We walked into the motel room.It was a small roomwith two beds and a nightstand in between.Next to it was another smaller room with only an old wooden table, two chairs, a sink, a barely functional cooking stove, and a strange door in the corner that I believe led to a bathroom.I strolled towards the bed, the one closer to the door, just in case, and sat on it,

looking around.

Meanwhile, Ezra placed her ax next to her bed, one of the pistols under the pillow, and took the other along to the bathroom. There,I heard the sound

Of water followed by curses, which were probably caused by her dissatisfaction with the level of warmth of her shower. I let out a light laugh, removed my shoes, and lay on the bed, admiring the ceiling.

Really…What am I doing? Shes right. Why am I so calm? My life is crumbling and Im here chilling with a fugitive psychopath.Did my life mean so little to me? Or was I always actually searching for a way out of it?…No, what am I saying? Why would I want to run away? I have a perfect life.The life I always wanted, right? Plus, why do I feel so comfortable around her? That doesn make sense.Shes the one that destroyed my life in just a few hours, isn she?

I am going crazy…It must be trauma…my brain is just trying to process the situation. Tomorrow I will wake up freaked out and try to run away like a normal human being.

A moment passed and I heard the water stop and my eyes instinctively moved to the bathroom door, which opened a minute later. She walked out in only her gray bra and a pair of underwear in which she carried her gun close to her hip while her arms were busy drying her silky black hair with a towel.

I knew it was wrong, but I couldn take my eyes off her; they moved, tracing every inch of her body, and God she was hot. Her breasts were perfectly squeezed in her bra, her waist curved and her stomach flat as a board with some light sculpted abs, her hips wide enough to give her an hourglass figure, her ass and legs perfectly toned, and some water drops ran down her body giving her a glittering skin.

I was never the flirtatious type, and I had no strong feelings for women…or men. Im not particularly sexual and it takes a lot to turn me on. Yes, I know what people might be thinking, no I am a healthy man in every way, but those things in general have never picked my interest. So being here, simping over a woman I barely knew, and feeling my blood boil just by looking at her in her underwear wasn really me.

How didn I notice until now that she had the body of a goddess? I thought to myself before coming back to reality when I saw her looking at me with an amused grin on her face.

”Anything you
e liking? ” she asked.

I looked away instantly stumbling on my words feeling my cheeks on fire ” I-Im S-sorry….I-I wasn l-looking….I-I didn m-mean to… ”

She gave me a childish laugh and I was tempted to turn and look at her again but I didn ” Come on.Don be so shy…I am the one walking around in my underwear after all ”

wait a damn minute…shes right. Shes the one walking barely wearing anything in front of a stranger. Why should I be the one ashamed?

” Thats right!! why aren you wearing proper clothes?! Its not decent and dangerous to walk in front of a stranger like this, especially a man!! ” I lectured her trying my best to look only into her eyes.

She gazed at me bored, walking towards her bed ” Don lecture me.I wear the hell I want and I only feel comfortable sleeping in my underwear or naked so bear with it ”

She said the last words narrowing her eyes, grinning while She slowly took her gun out of the strip of her panties and bent over to place it under her pillow. I looked back at the ceiling hastily closing my eyes trying to convince myself that Im not the kind of man that would picture a woman naked in his mind.

I heard some rustling and suddenly, felt some pressure on the mattress next to my head. My eyes shot open in surprise and here she was, her face a few inches away from mine, smiling evilly her arms on both sides of my head. Her rosy, bruised lips and her boobs with one strap of her bra down were in my field of vision and I felt every inch of my body screaming in pain from the sudden wave of heat.

I couldn move at all, breathing heavily looking into her eyes, and taking a few glimpses of her cleavage until she started talking.

” You said it was dangerous. why? Are you going to try something? ”She asked clearly having fun playing with my emotions.

”N-no…I would never…um..I-I was just saying in general…not me ” I answered finally bringing myself to look away from her.

She didn say anything and scanned my face for a few seconds, she then giggled and moved back to her bed brushing her leg on my arm on purpose. I quickly pulled away like I was burned and sat up, looking at her back from the corner of my eyes wanting to reprimand her when something caught my attention: Her tattoo.

She had a large tattoo covering her entire back and the back of her arms. The tattoo looked like a pair of wings…dark angel wings.

Wow…so she is taking the angel of death thing pretty seriously, isn she? But there is something weird with that tattoo.Something isn right.

My thoughts were interrupted when she ordered me while settling under her sheets ”Come on its your turn to wash up. I am not sleeping in the same room as someone that smells like death…and plus ” She added mocking ”it may cool you down a bit ”

” Ha Ha so funny.You
e the one that should learn what decency is ” I answered angrily getting up and moving to the bathroom without hearing what she had to say to that.

Once inside, closing the door I sighed heavily taking off my shirt.

Damn her …damn her…she is the one in the wrong and she has the audacity to treat me like a pervert?

And whats wrong with me? Its not like I haven seen a woman naked before so why am I so affected by her? Ever since I met this woman I haven been myself…its really annoying.

Stripping off my clothes I stepped inside the small tub and turned the warm water which wasn .But that didn really bother me what bothered me was the absence of a curtain and I felt somehow exposed.

I reached for the shampoo bottle after I wet my hair. At least even in this rotten place, there was some shampoo and soap, I thought to myself.

A few minutes later I was washing the shampoo off when I heard the bathroom door knob being turned and I instinctively reached for my towel in a panic to cover my dignity. Ezra opened the door walking in casually like we were some 10 years married couple and reached for the coat, my coat, that hung behind the door wearing it without sparing me a glance.

” DO YOU MIND?! ” I shouted frustrated.

”What? ” She asked looking at me genuinely confused.

”What do you mean what? You just walked in while Im showering like it was no big deal!! ” I answered feeling my body temperature rising again even under the cold water.

” Because its no big deal you
e covering yourself. And its not like I haven seen a dick before, ” She said smiling coyly.

” I don care!! Get the hell out and learn to knock before entering like this!! ”

”Hey stop shouting someone will think Im sexually assaulting you and call the police ” She joked walking towards the door.

”You ARE sexually assaulting ME!! ”

”Sheesh….boring. You can even take a joke ” She complained walking out and closing the door.

I kept glaring at the door and started to take my towel off to finish washing the soap off when the door slightly opened again and her head popped in. ” By the wa.You have a hot body for a nerd ” she announced with a full teeth smile.

”GET OUT!!! ” I yelled throwing the soap at her before she slammed the door.

I finished showering deciding to keep my towel on to protect myself from that peeping tom.

I wasn really excited about wearing my dirty clothes again but I wasn going to stay in my underwear like a certain someone, so I did it and looked at myself in the mirror. I had a nasty bloody bump on the right of my forehead and tracing the back of my head there was a second one. I frowned at myself and got out of the bathroom wishing that the devil that caused pain was sleeping to spare me a stroke and thank god she was. She was sleeping so soundly curled in a ball wearing my jacket, covering herself with the thin sheets and she did look like an angel at this moment.

Yeah….whoever gave her the nickname of the angel of death was spot on.Beautiful but deadly.

I mumbled to myself laying on the bed and covering myself when I started to feel cold too.

Why does she always have to take my jacket? Why didn she buy one?Damn her Im freezing.

I turned the light off and started to toss in my bed trying to sleep but felt cold and uncomfortable. Shit…could this get any worse? Thinking that I felt my stomach angrily grumbling.Great…Now Im cold, tired and hungry.I should have just shut my mouth.

Thats how my night went by. Me tossing and closing my eyes opening them every 5 minutes to look outside the window praying that the sun is finally up.

A few hours passed and the daylights made their entrance. My instinct told me it was 5 so I got up, made my bed, and stood in the middle of the room, lost.

Now what? I need my morning routine…I need clean clothes, a toothbrush, food, my coffee. I could go buy them but I left my wallet and my stuff back at the prison and Im obviously not going to the bank…**.

I looked to my right, Ezra was still deeply sleeping like a bear in hibernation.

Didn she put the money in the drawer? Should I take some? No what? Am I a thief now?

Deciding to take the bad decision of asking her I came closer to her bed shaking her awake.I heard mumbling and I asked. ”Hey Ezra…we need some stuff. Do you mind if I take some bills and go buy them? ”

She answered lazily with only one eye half open ”take the ** you want and don wake me up again or Im shooting you ” and she fell back into a deep sleep snoring lightly.

How is this woman a trained killer and she has such a heavy sleep?

I asked myself taking some money and the keys to both the car and the room, I walked outside closing the door firmly behind me.

Should I take one of the guns too? I asked myself getting down the stairs, No what for? I don know how to shoot anyway.

I got into the old car and tried to start it three times before it finally worked and took off searching for a market. Half an hour later I finally found one and went in to buy what I needed.

By the time I finished shopping and went back to the motel it was already 8. I climbed the stairs and opened the door with the key, walking inside and closing the door. When I turned around, I dropped all of the groceries on the floor, fidgeting in place, the blood draining from my face.

There on the edge of Ezras bed, a man with white short hair and a beard of the same color, wearing dark clothes was seating looking at his phone while she was still deeply sleeping.

He looked up from his screen slowly in my direction, he had ice-blue eyes and a scary frown.

”Who are you kid? And what are you doing here? ” he asked with a deep calm voice.

”What Im doing here?! I should be asking you these questions!! Are you here to hurt her ?! Did you touch her?! ” I asked furiously taking a step forward only to be stopped when he drew Ezras gun and pointed it at me.

” Listen, boy…Im not a morning person and I especially hate loud voices in the morning. So shut the ** up or Im putting a bullet in both your lungs. ” he threatened.

I felt chills running down my spine and I stayed standing where I am my eyes moving from the gun to the man trying to figure out what I should do in this kind of situation.

Why isn she doing anything? Did he drug her or something?

My questions were answered when suddenly dissatisfied grunts emerged from under the sheets and Ezra turned around to face the old man and me. ”If you two can keep it down, go scream at each other outside Im trying to sleep!!! And Roy if you shoot my pet Im cutting your old manhood off!! ” She yelled turning around again to continue her sleep.

Roy? Wait he is…

The old Roy looked at me scanning me from head to toe than at Ezra. ” Are you high again? Because Im sorry to break it to you sweetheart but thats not a pet you brought home but a grown-up handsome man ”

”I know that Roy.But don you think he is better than a dog? He tried to defend me, isn that sweet? ” She answered with an exaggeratedly cheerful voice.

”Look. He even brought groceries back. You
e right he is much better than a dog. ” said the old man ”Is he good in bed too? ” He added.

”Ummm…I don know yet ”

”Too bad…If you get bored with him one day I will gladly take him ” He said with a grin looking at me which gave me more goosebumps than when he was going to shoot me.

”Hey hey you two Im still in the room you know?! Don treat me like Im some kind of belonging!! ” I exclaimed cringing at this weird conversation.And suddenly when I finished my sentence Ezra sat up like she was possessed and looked at me in disbelief. ”Thats right!!! What the ** are you still doing here? ” she asked.

Not understanding what she meant by this I answered ” What do you mean? ”

”You had money…a car. Why did you come back here? ”

”Ohh…because I am not stupid enough to try and run away on my own. We both know I can survive half a day as a fugitive without being caught so whats the point in running away from here? ” I answered bending down and putting the groceries back into the bags.

”Wow…you got yourself a crazy one. Interesting. Are you sure you want him? ” asked Roy turning to face Ezra again.

”He is stupid, not crazy ” She answered clearly annoyed before laying back.

”Are you going back to being lazy? You can sleep all day kiddo ” Lectured the white-haired man.

”Watch me ” was the only thing she said before starting to snore loudly.

”Childish… ” He whispered ”So… handsome? Did you bring anything worth eating? ” He asked looking at the bags.

I looked at him blinking a few times ” Ummm…I was thinking about making omelets and maybe some coffee or tea… ”

”Tea for me. Coffee makes me anxious ” he said.

e always anxious… ” Whispered Ezra in a half-sleeping voice.

”You shut up and go back to your twisted dreams ” he ordered putting the gun down and looking back at his phone, tapping on the screen.

I sighed loudly and went to the little kitchen placing the groceries on the table and taking what I need out. A few minutes later I finished preparing the eggs and placed the plates on the table with cups of tea and turned to get the sugar.

”Great. You
e a good cook too. Now I understand why she kept you alive that long you
e very handful and entertaining ” announced Roy walking in and suddenly sitting down causing me a heart attack.

”Should I be happy about that? ” I asked sarcastically handing him the sugar.

”Yes, ” he seriously answered adding two cubes to his tea.

”You really do know her well don you? ”I remarked sitting down across him.

”Hah…you have no idea.Ive been around that girl for way too long and trust me when I tell you that she is scary as hell when shes not in a good mood ”

”Yeah…Ive witnessed that. ”I said remembering the jail scene.

”So yes boy you
e a lucky man. She can even keep a goldfish alive for more than two hours ” he joked laughing out loud.

”Thats not true.Mister bubbles survived for 5 hours, not just two you asshole ” Ezra argued emerging suddenly dressed in my coat to her mid-thighs and sitting next to him.

”Yes and it was the worst few hours of the little guys existence ”

”Don exaggerate Roy. How I would have known that he was going to die that fast outside of water? ”

”He was obviously struggling sweetheart ”

”I thought he was jumping because he was happy to see me ” she answered casually bringing the teacup to her lips.

”Speaking of happy to see you ” he started calmly ” DUMMKOPF!!!(idiot) HOW THE FUCK DID YOU GET YOURSELF INTO THIS MESS? 16 GUYS EZRA?? 16?? YOUR TARGET WAS CLEARLY ONE!!! AND YOU GOT CAUGHT ON TOP OF THIS. ”He continued screaming putting down the cup loudly, which caused me to choke on my breakfast.

Ezra on the other hand didn flinch and calmly stuffed some eggs into her mouth. ”It masntme.. ” She said with incoherent words, her mouth full of food.

”Come again? ” He asked annoyed.

She gulped loudly and repeated her words ”I said it wasn me ”

We both looked at her with wide eyes and yelled simultaneously ”WHAT!? ”

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