A car stopped in front of an apartment in the middle of the night. Its already past 12 so there are not many people in the street.

A tall and handsome figure who might be in his early thirties comes out of the car and started to light up a cigarette while leaning against his car a little bit. He is looking at the apartment in front of him. Exactly on the fourth floor.

He waited there until his cigarette gets finished and then take out his phone and massaged someone. After that, he again started to look at that building. He is looking so intense while looking at the fourth floor where there is a little window.

Suddenly the light in that room turned on not long after the man put his phone again in his pocket. And seeing that, a little smile appears on his face. So without waiting for long the man opened his back seat door and take a box out from there.

In the meantime, a very cute-looking girl with blue eyes and brown hair comes out of the building and is running toward that man. She is wearing a very cute little little panda-printed pajama. She is looking like a little kid.

” Daniel, what are you doing here? ” the girl stopped in front of the man who is holding a box in his hand and asked in excitement.

” Happy birthday, Era, ” Daniel said while taking out the box and there is a very cute cake.

” Thank you so much, Daniel. ” Era replied sweetly. She never had someone who could buy a birthday cake for her and so seeing him, Era become very happy.

” Now blow the candles before it turns off by the wind, ” Daniel said again.

” Let me make a wish first. ” Saying that Era hold both hands together in front of her face and closed her eyes.

Daniel smiled seeing how cute she is looking while praying. But without keep staring at her more he also closed his eyes while holding the cake.

Suddenly someone picked out his head from behind a tree far away from them and started to take pictures.

” Whoa~ my miss is looking super cute today. ” Zacky complimented Era. ” Huh~ but my master….. he should learn some nice expressions from my miss. He is really bad at this. ”

Daniel has already opened his eyes when Era is still praying. And so without wasting any of his time, he again starts to enjoy the scene in front of him again.

After a few seconds, later Era open her eyes and blow out the candles and they went to sit on a bench near her apartment.

” Its so nice to have a birthday, Isn it? ” Era looked at Daniel and said but in reply, Daniel didn say anything but smiled.

” Did you like it? ” Daniel asked while staring at her deeply.

” Hmm… ” Era hummed shyly in her answer. ” Mostly the cake. ” To divert their minds Era take the cake from his hand and started to eat.

Daniel smiled again seeing how she tried to divert the topic by putting almost half of the cake in her mouth.

” By the way, why was your prayer so long? ” Daniel asked again.

Hearing his question, Era gulped all the cake she has in her mouth at once and said, ” Because l had to pray for the other kids from the orphanage too. Like just how l have started my birthday so well and so l wished they can also have a great birthday. ”

Era Steve is a middle-twenties girl who doesn have a family and was in an orphanage all her teenage. And now works as an Illustrator for a company. She stays in a one-room apartment where most of the time her best friend also stays there for free.

Suddenly a sound started to come from their back like from the bush behind them and so both Era and Daniel looked back.

Era looked back in curiosity as to who might be there this night and Daniel looked back with a little frown. He thought it was Zacky who are making sounds from behind.

Suddenly a white tail could be seen from the corner of a bush as if struggling to come out from the tree. And after a lot of struggles, a puppy rolled out from there and fall to the ground.

Era chuckled, ” Cute ”. She said while looking at the white dog.

Without looking at the dog, Daniel looked at Era and smiled, Really cute, he thought.

” Do you like dogs? ” Daniel asked.

” l like animals no matter which one is it. ” Era replied. ” Especially pandas. ”

Daniel laughed, ” l can tell. ” He said while looking at her pajama.

” l wish l could have a pet of my own. ” Era said.

” What kind of pet? ” Daniel asked with a serious face as if he is ready to buy her one right away.

Hearing him, Era went on a deep thought about what kind of pet she really wants to have if she have a chance.

Then after giving a lot of thinking Era finally replied to Daniel, ” Mmm… a panda?? ” She said with an innocent face.

But hearing her, Zacky who is also standing where the puppy comes out from laughed in silence. ” No doubt they both deserve each other. ”

Zacky laughed thinking when it comes to choosing a pet they both have unique tastes.

Daniel frowned a little bit upon hearing her answer. Not because he is surprised by her choice but because he is thinking something else.

” Why? Is it sounding weird? ” Era asked with a little apologetic smile.

” No… not at all, ” Daniel replied.

” You also think so? ” Era becomes excited seeing that Daniel is not judging her or thinking she is crazy.

” People can have different tastes in choosing their pets, ” Daniel said seriously when Zacky nodded his head in surcastic agreement.

” But so sad that we can raise a panda? ” Era said sadly.

”Why? ” Daniel asked as he doesn know about it.

” Because pandas are very sensitive. They have different environments to raise in. ”

To hear her, Daniels frown becomes deeper. Maybe he has other intentions with this conversation.

” By the way, do you have a pet? ” Era asked.

” Yes, l have one, ” Daniel replied proudly.

” Really? ”

” Yes. ” Daniel smiled and looked at her properly. ” His name is Tommy. ”

” Really? ” Era laughed hearing the name as it is a common names among dogs. ” l would love to meet him one day. ”

Daniel looked at her for some seconds without saying anything. Maybe he doesn know what to say about her meeting his pet one day.

And as it started to get late at night and so Daniel decided to not hold her here more as she might catch a cold later and so they again come in front of his car.

Greeting each other good night Era is about to enter her building when she again turns back.

” Hey, what are you doing tomorrow? ” Era asked in hesitation.

Daniel becomes confused, ” Aah… nothing. Why? ”

” Will you come with me to visit the zoo tomorrow? ” Era asked shyly.

Era likes to go to Zoo as she loves animals a lot. And whenever she got some time she goes there to meet her animal friends.

” Okay. ” Daniel simply replied. He was expecting something like that from her because she knows Era very well.

Daniel has fallen for Era because of her childishness. Era is 24 years old but from inside she is just a five years old little kid who is innocent and naive. And thats what Daniel likes about her the most.

After that Daniel comes back to his mension and is now passing by the hallway when his eyes fell on the garden where Tommy is sleeping. Even from the far, Tommy could be seen very easily because of his white fur and giant figure. He is sleeping peacefully which is irritating Daniel now.

” Whats wrong master? ” Zacky asked who is following him from the very beginning of when Era went back to her home.

” Why didn l have a panda as my pet? ” Daniel said and started to go upstairs.

Zacky becomes confused hearing him. He knows that Tommy is his masters one of the favourite members of his family. But why he is suddenly mad at him? Did Tommy do something wrong?

” Can pandas eat humans? ” Zacky asked his master but it was too late as Daniel has already gone upstairs to his room.

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