Lost Radiance

Radiance of the Reborn

o, ” said the man.

They both stared at each other in silence.

The boy didn know what to say, so he just smiled and nodded.

”You must be the first being in the reborn world, ” said the man.

The boy didn respond.

The man laughed. ”Don worry, you
e not the only one. Youll meet others soon. ”

The man vanished.

The boy kept staring at the spot where he had disappeared.

He wondered if the man was going to return or if he had gone away forever.

He glanced around at the ruins.

The boy was curious and wanted to explore all the things he found.

He didn stop to think about the meaning behind finding a pillar that produced a light beam.

He understood that the pillars were ancient.

This meant that he was lucky to find one, even though it was empty.

Despite his human appearance, the child had no need to eat or sleep.

Since he had none of these needs, he wandered the wasteland for years without stopping.

Meanwhile, the earth started to heal itself, and plants began to sprout.

The sky cleared up from pollution; it became blue again.

Every creature that lived on Earth was now extinct; however, new creatures emerged.

Flowers bloomed everywhere, and animals roamed the land.

And so millions of years passed.

The child had become the protector of the earth.

Eventually, the child started to notice people.

They walked through forests, fields, and mountains.

”Hey, who are you? ” he asked them.

Nobody responded.

The child kept talking to strangers.

No matter how many people he talked to, he never got an answer.

He stopped trying to talk to them.

People began to build settlements, farms, and villages.

The child watched as they built towns and cities.

He saw that the new humans were different from him.

They spoke in strange languages, wore weird clothes, and ate food hed never tasted.

”Why don you talk to me? ”

Still, nobody answered.

He was lonely.

He felt like he was the only person in the whole world.

The boy always had the hope of seeing that man he saw on the pillar millions of years ago.

As time passed, the child became more and more curious about his origins.

”Maybe Im not from this world. ”

The boy searched for information about the pillars he found all over the world and discovered that they were all connected.

”Are these pillars the reason why I was born? ”

His research took him to the center of the globe, where he found a city.

The child wandered around the city, searching for answers.

He studied the culture of the humans that lived there.

The humans appear to have discovered something in the pillars and developed some kind of energy from there.

The child was fascinated. ”Do the pillars have a deeper meaning than I know? ”

He learned that people believed that the pillars gave birth to the Earth.

He began to wonder if he could find the truth about the pillars.

One day, he heard someone crying.

He followed the noise and found a young girl sitting next to a tree.

She was holding her knees and rocking back and forth. She was sobbing loudly.

The boy approached the little girl and knelt beside her.

Her tears flowed freely and she cried louder, shaking her head violently. Her body trembled as she shook uncontrollably.

He put his arms around her.

Tears streamed down the childs face too, but he didn cry as loudly as the girl.

The girl asked him: ”Where did my mother go? ”

The boy was terrified because she had spoken to him and could see him.

”Can you see me? ”

”Of course, I can. ”

”Do you understand what Im saying? ”

”Yes. ”

The girl grabbed hold of his arm tightly.

”Please tell me where my mommy went! ”

Suddenly, she froze, still as stone.

The girl was frozen solid, unable to speak or move.

Without understanding what was happening or the meaning of death, the child panicked and ran away from her.

He hid behind a large rock and waited for her to awaken.

Time passed slowly, and the sun rose and set.

During that period, the boy spent his days hiding, waiting for her to wake up.

The girl didn wake up, so the boy lifted and carried her with great difficulty to the pillar where he had spoken with the man.

He laid next to her after gently placing her on the ground inside the pillar.

Days turn into weeks, months, and finally years.

The girl never woke up again.

The last thing that could be seen of the girl and the boy was that the boy had disappeared.

Vanished as if he had never existed. As if his existence were nothing more than vast nothingness.

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