”Hey Mike whats up have you completed the calculus assignment ” ” what calculus assignment? ”huh? were you not online for Mr Musas class yesterday? ”oh that calculus you should have said so .. anyways why are you asking ” ”ummmmm you know ” ” ugh lemme guess you want to borrow my solutions ” he said with a cynical smirk on his sadist like face ugh hes totally mocking me ” are you even human? ”oh really, if Im not human what are you supposed to be ” ”uhhhhh you did not just say that ” ”yes of course I did, na only you fit throw shade? he said with an eye roll, oh how I wish I could just stretch my hands into the screen and pull his ears ” and look at the rest of you, calling yourselves my friends, oh theres no more love in the world I have been cast aside, abandoned ” ”oh here she goes again being dramatic ” ”shut it Mariam you
e acting like you
e less dramatic than I am, and Victor don you dare look away you were planning to ask me for the calculus after I got it from Jake so don you dare look away traitor!!!

”Bye bye guys Tomi try not to sleep during class next time ” ”stop being so naggy Temi dearest, you
e starting to sound like my mum ” ” I wouldn nag so much If I didn know the reason you sleep during class is cause you stay up all night playing video games ” ”ugh fine ….. mum ” ”u
e impossible so Mike ” ”hm hm now you finally have time for your bestie ” ” you aren my only bestie but oya Im sorry really sorry … soooooo ” ” the calculus assignment? he drawled ”yes I want it ” I gave him puppy eyes which he frowned at he had the audacity to look disgusted and I decided to disgust him even more Moe is life ”pwease ” ”ugh fine in return bake me a chocolate cake your style Ill sneak by tomorrow to get it ” ” well go with the Rapunzel delivery tomorrow? ”nah Im scared your mum may have a spy just drop it in the patio beside the roses ” ”ok all this for a cake and calculus ” ”you want it or not and besides your cakes are divine ” I pretend to elegantly flip my hair and cross my legs ”I don know what you
e talking about but Ill make an exception since you
e in desperate need of my DIVINE creation ” I didn have to look at the screen to know I was being mocked ”ok I have to go now mum might be home soon maybe ” ”oh alright bye ”

”Finally my room isn looking like a pigs sty, maybe that was too much it was just messy not actually dirty but anyway its clean now to make dinner

Ah finally Im done , oh my 7:45 is that the time already? well I might have spent a lot of time on that turkey coupled with the cake it took awhile, I also cleaned my room and I did the laundry too Im such a good daughter mum should be back soon, maybe, is she coming back tonight? I think I should call, or not ”

Ding dong ”I think shes back ” I rub my eyes and stand up with a yawn ”hold on Im coming ” my mum could go from ringing the doorbell to banging the door in a second I open the door only to be faced with a large grocery bag ”wow you even had time to shop? ” ” yeah I decided to stop by the supermarket on my way home ” ”and mummy? I batted my lashes giving her a hard stare… ”and I got you some snacks too ” ”yes!!! ” I carry the stuff inside searching for something I could snack on ”Young lady put that bag in the kitchen also have you had dinner? ” ” yup and I saved some for you ” ”oh yeah whats on the menu and don tell me you experimented I don want to have one of your dark cuisines this night ” ” nope you have just boiled potato and stew I fried the turkey too ” ” ok no problem I will go ahead and shower set the table for me ” ” ok mum and should I prepare tea ” ” yes green tea ” ” ok maam ”

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