Kira, My Contracted Wife

The Smith Family 1

Kira just landed from the plane she went straight to her boyfriend house to surprise him but when she got there she noticed that the door was unlocked so she entered without knocking, when she got to the sitting room she saw a girl bag on the chair, a girl shoe and her boyfriend jacket on the floor.

she decided to check the room upstairs but when she got there she was hearing strange noise from the room.

When Kira heard the noise she had a heart attack What is going on, where is the voice coming from? she decided to erase such thought from her mind and went inside but when she entered she saw something that she could never believe she saw her step sister on her boyfriend she could no longer handle it so she went out of the house. She sat on the floor in the front of her house then took a cab and went to the club.

Her sister and her boyfriend did not notice her they were too busy with what they were doing, they did not even notice that someone was watching them. At that moment she hated herself after all that she has done for him so this is what she got in return.

She went to cancel her scholarship at another country because he said that she was too far and it was not healthy for their relationship then she come back to meet him her doing this! at of all the people why her own sister was he disrespecting her.

Although she usually notice them with the way they usually behave but she thought they were just friends and her sister even told her that they were bonding because they were in-laws who would have imagine that they were already together or maybe she was too stupid and naive that they were doing it under and nose but now she would not let that happen she would destroy anyone who try to cheat her or take anything that is hers, after all he left her to that bitch who stole her position and father love.

Well Im not surprised what do you expect from some who has a mother like that, like mother, like daughter both stealing peoples lover. She is really stupid though if he could leave me like that he will obviously leave her too I wonder why I date a scumbag like him.

she took another cup if beer as tears were almost falling from her eyes she tried to control it but when she remembered the scene of the both of them together she cried.

as she was still sobering she heard a voice ”Hi beautiful lady, are you alone? ”.

Kira looked up to see the owner of the voice when she saw that it was a stanger and someone she does not recognize she ignored him and took another cup of beer.

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