It was her first day in the new school.Hariela was doing her hair when she heard Kalebs voice from downstairs

”Hurry up Riel! We
e gonna be late for school ,you know I have to drop you so that I can proceed to work..

”Fine Im coming, ”I replied as I ran down the stairs. Today is going to be a very big day.New environment,new people,

new air. This is epic.I hope it turns out just fine ,because hoping is all I have been doing.My entire life for that


”You look beautiful lil siz. ” Kaleb said lovingly .Hariela was turning seventeen in July and had just graduated from

junior highschool.Now that she was off to senior , she was at the top of her world.Or at least she thought.She had

long brown hair that went all the way to her hips, big hazel eyes that reflected nothing but purity, soft Brazilian skin

that was tanned to touch and full plump lips that always had a touch of pitch lip balm. Her sense of style was spe

cial considering her age and beauty. But that was Hariela Morris.This morning she wore a dark green pair of combat

pants and a white tampon that attenuated her shapely bust.She had her hair up in a messy bun Sensei style .She

wore her pair of round glasses that were recently recommended by her doctor following her eyesight deterioration.

She knew it was her fault ,I mean who doesn love books?Hariela could read books non stop ,and she caused her eyes to strain.

”Oh shut up, ”I punched my brothets arm playingly.Man I love this guy .A lot.Kaleb laughed and left my way to the kitchen.As well were the only occupants in the house,the fridge was always full. ”Kaleb ,Have you seen the chocolate powder? ” I asked ,my mouth full of cereal. ”Does it look to you like I can have such junk Riel?Like look at me,all these biceps,,Nah ah..I haven seen it ” he said laughing.I just rolled my eyes and held out my hands to the Adonis who stood there feighning innocence.When he didn comply, I decided to go for the other trick. ”You know , I would really love to see what an Xbox could do if it was dropped from the third floor. ” Badabingbadaboom.I had the powder. ”You win ,aaaarrrrghhh,I really hate it when you get my Xbox into things like this,.That thing is my baby ”He said

I took my laptop from my room ,packed my books,a few pencils,markers and highlighters ,put my phone into the back pocket of my pants and off I was to the car.This was it.Kaleb joggers to the car and started it like a pro.Ive been begging this morning for ages to let me drive his car but he won let me. ”Kaleb can I drive your car back home when you pick me up today? ”

”Nope ”he said.

”Please ”

”N-O ”

”Pretty please ”

”Riel drop it.You are never driving this machine.Do have any idea how it cost me? ”

”Aaargh okay..Fuck it anyway.Ill actually take my bike back home,the garage guy said itit should be okay by today evening ”

Kaleb took a deep breath and reduced speed. ” Riel,you know how much I love you right?and you are the only family I have right now.Mom and dad parted ways and shes always gone for work, dad doesn even care since he knows I got a well paying job and I can take care of you.A-a-and we have been together since you were a baby and I don think I could ever live with myself if anything ever happened to you .Im doing my best to protect you Riel.Please try to understand ”He said on the verge of tears.

”Kaleb,I love you too,sooooo **ing much but sometimes you just gotta let me go a little..Im a grown up now,and I can take Care of myself,so don worry,Ill be jus fine ”

”I know ”

We were finally at the school gate and I got off the car excitedly

”Don stay out of trouble and do drugs okay ”Kaleb said jokingly.I just gave him my mid finger and scampered toward my big day . I was caught up in the serenity of this place ,I mean it is an actual kingdom.The tall trees on the Sidewalk, the huge buildings,the clean air. ”Oh holy Fucking macaroni this place is posh..Kaleb really outdid himself on this one ” I thought to myself .And I bumped into something rock hard.

”Shit ”

”Well well well..What have we here? ”a husky deep voice mumbled

”Better watch where youre going Princess.Im not so fond of being touched ”

I looked up to meet a handsome face that smiled mischievously at me.His right hand was covered in tattoos and he had one of those magnetic earrings on one ear.He was joined by another one who was just as built and together they enjoyed the sight I couldn find.

”Yow Jay,what are you watching?another blonde? C moooon ” assistant Adonis said.

”No,just a beautiful film.Once upon a princess ”and he winked


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