Kingdom of the Stars

Kingdom of The Stars: The Awakenings.

Waking up in the cold is usually not a great sign when you were born on a space station, its even worse when youve recently been locked up in a cell near the engines of a military cruiser. If you give me a few minutes to avoid my impending erasure, Ill tell you how we got locked up here. Now be sure to watch my hands, weren they handcuffed just a minute ago couldve sworn they were. Eh no biggie wouldn have held a gravity mage long anyway, where was I, right making sure the engine on this ship wasn going to go pop. Ill tell you everything the next time we meet but for now I need you to go to sleep and forget about all of this for a while hopefully.

A second later everything around goes dark, and a thud of a body collapsing to the floor echoes around you as pain shoots through your body until you lose consciousness. It seems as though hours pass by as no sensations spread through your body, however slowly you start to feel pressure build slowly and comfortably in your core. As the pressure increases an almost painful heat starts to spread from your head throughout your body gradually building until its nearly unbearable. Suddenly the heat explodes from your body accompanied by a single phrase.


Its been several weeks since the Tartarus military command ship disappeared in the system of unclaimed Derelicts as it was transporting two extremely dangerous prisoners. An established C-Class Gravity mage with a record for escaping capture, as well as the dormant SS-Class Flame/Gravity mage Mercurial the 10th prince. These two mages have gone missing from civilized space alongside the crew of the Tartarus. In other news an unexplored B-Class Station Derelict has come into being next to the commercial system of Sigmall every Reclaimer guild is expected to send at least three crews of reclaimers in an attempt to capture the resources it could provide.

System wide news stations play overhead as a pair of new looking mercenaries walk into the guild.

”Damn Nial, a ton of stuff is happening right as you come to test to be a reclaimer. Don worry I got your back. ” an energetic young woman speaks to the scrawny teenage guy beside her.

”Samara, you know you don have to try so hard; a reclaimer is worthless without a pilot they can trust. That being said you are the only person I could ever trust to fly the frigate my parents left me. ” Nial replied while slapping her on the back.

”Are you sure its not just because Im the only person you know who can fly that monster. ” Came Samaras response as she innocently placed her index finger on her pouting lips.

”Well, thats one reason the other reason is you give me incredible views. ” with an appreciative look over his companion Nial teased back.

”Aw your so cute. Now lets go to the counter so you can register as a reclaimer so come on lets go. ” barely hearing the first part he was dragged by his blushing hyperactive companion into a large building near the port. Exuberant talking and the noise of planning assailed their ears as soon as they walked in. Continuing on unphased Samara dragged Nial to a small counter nestled into the corner of the room, this counter was labeled as reclaimer registration and had a bored woman with an eye-patch manning it. As the duo walked up, she took out the candy lolipop she was sucking and quickly appraised the two of them.

”Been a while since we had any new applicants to be a reclaimer come from this system, and you
e bringing your own pilot and ship, impressive little pup. ” she lazily said with a smirk as she stared directly at Nial before continuing. ”So, I take it you are here to test for the low-rank beginner reclaimer test with her as your pilot. Am I right? ”

With a quick nod Nial responded ”Yes, you are right Mrs. I want to start out as a reclaimer and heard its best to have your own ship and pilot for cargo. ”

”Information gathering and preparation skills A+. Now all you have left for your five tests are Combat, Practical skills, and Magic testing. Follow me and we will get your magic test done. ” standing up as she casually assessed him Nial was shocked by her muscularly lithe build reminiscent of a panther.

”Now don get too distracted or your partner over there might get jealous. Follow me too the magic tester. ” she led them down a hallway to a room almost entirely dominated by a single machine. Without saying a word, the woman grabbed Samara and put her into the chair indicating for her to grab the sensor bar. Quickly pressing some buttons, the machine whirred to life and started displaying information on the monitor.

”Now little missy start passing your mana through the machine it will tell you what magics you have an inclination for, and before you ask all pilots for reclaimers have to have their magic tested. ” The staff member instructed.

A little hesitantly Samara started passing her mana into the machine which started to whirr even faster as she did. Several minutes later the machine made a ding and displayed the information.

Samara: Pilot

Magic Energy: 200 Units (spell cost 5-10 units) Regen 5 Units per Minute.

Magic Talents: Navigation, Communication, Clairvoyance, and Lightning

Class Rating: Pilot C+ Class (SS potential), Combat D Class (B potential)

”Woo-wee thats one hell of a rating on your first run through. You have all the skills of a top-class Reclaimers pilot. Also, most SS-Class pilots only have a C-Class combat magic rating, so youll be on the high-end of the scale. ” the woman quickly helped samara out of the machine while quickly breaking down the information she was provided. As she finished, she motioned for Nial to get into the machine. He quickly did as he was instructed and prepared to cycle his magic through as well. After a quick recalibration he was given the signal to start cycling his magic, once several minutes had passed, he heard the ding meaning the machine was done. His information came up in the same format as before.

Nial: Reclaimer

Magic Energy: 400 Units (spell cost 5-50 Units) Regen 8 Units per Minute.

Magic Talents: Atmosphere, Gravity, Repair, Synchronization, and Amplification

Class Rating: Combat C+ Class (SS potential), Support C+ Class (SS potential), Conqueror H Class (??? potential)

”Atmosphere and Gravity magic makes you a perfect Derelict Reclaimer, no classical elemental magic works in a Derelict without an Atmosphere Mage or Atmos Mage for short to provide the medium necessary to conduct them. Repair magic is pretty self-explanatory it repairs things that can be repaired even if you don know whats wrong. Synchronization and Amplification magics allow you to support the magics of your teammates. Now you have the skills and potential to be a Reclaimer team leader as an allrounder type with SS potentials. As for Conqueror Class this is the first time, Ive seen one but the fourth Ive heard of. ” came her quick explanation before she stopped as if she realized something.

”I forgot to introduce myself, its been so long since any potential Reclaimers came to apply that I forgot how to interact with new people. Anyways my name is Lilith an A-Class Combat reclaimer/Guild Staff. I currently don have a team, but we need you two to go through the last test supervised. You are going to be attempting to Reclaim the F-Class Ship Derelict Tarus. ” Lilith recited with a conspiratorial grin to the pair. A quick flick of her wrist caused the machinery to start putting itself away as if it was alive. Flashing a bright smile towards the surprised couple she started to saunter out of the room heading to the exit giving only the smallest indication that they should follow. Samara was the first to regain herself from the shock of watching machinery magic cast with such ease and minimal warning, she quickly grabbed Nial and dragged him after Lilith. After being dragged for several minutes, he recovered enough to realize they had made it to the hangar bays of the port.

”Okay pups, lead the way to your ship. We have places to be. ”

”But Mrs. won you get in trouble from not being at your post? ”

”Don worry about me little missy I won fire myself, after all big sis is the Reclaimer Guild master for the system. The only reason my counter and machinery are in the Mercenary Guild is because the rent is cheaper. ”

”Over here hangar 2F-13, this is where we landed our Frigate. ” Nial obliviously directed having missed the conversation the women were having. As he opened up the hangar doors Lilith whistled appreciatively at the sleek 500 ft long ship that commanded the space it occupied. Gunmetal accents on an iridescent green metal plating showed it carried heavy anti-ship weaponry. The body of ship had enough room to house a crew of around 30 with extra facilities and cargo room.

”Unfortunately, the Green Dawn here isn fully staffed yet. Good news is it was modified by Nials parents to be ran by a crew of two for non-combat situations, it can still be used to defend itself with only two, but a lack of gunner makes the ammo waste unacceptable outside of a defensive situation. ” Samara said with a mixture of pride and sorrow.

As Samara broke down the pros and cons of their ship Lilith could barely repress a predatory grin. If they had been paying attention to her the pair would have sworn that they couldve seen a bushy wolfs tail lightly swaying back and forth.

”Are you saying that you need a gunner then? Maybe after this test Ill we can see about getting you guys one along with a few other crewmembers. ” Quickly boarding the ship while hiding her excitement Lilith followed the two into the bridge of their ship where sh

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