A young lady who had stopped eating and drinking was lying in bed motionless like a dead person.

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“It’s extremely difficult to attend two Masters.
I’d rather die.”

“Shh! She’ll hear you.”

“I don’t care.
I don’t care whether she hears or not.”

“What should I do with this food? She’s not going to eat it anyway, so should I take it back?”

“Leave it.
If she dies like that, they might say that we starved her to death.”

“Did you know? The real mistress will give you a reward.

The laughter of the maids giggling as they whispered amongst themselves echoed throughout the room.

The maids did not care about the young lady lying on the bed.

The person on the bed was the castle’s Lord’s wife, but no one treated her as a master or feared her.

The young lady’s face, with her eyes closed and clearly listening to all the arrogant stories of the maids, was pitiful.

For her, the maids acted more improperly, as if they didn’t know their place.

The maids who had cleaned the room roughly and carelessly slammed the door shut and left.

She was left alone in the room.

Light brown hair with scattered wavy lines and lovely eyes, nose, and mouth with no ugly corners.
The dried golden brown eyelashes quivering.

Looking at her face, she still hasn’t shed her youth, but she was undoubtedly the mistress of this castle.

Garnet Willinger, wife of Lord Willinger.

An extra in the novel called .

She was just a pitiful woman who met her husband by mistake and died young as a dusty character whose name was not mentioned in the introduction.

She raised her eyelashes with difficulty and opened her eyes.

Her blue eyes fluttered in shock and fear.

Because that was me, Garnet Willinger.

* * *

“I’m going crazy.

I ran barefoot to the dressing table again.

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A face only seen in foreign movies and an antique room reminiscent of a medieval setting.
Nothing has changed since I woke up yesterday.

I thought I would wake up from this fantasy-like dream after a nap, but it remained the same.

I’ve seen a few absurd things in my 20 years of life, but this was the first time I’d seen such an outrageous thing.

“How the hell did this happen… eub!”

I covered my mouth in surprise as my voice rose.

I was afraid the maids in the hallway might come back.

It was difficult to hear rumors that Lord Willinger’s wife had gone crazy.

‘Oh, I can’t do this.
Let’s go back to bed.
Let’s go back and calmly organize my thoughts.’

I tip toed and crept back to bed.

‘Oh, it’s a dream.’

The strange thing was that the appearance, the world, everything changed overnight, but there was one thing that didn’t change.

It was a recurring migraine that pierced my temple whenever I was disturbed.

I put on a blanket and thought about the dawn, the last day of my life.

Obviously, I took the shuttle bus at dawn and went to work part-time.

I hit my head several times in the window while dozing off, and I rushed down with the crowd and went to the logistics warehouse.

I was looking at the device and putting things in the box as usual, but one thing I was looking for was up high and out of reach.

‘Where’s the ladder?’

I dragged the ladder, climbed precariously, and extended my hand.

‘A little bit more, a little bit more… ‘

I tripped over the object several times.
My arms and legs were trembling as if they were cramping.

When I stood up close, I caught it between my finger.

I got it!

At that moment, my body staggered and fell down the ladder.

As the ladder fell, a clunking sound was heard as the items on the shelf fell over.

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My vision was blurry, and I felt as if I were floating in dizziness.

That was my last memory.

When I woke up in this room yesterday, I was dangling on some antique ceiling.

‘Oh, my! What is this!’

I pulled the rope around my neck as hard as I could to survive.

The rope tightened more and more as my body struggled in the air, and my consciousness gradually blurred.

My hand, which was struggling to release the rope, suddenly fell down weakly.


I thought I’d awoken from a dream, but it was the same antique room.

I rubbed my neck and gasped for air as if I were really strangled.

The bed and pajamas were soaked with sweat.

When I heard the door open, I pretended to be asleep.

“I heard that General Marcus has been doing a great job lately.
The local lords are flocking there.”

“Don’t say that.
How can a demon like Grand Duke Shiraz compare to an ordinary human?”

“Which side will our Lord Willinger be on?”

“Wherever he goes, I will stick to the winning side.
Otherwise, we are all dead.”

“But don’t you think the Lord’s wife slept too long? She just keep sleeping yesterday and today.
Like a dead person.”

The maids whispered as they thought I was still

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