Yan Ans love for him was deeper.

Weeping, suddenly a hand gently patted his back. Jiang Yanxu spun his head to look behind, seeing Lu Xinai handing out a locket to him.

”Brother-in-law, Brother Yan left this to you. ”

Jiang Yanxu frowned, then slowly grabbed the locket, looking at it for a while. Soon, he immediately realized that this locket was the thing that Yan An often wore in his life. He muttered under his breath, ”He gave this to me … ”

Knowing that Yan An left his precious thing to him, Jiang Yanxu felt a little better. It meant, Yan An still loved him!

He gripped the locket tightly in his hand, placing it against his chest as if he was putting it in his heart to be kept like a safe.

He had lost Yan An for the second time. The slightest thing of him—even if people thought it was worthless—for Jiang Yanxu—it was more precious than anything in this world.

Seeing Jiang Yanxu being so devastated, Lu Xinai was touched. First, she was reluctant to bring up anything about Yan An, but she was sure that Yan An would also want Jiang Yanxu to know what he had been feeling all his life.

Finally, Lu Xinai spoke through the depth of her heart, so there was a deeper sorrow in her words, ”Brother Yan had a gastric perforation. One year after you were detained, Yan Family went bankrupt. His parents committed suicide so Brother Yan had to struggle to live by working in Lu Company. His life was spent constantly working, he even didn think about his health. ”

The woman paused for a second. She seemed to have a hard time continuing her words as if each word had a heavy burden to bear. She took a few breaths, gathering her strength before she continued, ”Do you know why Brother Yan wanted to be buried in the public cemetery instead of Lu Family grounds? Three days before he died, he said to me, ury me in the public cemetery so Jiang Yanxu can visit me at any time without any trouble. He was even thinking about you in his last days. ”

Lu Xinai knew that Yan An wouldn do it without any reason. She knew how much Yan An loved Jiang Yanxu and how much his family hated Jiang Yanxu. So, if Yan An died and was buried in his familys grave, then there would be no chance for Jiang Yanxu to come to visit him in the future.

But … It didn matter at all ….

The woman only wanted to say: Yanxu! How dare you leave someone like Yan An just for the sake of a whore! Don pretend to regret anything! However, she couldn help but keep her words to herself.

Yan An was a good person, rooted in his soul. Bringing up past grudges and hostility would only tarnish Yan Ans grave. If Jiang Yanxu had said Im sorry in the three years he had divorced Yan An, then fck Yanxu!. She would show Jiang Yanxu how much Yan Ans Family hated him.

Unfortunately, it had been thirteen years already. Jiang Yanxu had also become a poor old man. So, Lu Xinai thought of keeping quiet and letting go of the past.

Letting it be a bad history in their family, in exchange for the remorse of the perfidious ex-husband.

Meanwhile, Jiang Yanxu heard those words pitifully and wept, showing the clear wrinkles under his eyes. Seen by his look, he was no longer young. However, when he recalled his time in his twenties, he seemed to hate himself.

”After what I did … after what my family did to you, you still think about me … I don deserve it … I don deserve your love! Yan An! Xiao An! I don deserve it although I love you so much! ” There was a cry that choked his neck, making him pause for a moment, ”But … but … if you want to meet me in second life, then I am willing to be faceless and love you once again. Even if you don love me anymore, I will chase you until you fall in love with me again in the next life! ”

Jiang Yanxu sobbed, he thought it was him who didn deserve to live, not Yan An!

Weeping for a long time, he expressed many feelings he had for years.

Unfortunately, Yan An could no longer hear his words, so Jiang Yanxu could only hope that the wind would carry his words to Yan An in the afterlife.


”Hubby, my hubby, wake up, come on wake up. ”

A familiar voice echoed in the old warehouse. Although the voice sounded gentle, for Jiang Yanxu, it was like the voice of a demon from hell that he recognized.

Of course, Jiang Yanxus hatred for the person who owned the voice was no joke!

Jiang Yanxu just woke up, feeling a little dizzy. He slowly opened his eyes, suddenly he found himself tied up to an old wooden chair. His hands and feet were tied, also his neck. And, his mouth was gagged with a foul-smelling cloth, making it difficult for him to breathe.

However, not long after, a gangster-looking man removed the cloth that was gagging his mouth.

Jiang Yanxu immediately took this chance to breathe.

As soon as he lifted his gaze, the figure sitting across from him was immediately recognized by him.

It was Ye Xinxin — his own wife — a man who blinded him to the point of abandoning his old wife — because he thought Ye Xinxin and he would live merrily in a harmonious marital relationship.

Jiang Yanxu would never forget that little demon!

But, despite that, he was still confused. He wasn sure why he ended up in this place after he visited Yan Ans grave.

He was voiceless for a moment, trying to connect the pieces of memory in his head.

It was as if his heart was suddenly electrified, causing a shock effect in his chest. Now, he could sum it all up.

After Jiang Yanxu visited Yan Ans grave, he asked Lu Xinai to drive him to district C to see his eldest cousin. However, before they arrived, the men from Jiang Family intercepted them arguing that Madam Tang, his stepmother, wanted him to come over to discuss something.

Jiang Yanxu didn suspect anything and immediately agreed. And after that, he couldn remember anything else.

However, he was certain that this was a trap from them: Tang Shiliu, Ye Xinxin, and Shen Ke.

The three of them were inseparable demons!

”Ye Xinxin! ”

Ye Xinxin instantly laughed in amusement. He sneered, ”Oh, so after ten years in prison, you still remember this face of your wife, my hubby? Its impressive! ”

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