A year later

”You be a good girl there honey. Focus on school first, love will find you later. ” I and dad both laughed at the joke while mom just smiled. I was finally at the college of my dream. Portland view university. The previous year, dad had recuperated well and he had recently started working again at the hospital. I and mom had somehow got back to being a little bit warm to each other and the process was still ongoing. And thy bestie was going to another college, far from mine so I was alone in this.

As for other friends who were here with me, there was Anthony, the one who I was chilling with after graduating from high school. And honestly, I was looking forward to starting school as a college student. I turned to dad and I could notice how his eyes were becoming red and I knew if he cried, I was gonna cry as well.

I gave him a hug which I was pretty sure he wasn expecting and sniffed, trying my best to hold back my tears as best as I could.

”Im gonna miss you dad, ” I said as I let him go and went to mama and hugged her as well for a brief moment. ”Im gonna miss you too mom. ”

I let her go as well, still sniffing and said the final farewells and entered the gates to the hostels, which were private hostels, bracing myself for a new start. I entered my room and found my roommate already there.

”Hi, Im Lilia. ” I said holding out my hand and smiling as best as I could and she returned the smile, held my hand as well. ”Hey, Im jean. ” And we were off to a great start to becoming best roommates. We all settled in and went to sleep, with eagerness for the new day to come.

”Lilia! Lilia! Wake up, we finna be late for orientations! ” I woke up with a short gasp, almost forgetting for a moment that I was no longer in the Safe confines of home, but rather in some different environment. I checked my phone from the bed stand after giving Jean a good morning, seeing her already dressed in some lady like outfit. I looked at my phone only to see that it was 7:00 AM. I threw away my blanket and rushed to the bathroom for a quick shower.

”Why didn you wake me up earlier!!?? ” I screamed at jean after getting out from the shower, which was adjoined to each room with a toilet as well.

”I tried to but you weren even answering me, ” she answered me, laughing at my antics to try to be quick as fast as possible. I tied back my braids, put on a dress and some shoes, and boy was I looking like a lady (LoL). We then departed for the lecture theatre for our orientations and it was fun. I honestly enjoyed it.

At lunch hour, Anthony texted me, asking for my whereabouts and I told him I was the mall, buying lunch. He then offered I sit next to him in the next session which was okay by me and together with jean, we all sat together. After a long day, the boring day was finally over which ii was so grateful for. Reaching back at the hostel, I showered, changed into my pajamas and started watching anime on my laptop while eating mousse. I was finally in my happy space.

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