Mystic Dark

Attempt (Janice)

First came the pain. A slow burn. A warmth that made my slowly teeth itch with irritation. Then burning red hot. It was a sharp excruciating jolt. It was sharp pain like a knife; slowly and precisely sliding into the flesh of my skin.

But then….. then came the emotions. A cesspool of madness that swirled inside of me. Sadness. Grief. Distrust.

Then…Anger. No. Hatred. Thats what it was. Hatred for the ones who put me here. In this box. A livid sea of beaming animosity to those that wronged me. Took everything I had. The thought of them, it ravaged me.

I open my eyes slightly. I was greeted with a blinding light that forced me to close my eyes back shut them again. A dizzying feeling muddled my head as what seem to be stars dashed acrossed my closed lids.

A throbbing headache formed along with a side of motion sickness quelled in my stomach. The certain urge to throw up rushed from my gut as I tried to move.

With the little strength I had, I tried to lift my arms. However, I couldn .

”Shit, ” I thought.

I was too weak to speak. It was as if a thousand pound weight rested on my chest restraining me. I wiggled one more time but nothing. My body was completely limp and void of any will to move. I opened my eyes again. The blinding white of the room sent streams of bloody tears down my face.

”He is awake, ” said a voice in the near distant.

It was a soothing feminine voice with a small hint of grit to it. She sounded ill. Like her throat had been lodged with something. Restrict her speeches just slightly. Almost to the point we
e it was hardly audible. Yet, I could hear it. Whats worse, I wish I couldn .

The voice appeared to come from in front of me. I shift my attention toward the voice, but was immediately stopped by the overwhelming headache and absurd nausea.

”Try not move too much, ” said the voice, ”Youve just woken up so you body hasn quite adjusted to its new environment, yet. ”

My mind was beginning to race.

”What did she mean? ” I questioned.

Confusion began to surface as my eyes adjusted more to the light. I was alive…. or should I say in my case; conscious. Seeing as how vampires are technically dead.

”But how did I get here? Why was I here? ” I thought.

I took a brief moment to roll these questions over in my head before more popped in. My memories were coming back to me.

The dread was seeping in. How did they find me? Why haven they killed me yet? I was beginning to panic. My instincts to lash out were beginning to boil inside of me. I wanted to move, but my body wasn moving an inch.

”They won take me, ” I thought, ”Theyve taken everything else. They won take me. ”

”Heart rate rising, ” said the mysterious woman.

I could hear shuffling in the room around me.

e still afraid of me, ” I thought.

I could feel a smile forming on my lips. My fangs felt the full heat of the light hitting me. Hot. Bothersome.

I could hear whispering amongst everyone. Amongst the whispering, I could hear several of them discuss the subject of interrogation. Others were discussing a trial. The longer I listened, the more I was certain. They weren afraid of me.

”Lets hurry this up everyone, ” the woman spoke again, ”begin the restriction process. ”

Suddenly, a cold sharp item was wedged into my back. A hint of pain at first, then nothing. Instantly, the bright lights turned off and a thick sheet of Perpetual darkness blackened the room.

Almost immediately, excruciating pain ruptured through my entire body. I tried to scream, but I couldn . More bloody tears streamed down my face. The pain was sky rocketing and I was losing consciousness.

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