——Andromeda Empire, Imperial Castle——————

In my somewhat hazy consciousness I can hear sounds of many people dying,

Clashes of sword ringing,

Shouts that probably came from the incantation of magic,

and the suffocating red light and smoke which can be seen in the remaining vision I have left.

In the center of it all is a girl with black hair and blue eyes, which is a depiction of a beauty with the most gentle appearance.

However far from her desired look, she is full of anger, resentment, and hatred as she hold a sword that is stabbed to my chest.

Well not gonna lie, shes still cute as heck even with that kind of expression though

Although in a situation where I am about to die, I could not help but smile since she really is kinda cute with both her eyebrows raised and her round face in a pout.

As if noticing my emotion she narrowed her eyes and asked ”What are you smiling at, you are about to die ”

”Well at the very least you are the last person I saw before I die ”

Crap did i just said that out loud…what a cheezy and edgy line that was.

”…. ”

Silence pervaded the room as no one spoke.

However our eyes are locked both expresses different thoughs:

hers being full of anger and mine being my usual look(calm and indifferent).

Although I want to look at her with a gentle and sincere eyes, I could not do so as it might damage her resolve and her reason to live.

I want to console her but I can , Although her actions are unreasonable I want her to live up and stand on the path she have chosen. I want to say many things, however I don want her to feel guilty, since one day when she had calmed down and can calmly think I don want her to suffer more.

Because she had already suffered a lot, being betrayed, lied to and many more.

She is a good girl at heart and therefore she deserves happiness.

She had already suffered enough. I don want her to suffer more.

Although now she is being used by the Rolette Kingdom as a propaganda to Insubordinate the Empire and using her as a tool to claim the throne through a Coup detat which would make her a puppet queen, at the very least the person who she is with now really love her and can protect her…..

Well duhh hes the protagonist where he conquers land or something and the princess is going to be a part of the harem.

Ooops where being off topic now, lets procede to the drama once more

*cough cough*

She deserves a better life

And thats why although I have enough power to destroy them, for now since it is still in the early mid of the novel where the protagonist is powerless I would not ruin such occassion

Sigh* What a scum and hypocrite I am

My time is running out

I could not help but look at her for some more and engrave her face.

My eyes narrowed as i said:

”(I am sorry) *Its your fault, your quite easy to use… I can believe you are easy to manipulate ” I said showing her a mocking smile

Her eyes narrowed and one tear had fallen:

e a scum, You traitor, I believed in you…bu- but why?? ”

”why? ”

”why? ”

”why? ”

”I TRUSTED YOU!!! ” tears fall down from her eyes.

”Do you think of me the same way as they do!!! ”

”Do you think of me as a toy?!! ”

”I am not a toy ”

”I am not a toy ”

”I am not a toy ”

She cried more and more as the grip in the sword tightened

Gosh, Seeing her like this is a torture.

”(I love you)* What?? Do you believe in my sugar coated words, What a foolish person you are ”

I grinned evilly as if even in the final moment of being a villain, I act to the bitter end.


But your a part of the person I love though, will you kill yourself or something

Well never mind that retort in my mind…

At the very least she now has a purpose in this life

i could not help but feel relieved

As the saying goes here is no cure for regret…. If everything about her fall apart now then this would be the end.

She needs a fuel to move forward and that would be us (the people that lied and betrayed her) and her budding love romance with the protagonist

She needs to be angry towards us as that is what have driven her this far….. and after her revenge she needs a reason to live in the future which would be having a good romance with the protagonist

And to do that she needs to be angry towards me….angry to the bone where no logic and reasoning would be needed for her to hate me….

Where hearing my name would anger her to death

Because I don want her to regret her decision for betraying the Empire which is her home

I want her to think that it was worth it, that her action is justified…..even at the cost of being a puppet of another kingdom….

I don want her to regret since she cannot go to the past and change the mistakes that she make….

Life is a one way passage, it goes forward but not backward…

Even if you make a mistake you could only move on, and move forward.

The only thing we could change is the present and not the past.

That is true for everyone but





[*Ding…Detected that the host is about to die for the sixth time (45 seconds remaining)]

[Initializing Reincarnation for the Seventh Time]

[Preparation ready: 1%]

[Preparation ready: 15%]

[Preparation ready: 56%]

[Preparation ready: 69%]

[Preparation ready: 100%]

[Preparation ready, Does the host want the abilities accumulated to be retained Y/N]


Ooppss Times up

”I am sorry, Siesta ”

I looked at her with concern and tenderness as this is the last time I would probably see her….and finally a singe tear fall from my right eye.

Shit, my real emotions are showing

[The host has died {Reincarnated for the Seventh Time}].

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