A boy is standing in front of two dead bodies of two adult male and a female and 10-year-old boy is seeing them without moving an inch of his face. And his sees that the woman faces him and says you are really a mad boy for killing your own mother and father. Boy don move then and after some time he leaves the house and gone somewhere far from this place.

After 6 years

Uttar Pradesh (India)

A boy sounds sleep in his broken bed in shitty apartment just then his cheap phones alarm rings waking the young boy

(Another day to survive)boy say with sigh looking tired with messy black hair

This boy name is Abhishek Kumar who is a 16-year-old an orphan boy living on his own with a part-time job and goes to an elite school in Delhi (Indias capital)due to his high academic abilities on scholarship with 100% fee reduction and because Abhishek wants to save his money he goes to that school against his will because of his poor status he always gets bully in his class by rich classmates.

Abhi leaves the bed and goes to ready for school.

After 20 Minutes

Abhi is ready to go school and leaves his apartment and locks his door before leaving and starts to go towards his school which is in Delhi.

Abhi have to leave for school two hours before the bell to reach in time in his class.

Abhi goes to his school by bus which costs less than by taxi and school transportation.

But traveling in bus means extra suffering in India which have a large population without a system for their facilities.

Abhi reaches his school 15 minutes before his school bell rings, and he goes straight to his class without any messing around while other students goes to cafe and other facilities on this elite schools campus with their friends and girlfriends, but they are really expensive for normal coffee and cakes.

About the school Abhi attends his school name is UTTAM High school which is the school with the most fees and most facilities for students in India and its campus covers 10 km radius with many facilities including three building library,5 Olympic size swimming pools, Advance technology gym equipments etc. Abhi gets in this school by mistake by various circumstances and struck there for his reasons.

After coming to his class Abhi sits on his seat which last seat in last row of his class while ignoring everyone in his class.

Abhi always stays alone in his class because everyone in his class is extremely rich with very high status and Abhi don want to involve with them, but Some students can not let him stay in his peace because of his poor status.

Some students from his class approach him and one student named tarun stands in front of Abhishek and said

(Looks this dirtbag still don greet me while kneeling just as I told him to)tarun says with a mocking tone.

Another one beside tarun says

(Bro, it looks like he is asking for a lesson like always)boy says with a smirk on his face

Abhi sits without saying anything because he knows where this is going, and he can stop them even if I want to. They pick Abhishek and take him to a place without CCTV cameras and peoples.

They push him against a wall and two boys holds his hands and stop him from moving. Not that Abhi is resisting them anyway. Then tarun punch Abhi in His guts while smiling.

Abhi cough some spit while standing in his place without moving.

(Now, will you greet me everyone morning while kneeling, you dirty street dog)ta run says with a sinister smile

(No, why I have to do this? I am not you slave or something)Abhi says with a straight face.

(It always makes me like puking just by looking at you, and I am telling you to not come to schools filed trip to Kashmir next week, you will just ruin my mood being there)tarun say with a disgusts expression while looking at Abhi like looking at dirty trash.

(I will, if I can but if I don go school will deduct my marks and I can lose my scholarship with that I have no option but to go)Abhi says while making a serious expression.

(Its doesn matter to me, you just don come near me there or else I will kill you)tarun threat Abhi with scary eyes.

(OK, I will not try to come near you in this trip not that I try to come near you anyway in anywhere or anytime)Abhi says with seriousnees

Just listening to this taruns blood starts to boil for some reason, and he starts punching and kicking Abhi with anger in his eyes and left him after 5 minutes of beating and goes back to his classroom.

Abhi sits where he was and says

(Its not even hurt close to that)Abhi says while remembering something.

Abhi goes back to his class and sits where he was

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