I had to take my bike to school in the morning since Kaleb was off work today. You know,this is kinda weird but since that handsome guy told me to let the assholes go, his face has been zooming in and out of my brain for the last couple of days.I was quite accustomed to the school of late,Lucia and Kart ,who turned out to be a real couple, have been the best company I have so far.And I actually like it. Jay and Liam have been crossing my paths but I just ignore them. I mean , they are actually attention seekers and that just turns me off.

I look at my watch ” Crap, three minutes to nine? Why on earth did it have to be Wednesday? ” I shouted on my bike. I was going a little over the limits of traffic since damn, I don think I wanna face and angry Mr Poball. Yes,he is my music teacher or tutor or whatever he is , he has some sort of personal issue with me since he is very hostile but ion care, he makes me sit far away from his geeky daughter who has braces . Like what the hell is wrong with this man? Now,getting late for class is gonna make me fit inside a drum I guess.

Two minutes.

I speed through the gate and leave a stupefied Watchman yelling after me but I really don have the time to stop.I park between two sport cars and take the keys from the bike ,shove them inside my backpack and start heading to class.

Hold your horses. Did I just notice that somebody—_no,somebodies drove spirt cars to school? I have to take a selfie for Kaleb.

Wait.Class.*focus brain*


I sprint hurriedly to class as I pass rather comfortable students.. I literally run through the first floor,take the stairs to the second floor since I feel like the elevator is too slow.

13seconds.Oh no !I shove other students away as I run towards the door of our class . Four seconds to time,I was three feet away from the door . The bell rings as I hold the. Door knocked.phew that was close.

”Miss Morris,! You are late ” I heard you-know-whos voice

”But sir, its only fifteen seconds past the time . ” I pleaded ,feigning hurt.

”Detention Miss Morris ” he said

”Aargh I love you too jerk ”I mumbled under my breath.

”What did you say? ”

”Nothing sir,,absolutely nothing ”

I found myself with quite a load of schoolwork to handle at theend of the day .So I had better get going home.

”Hey Riela ”

Now who on the wide **ing universe had the nerve to call me again this moment.I have to get going man.

I turned around and the face that met me was the very same face that kept zooming inside my mind. The hell does this guy have such an effect on me.Disgusting.

”Hello stranger b,but my mom said I shouldn talk to you.so Im going home now ”I said ,puffing my cheeks.

He laughed. He actually laughed. I mean was that even funny?

” uum okay ,who are you, what are you laughing about and how do you know my name? ”I asked seriously.

”Loosen up Riela , I ain gonna kidnap you or anything ”he said between laughs.

Im done. Im gone .this guy is wasting me. I walk towards my bike and once I reach it,I drop my back into the carrier ,wear my helmet and gloves and climbe on itit ready to put the key into the ignition.

Just as the key is about to turn, a hand hold mine.I raise my eyes onto the most handsome face Ive seen around.Damn ,this guy is hotter up close.

”Nice bike, ” his husky voice booked. ”I actually thought it was a guys bike ”

”Oh he would look so hot without his shirt on ” I thought.

*shut up brain*

”Oh ,Why thank you nice stranger whos name I still don know,and would you mind letting go if my arm now? ” I answered batting my lashes fakely.

”Oh sorry fine Riela . First, they call me Nick, Second your name is written rather haphazardly with paint on your backpack and third,your hand is already on your torso ”

Oh.yeah its my torso. What is this man doing to me.

”Since you already know my name ,can I go home now? ”I asked.

”Sure,nice to meet you and Im so looking forward to being your friend,. Oh and by the way,did you write that name on your bag? Its really fine art on its own ”he said

”No, someone else did . shes gone now ”oh and btw, even girls live black so yeah,this is my bike ”

We parted on formal goodbyes and he got into one of the sports cars . So he is loaded.Noted.

Since the start your conversation,I felt eyes boring holes in to my skull. I shifted my gaze to that direction and saw Jay staring at me seriously.


I sped through the highway with tears in my eyes.Nick had just dug afresh a wound that had just began to heal.

My brother. He was only seven

I parked at the front gate of our house when I started walking. My vision became blurry. I felt like my chest was being torn apart by sharp claws.

I can cry. Not now.Blood pumped noisily in my ears. Then darkness engulfed me and my knees gave in .


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