Odyssey of a Deranged Transmigrator

Chapter 1: Prologue, The Transmigrator Awakens

le-aged man asked in mockery.

Bang! A muffled popping sound echoed in the room. I was finally liberated from the power that held me captive.

”You… how did you- ” The middle-aged man uttered in disbelief, unable to complete his sentence.

I turned around and looked at him, ”You don need to worry about that. ”

”Felix! ” The woman called out.

I did not pay any attention to her as I made my way once more towards the front door, and then I exited the mansion.

I heard footsteps coming after me. It was the middle-aged man, and he suddenly grabbed my left wrist.

e still manaless, but how- how did you break out of my spell…. ” The middle-aged man asked as he examined my wrist.

”You no longer have to worry about your manaless son… cause hes dead, ” I said as I turned around, staring into his eyes, before swatting away his hands and leaving the Estate immediately afterward.

”Haaah, it feels so good to be free. I just obtained a new lease on life; it would be quite a waste to play Cinderella in this world of magic. ”

I didn have any idea where I was going, so I just kept walking until I found a dirt trail.

I followed the dirt trail for what seemed like hours before I finally spotted something off in the distance. A wall constructed of hay and pointed wood, with wooden structures located behind it.

”Must be a town. Finally… ” I thought to myself as I made my way toward what I assumed to be the nearest town to the Estate.

When I arrived at the gate, it was completely open, and the guards were standing watch inside.

I was walking forward with the intention of entering the city when I was abruptly stopped by the guards.

”Do you have identification? ” asked the guard.

”Do I look like I have one? ” I answered with annoyance dripping from my voice.

”The cost of the toll for one month will be three hundred als. Do you have the money? ” The guard asked with a suspicious gaze.

I sighed and said, ”I don . ”

”Another goddamn beggar. Get lost! ” The guard snapped and appeared as if he would punch me.

I knocked out the first guard with a hard punch to the bridge of his nose before the other guards could attack me.

The other guard tackled me to the ground, trying to take me by surprise. I made a sideways pivot, which caused the guard to miss his attack.

I snatched a knife from the guard and made a break for it, heading for the woods in the area.

”Are they chasing me? ” I asked, looking back behind me.

I did not see anyone. ”Great, ” I muttered quietly.

I kept running in the direction of the woods in the hopes of finding safety there. As I progressed deeper into the forest, I noticed that the trees became denser, larger, and taller.

I had lost all sense of direction and could no longer localize my exact location.

I was startled when I heard the sound of grass being rustled somewhere nearby, and I immediately fell silent after hearing it.

I lowered myself to the ground and gripped the handle of my knife very firmly in my left hand.

As quickly as they had appeared, the rustling sounds vanished, and the forest was once again enveloped in silence.

I climbed up one of the trees to get a better vantage point, and while I was there, I looked for any indication that something was moving.

After a few minutes of waiting, there was still no sign of movement.

There was a spot in the cross-section of the trees branches where I could lie down safely.

It turns out to be a lot cozier than I had anticipated it to be. To my great relief, there did not appear to be any black ants or anything else crawling within reach. I lay there, trying to relax by closing my eyes and taking a break from looking at the world.

I finally found a spot where I could relax for a moment, and I immediately started coming up with ideas. What should I do now?

I need a job. However, I need to go into the town in order to find a job. But I need money in order to get into the town. And since I don have any money, I need to find a job. Fuck. What an awful loop.

Should I locate a hole in the wall later on in the evening? But there is no assurance that there will be one.

If I choose not to go into the town, what other choices do I have available to me? I could build myself a simple shack or even a tree house in the middle of the forest. But do I have the necessary equipment and supplies to get the job done? Would it hold up through a storm or a night of high winds?

Definitely not. Sigh. Tonight is going to be a chilly one. Dammit. It would be best if I dug a hole later on to sleep in.

I also have the option of killing a large animal and sleeping in its corpse; however, what if I draw the attention of a predator?

”Hah… what do I do now? ”

While I was mulling over what to do atop the tree branches, I heard something rustling in the area.

A predator? No, these strides, these light steps, its most likely two bipedal entities walking over a patch of dead grass. Are they humans?

I moved around while simultaneously attempting to prevent the tree from shaking in an abnormal manner.

It was at that point that it finally clicked in my head that they were, in fact, people. However, it is clear from the expressions on their faces that they are intent on achieving whatever it is that they have set out to do.

”Are they hunters? ” I asked myself.

It came to my attention that they were lifting a box of about average size that was wrapped in a substantial piece of fabric.

While I was paying close attention to what they were doing, I became aware of a faint whimper coming from within the box.

”I see… poachers, huh. ”

I waited for a while until they were in a position where they were directly beneath me, and then I moved.

Its time.

Good morning, mother**ers.

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