My Werewolf System

Chapter 1: An Obsession

Chapter 1: An Obsession

“Hey Gary, get your butt over here and check out the highlights from yesterdays Altered fight!” A boy yelled from his class seat.

The sound of the school bell rang out through the halls, signaling it was time for lunch. Immediately opening his drawer from under his desk, the boy pulled out an object. However, it wasnt a packed lunch like one would expect, instead the boy had taken out a tablet and put it on the table, propping it up, tilting it so he could comfortably watch the video.

The immediate destination, PouTube, the number one video sharing platform. Soon there was a crowd of classmates around him. All with their eyes glued to the screen.

“If youre not here in five seconds, Im starting the video without you,” Tom warned. Looking over at his friend he saw Gary focused on playing with something under his desk.

He could see Gary was moving his knees up and down, and he had made sure to cover his actions from the eyes of others. Tom was starting to think his friend was doing something that could get him in serious trouble.

Bro. were in the middle of class, come on! At least go to the bathroom if youre that desperate, Tom thought.

“Just give me a sec, okay?!” Gary shouted back. “Cant you see Im in the middle of something?” Underneath his own desk, Gary was staring at his phone. He had received a message and wasnt sure how to reply. It was already the fifth time he had typed out his response, but ended up deleting it because it seemed insufficient.

[Be there this evening at 6.] The message read.

*Duuuuun nun, dun, dun na na!*

With the sound of the opening theme song playing, Gary understood they had really started without him. He had given up coming up with a proper type of response, and in his haste, he wrote one letter. K.


“K? … K?! Who does this kid think he is?!” A man shouted in frustration as he received the message on his end.


Meanwhile, Gary had gotten over to the others by shoving his way through the crowd, allowing him to stand directly behind his friend Tom. Just in time, for the fight was about to begin.

Two men stood opposite each other in nothing but tight shorts. Their abs and muscles on full display. Proud of all the hard work they had put in for the fight this day.

In one corner, weighing in at 200 pounds, undefeated for 13 fights in a row, stood Kirk Summerfield. A man with a small goatee beard and black spiked up hair, short on the sides.

His opponent, weighing in at 190 pounds, similarly with a win record of 10 straight wins, was Sam Dillpickle. He was a shorter bald-headed man with a creepy smile.

“Hey, dont you think these two look a bit like Tom and Gary?” one of the students suddenly mentioned.

“Holy crap, you are right! They totally look like those two!”

The students in the crowd laughed together at this discovery. Everyone, but Tom and Gary themselves. Unfortunately, it was hard to deny the similarities between the two friends and the fighters.

Although Gary didnt have facial hair, even though he was sixteen, he never could grow a single hair on his face, body, chest or legs. He was hairless.

It was the genes that some women wished they had. Although he did have hair in one area, he promised and made sure everyone knew that.

It was an incident many of his male classmates wished to forget. Having been teased so much about it, he decided to show everyone proof. Of course, flashing your fellow classmates wasnt the best way to prove it, and it had cost him a weeks worth of detention.

At least he made sure it was during the males P.E class; otherwise, it could have been worse.

Still, he did have the same hairstyle as the first introduced fighter, only that his hair was green in colour. It wasnt his natural hair colour, but a decision he had made over the summer. Everyone was initially surprised when he had come to class looking like that, but at the same time it wasnt that strange for Gary to do something crazy like that. He already had a reputation of always doing crazy, absurd things.

As for Garys best friend, Tom, he looked like the spitting image of the other man in the video. His hair wasnt exactly bald, but he always got a number one when going to the barber.

When Gary asked him about his choice of hairstyle, his friend had explained how it was low maintenance to keep it like that. That was pretty much his motto in life. He liked things like computers, games, TV shows and books. Things that couldnt talk back to him.

Tom hated interacting with people so much that he refused to go to anything but the self-service scanner at supermarkets. The idea that someone would try to make conversation wi

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