They both sit on a near bench while controlling their breathing. They both know how to bear their own emotions but when both pf their emotions gets mix its become unbearable for both of them because they don know how to confront something they don know.

(Sies, are you okay?)abhi asks

(Abhi, I am fine and are you fine?)sies answer and asks if abhi is fine.

But both their worrying about each other making it worst.

Now their worries also mixing with their current emotions.

(Sies, please stop your emotions and worrying about me)abhi shouts while standing from bench

(Abhi, you also stop this mess, its so painful)sies shouts in abhis head.

They both shouting on each other while ignoring the people seeing abhishek while muttering among themselves that looks like a mental patient runs from Hospital.

After 5 minutes…..

Abhi notices that people is watching him, so he runs away from there.

And he returns to his hotel room and sits there on bed and starts mediating while asking sies to do the same as he did 10 minutes of meditation

Abhi and sies both release a sigh of relief.

They are taken control of their emotions for now.

(I am sorry, for shouting early)both apologize

(Hahaha, hahaha)they both starts laughing slowly as they both were in sync.

(Hey sies from now on we need to keep our emotions in check. If you have any topic that you want to avoid talking about please tell me now.)abhi says

Sies thinks for some time and after mustering his courage she says with some hesitation.

(Abhi, please never asks about my parents it makes me sad every time someone asks about my mother and father)

Abhi wants to ask why she becomes sad when talking about her parents, but thats the point of all conversation to avoid plucking any old wound.

(Ok)abhi says half-heartedly

(And I don want to talk about my childhood ever)abhi says

Sies thinks for some time same thinks as abhi

And she comes with the same conclusion as abhi. And she says


They both take some time to rest but abhi suddenly remembers about his meeting at square for his museum exhibition.

And he looks at time its already ten, and he is now late.

(There goes my 5 points)abhi says to himself

(Why you care about so much its only 5 points?)sies asks innocently

(Well, my school allots school ships according to our exam scores and takes point in consideration thats why only some students worry about them while others are rich, so they don care about so much.)abhi explains

(Hey, are you poor or something?)sies asks

(Yes…..)abhi says

(How you can be living in hotel and going to such a big school?)sies asks

(Its is long story)abhi says

(Tell me, its not like we are in a hurry)sies

Abhi starts telling her everything.

Meanwhile, on museum trip

Monu sir approached tarun and asks him.

(Where is abhishek?)

Tarun thinks something to tell him.

(He runs away somewhere when you leave)tarun says

(I assume Its nothing to do with you)monu sir asks

(No, absolutely nothing to do with me)tarun try to play dumb

After some more question monu sir leaves tarun with a suspicious look.

(You are going to pay for this abhi)tarun says

Back to the soul mates of our story

(And that all)abhi end explaining everything.

(Hey, do you want money?)sies asks

(No, I don want to borrow your money)abhi says not wanting sies money.

(Abhi, we are one….)sies stop while saying and thinking its sounds weird.

(Sies don say it like this)abhi says while embarrassed

(Ok, let me say it like this Im living in your body and let me pay you rents for my food and shelter.)sies says gently

(Well it sounds right)abhi says

(Ok, but I don think you much money on you right now, and you can ask your family for money.)

(Money is not a problem in my family who controls and protects both worlds)sies says

(Ok how are you going to give me money?)abhi asks

(Where is my ring that I gave you?)sies asks

Abhi takes out that ring from bag and asks sies to what to do with it.

(You know what this ring contains don you?)sies asks

(Yes, your body that is contained with a poison that will kill your soul when enters this body)abhi says while remembering what sies tell him early.

(Yes, now take out my body I need something from my body)sies tells abhi.

Sies tells abhi how it is done and after completing the process the ring starts shining and sies body appears on the bed where abhi puts ring.

Abhi sees sies body again stunned with her beautiful blue hairs, and she is looking like a sleeping princess but without breathing.

Abhi becomes little sad about this and try to ignord it.

(Abhi, I waaaaaa,)sies stumbles in abhis mind while becoming redder every second but abhi can see that, but he feels her embarrassment by their soul bound.

(Don tell the thing you want is inside your clothes, and you forgot that only I can touch things you can do a single thing without my body, and you are embarrassed to let me touch your body without you in.)abhi says like he reads sies mind.

(Yes)sies reply with red ears

(Ok, what is that you want and where is that I make it quickly, and I will close my eyes)abhi says

(You promise that you won see anything)sies asks

(Yes)abhi says

(You don even peak a little)sies asks

(I swear that I don )abhi relpy

(Ok, then I want you to take my phone and my phone is under my skirt in a pocket attach to my inner thighs)sies with a lot of embarrassment.

Abhi feels that embarrassment and decide to don say anything because it is even embarrassing for abhi.

(I will don ask why there is a pocket there and why she has to put her phone will make things worse)abhi thinks

And without saying anything he takes a black cloth from his bag and blindfold himself.

And after 1 minute of mental preparation.

He goes towards bed where sies body is lying and starts to touching her legs.

(So soft but cold)abhi thinks while feeling sad

(Abhi don worry I will be alright in near future)sies says

Abhi thanks sies for her words and without any more moment he starts moving his hands towards sies inner thighs, and he touches something but its is not phone but something soft and silky.

(Ahhhhhhhhhh)sies screams in abhis mind.

Abhi falls back on his back on floor.

After 20 minutes of struggle.

Abhi somehow to manage to take sies phone and putting his body in her ring again.

(We never talk about it never)both thinks in sync.

Abhi asks sies what now.

(Ok, abhi now opens the password is my birthday date 29072005)

(Hey is it mean your birthday is 29th July 2005,it is same as me)abhi says with surprise looks.

(What a coincidence)sies says with a chuckle

Abhi opens sies phone and sies instruct him to open a banking app which he never hears of.

(I never hear of the name IEA banking)abhi asks sies

(It is special services for special people like me)sies says with a smug look.

Abhi opens the banking account of sies with the same password as before he thinks this girl is so lazy using same date as password twice but his thinking stop when he sees account balance.

[Account Number-122242475

Account Holder-Atseis Lofts

Bank branch Code-62751

Current balance-1852036200000 USD]

Abhi shocks to see one thousand eight hundred something billions in American dollar it becomes much more in Indian rupees.

(Are you princess of somewhere?)abhi asks sies in disbelief

(You can say that)sies reply with a chuckle an amused look.

(Exactly how much I can use?)abhi asks

(Everything, you can use every dollar in this is nothing but changes to my family, my family won even notice about this is one of many accounts on my name as eldest daughter)sies says

Abhi don know what to say and to do.

He is now a billionaire.

What will abhi do with this money? To know about it read the next chapter.


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