”Lilia! ”

I shot up and looked around, only to see that it was Lucy. My breathing was coming out in short gasps and sweat made my tank top wet.

”You okay? You were groaning all night through. ”

”Yeah…ok fine, ” and I cleared my throat. ”Ill just get in the shower. ”

She nodded and went back to sleep.

The nightmares of course were now there, haunting me. To such a weak minded being like me, it was too much to bear. It was traumatic. I may be the most dramatic person alive, but this time, drama was the last thing I wanted. I went into the shower and turned it on, letting my thoughts wander.

After we had left the hotel, Luke took us all in his car. They said my condition was not to be known to my parents to avoid attracting unnecessary attention. So I had to say that I was having a sleepover at Lucys for a week and half so that the boys could easily protect us. It was a new piece of news.

They said that the Peacity we were so proud of had a dirty side, its underground activities. There were approximately three big gangs in action, with small networks within. The biggest was the one ran by Jimmys father because of his successful chains of businesses followed by the one owned by Lukes brother and lastly, another one.

To say I was surprised would be an understatement. Lucy was so angry she was not talking to Luke. And I, I was so numb. The guy I had loved and trusted with my life had put me in danger. The guy I had trusted to take care of my best friend had put her in danger.

The next one week and a half was hard to deal with. Exams didn even help alleviate the stress, since I had to be in low temperature conditions, but somehow, it worked out. The other half, I spent it at home, all alone.

Cold showers, cold drinks, light clothing, which was my new lifestyle for the meantime as I waited for the aphrodisiac to wear off.

Life took a different turn all together; it was all about my safety.

”Lilia, Im not trying to scare you, but I suggest you don leave home for a few days. This business is crucial and we don take risks. ” Luke solemnly warned me while I was at Lucys.

”What do you mean? ” my eyebrows furrowed as I turned to him from the window I was on.

”Jimmys father may think that you would sue his son for what he did and he knows that if it would happen, his business and reputation would take a hit. He may or may not be planning to silence you. ”

Fear gnawed my bones at his words. I was no little girl and I understood what to silence meant. This business grows and flourishes on blood, it was no strange fact. But now I had become one of the targets just because of some silly boy I had chosen to fall for, to trust, and to love.

Enough was enough and I had had enough. I wanted no more, no more love, no more trust.

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